New Age Of Summoners Chapter 454

442 Demon Killer

"Yes godfather, we are ready to go go any place to become powerful,"

All of Edmond's godsons and goddaughters only shivered a little but that fear was suppressed by the fire inisde them that wanted them to become powerful.

So, without any hesitation, they all agreed in unison.

"I have no problem with training anywhere, Captain Edmond," Ajax also nodded his head and agreed.

There was not a single reason for him to not to go to a place where it could help him become powerful.

If he became powerful, then the revenge he wanted to seek would be finished sooner. However, before that he needs to find his friends. For that also, he needs power.

Even though the possibility of them alive was less, he wanted to believe that they were still alive.

Overall, becoming powerful would only help him in many ways, so he would never give up any chance to become powerful.

After Ajax agreed, Edmond looked at Udo for a second and lightly smiled.

Finally, he looked at Darbaudr, who in return slightly nodded his head in agreement.




As Edmond was discussing something with his group, somewhere in the cursed abyss, huge blasting sounds could be heard to some kilometers.

That place was completely covered with fire and smoke.

Amidst them, two figures could be seen fighting with each other with full intensity.

One figure was a middle-aged human, who was fully equipped with an armour suit from top to bottom and with a heavy sword in his hand. The blade of that sword was as thick as the middle-aged man himself.

Another figure was a demon that had two huge horns with a hideous face. In his hand, there were many small black balls.

"Didn't you say that you will fight face to face without those cheap tricks?" The human distanced himself from the demon and asked him with a cold expression on his face.

"Hehe...why are you behaving like a little kid. When do we, demons, follow our words," The demon looked at the human and mocked him before continuing saying, "I heard many great things about you, the great Demon Killer. But looks like those are only rumours."

The middle-aged man was none other than Demon killer, the captain of the number one mercenary squad.

However, he was now completely covered in injuries and he was barely standing on the ground with the help of his heavy sword.

"You must be wondering why I am mocking you even though I used these little creations of mine, right?" The demon whose cultivation was around the low-level of the elite general realm asked the Demon Killer.

"Don't worry, I will give an answer to you for that before killing you...Hehe,"

With a cunning smile on his hideous face, the demon general continued, "It's because of the worldly suppression, my cultivation was suppressed to level 2 of the elite general realm. If not I would not have a need to use my little bombs amidst our fight."

Wordly suppression was the suppression given by a certain world on the residents of the other worlds, who come to that world.

The suppression of different otherworldly beings was different. But mostly the suppression was on the cultivations only.

"Haha...you bastards...I will kill every last one of them," All of a sudden the demon killer started laughing while looking in a specific direction as though he saw someone was coming to his rescue.

"Huh?" the demon general turned towards that direction and looked to see who gave the injured human in front of him that much confidence.

"I said I will kill you myself then why are you looking somewhere else?" As soon as the demon general turned his back at the Demon killer, he appeared behind the demon while slashing the huge sword horizontally.

The demon general didn't even have time to react towards the slash then how could he even dodge it.


The heavy sword passed through the demon general waist and his upper body was separated from the lower body.

'Phew...this demon was easily tricked...I should not have used that red paper crane,' Even the demon killer heaved a sigh of relief, his heart ached when he thought about using the red-coloured paper crane.

The red-coloured paper crane was very important for him, so when he used it for nothing, the demon killer's heartfelt painful.

'I hope my squad is still alive,' the next thing he thought about his squad members before the side effects of his last attack kicked in and made him weak all of a sudden before collapsing onto the ground.

The last time he saw his squad members were a few hours ago when they were surrounded by a group of demon generals.

Each of his squad members took one demon general to fight head-on whereas the demon killer took the leader of the demon group and separated from the group while fighting with him.

As soon as a demon broke into the general realm, they were called Demon generals and even elite generals in the demons were called as demon generals; however, all those who have the general realm cultivation would follow the orders of the elite general demon without any hesitation.

"Well well well, I didn't expect you to still have a trick under your sleeve. No wonder, you are called Demon killer for nothing," Just when he thought that the battle with the demon general was over, the demon killer saw the two parts of the demon general he had just killed attached together and became just like before and started speaking with a hideous grin on his face.

'What the hell? I need to do something?'

The demon killer was totally shocked at the scene in front of him as he had never seen it before. However, he was unable to stand and had no way to escape from the demon general now. So his brain started thinking about a plan to escape from the demon general in front of him who was slowly walking towards him.

"According to the information I got, you killed more than 100 low-level demon generals and more than 10 mid-level demon generals and 1 high-level demon general," While moving towards the demon killer, the demon general praised him for his previous records.

To his words, the demon killer didn't say anything as his brain was busy thinking for a plan to escape.

Although it was not his first time for him to face situations like this, this could be considered the worst among all the situations he had faced before.

Still, he didn't give up his hopes in escaping.

'If it comes to worst, then I will simply commit suicide,' This was the backup plan, his mind thought of the things became impossible for him to escape.

Demon Killer hated the demons to his core as for the reason no one knows.

Some say his parents were killed by demons while some say his wife and child were killed by them.

There were even some people that said, he was doing all this because he was a righteous man and something along those lines.

"Thinking of committing suicide?" When the demon general came near to the demon killer, he chuckled looking at the demon killer.


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