New Age Of Summoners Chapter 453

441 Return

As soon as Ajax went inside the portal, it closed and disappeared without a trace.

After he left, the room was in a complete silence.


Amidst that silence, the Void breaker in Snow's hand started vibrating in a low frequency as it made a small noise which was barely audible.

Snow, who was still looking at the place where the portal was closed and disappeared. So, she didn't feel the vibrations in her hand.

The coin only vibrated for a few seconds before stopping which made it impossible for Snow to notice it.

'I need to become powerful and conquer this Shixato wilds as soon as possible,' After staring at the empty space for a while, Snow muttered and swore to before powerful while looking at Ajax's avatar who was sitting on a bed.

Even though Ajax had told her to take it slow in conquering the Shixato wilds, Snow decided to finish that as soon as possible. So, she immediately went to her new room (Which was the tribe leader's room) and seriously started cultivating.

As for Ajax's avatar, he took Ajax's room and thought about his master's orders.

Before Ajax entered the portal, he gave some orders to his avatar. So, he pondered them once again.

'One, I need to report all the information to the master once in a week and if it urgent I can inform directly,'

'Two, I need to regularly visit three tribes and keep an eye on the behaviours of the tribe members and elders of each tribe,'

'Three, Visit the spirit stone mine once in a while and talk with the guardian there,'

These were the three main orders Ajax had given to his avatar.


"Phew...finally back,"

Ajax finally heaved a sigh of relief when he returned back to the human world.

He didn't have any idea about the coin that vibrated when he left the five elemental world.

'Remember my orders,'

The first thing he did after returning back was to try to communicate with his avatar.

Even though he was sure that his avatar would follow his orders, he wanted to test the communication between the two worlds.

'Yes master,' Only when he got the reply Ajax was relieved and looked at his spirit consciousness.

'Damn, just for those three words, my essence of nature is reduced by 10 percent,' After checking it, Ajax was shocked to find the consumption and thought, 'I need to use this only when I have any instructions to them.'

Although he knew that the consumption to send his words to his avatar was huge, he didn't expect it to be that huge.

As for receiving the information from the avatar only cost him a few units of essence ofnature.

"I need to quickly meet up with the Captai Edmond and others," Looking at the pitch black darkness around him, he silently muttered while running in the direction of Edmond and others with the help of Darbaudr's presence.


At the resting place of Edmond and others,

'Phew...master is finally back,'

All of a sudden, Darbaudr, who was resting peacefully opened his eyes.and heaved a sigh of relief when he sensed Ajax was nearby.

"Darbaudr, it's been a while, where did your master really go?"

Udo, who was keeping an eye on Darbaudr, asked him immediately when he saw that Barbarian opened his eyes.

"Sigh...why are you very interested in my master?" Instead of answering, Darbaudr stood up and asked Udo a question.

"I just.,"

"Anyway, he will be here any moment now," Before Udo could answer, Darbaudr interrupted him and said while walking towards the huge boulder.

"Huh?" Hearing Darbaudr's words, Udo raised his brows and didn't ask him before went back to his position and sat down.

It was a little more than 10 hours since Ajax had left this group and went into five elemental world. So, except for Levi, the rest of the group had awakened from their sleep and was waiting for Edmond to heal his injuries.

Levi still had some injuries from the fight in the dimensional crevice, so he was still weak and unable to keep up with others.

As for Edmond, he asked everyone to wait for some time as he said that he had something to say after he healed his injuries which were almost healed after consuming many types of healing pills.

'Where did Ajax go? It's been more than 10 hours already,' Edmond searched for Ajax in the group' however, he didn't find him. So, he thought in his head.

Udo only knew that Ajax had left the group for 3 hours but Edmond knew that Ajax was away from the moment he went into sleep.

So, he was worried about Ajax.

"Where is Ajax? Did you see him?"

"Huh? He was here only when I went to sleep,"

"Same, I saw him before I went to sleep,"

The Godsons and goddaughters of Edmond looked for Ajax to ask something but they were unable to find him.

"Look, there he is,"

Amidst their discussions, Snow storm pointed her finger in a certain direction.

"Huh? Did he make a breakthrough in his cultivation?"

"I think, he did,"

"Looks like he will soon cross our cultivations"

Everyone looked in the direction and saw Ajax, who was looking more powerful than before they had last seen and were surprised while they started discussing about Ajax.

'He became powerful again. What is it that makes him breakthrough just like that?'

As the nine sons and daughter of Edmond were discussing about Ajax's strength, Udo also looked at Ajax and thought in his head.

Soon, Ajax reached the group and mingled into the group to avoid Udo's questioning.

'Pheww...Thank god, Darbaudr already informed me about Udo. Otherwise, he would have asked me various questions,'

Ajax heaved a sigh of relief after joining into the discussions of the nine young cultivators.

Before he even reached the group, Darbaudr had already informed him about Udo and asked him to be prepared to escape his questions. So, Ajax only greeted him before mingling with the young cultivators.

'Sigh...Senior brother Levi is still not awakened,' Ajax sighed looking at the distant Levi, who looked better than when Ajax had left to the five elemental world.

"Everyone, come here. I have something to discuss,"

When Edmond saw Ajax, he asked everyone to gather around him.

All the young cultivators nodded their heads and gathered around Edmond.

"Udo and Darbaudr, you too join us," Seeing that Udo and Darbaudr were still away from him, Edmond asked both of them to join.

Soon, the whole group gathered around Edmond and sat down to listen to what Edmon wanted to say to them.

"So, everyone recovered their strengths?" Edmond started with a question to which all of them nodded their heads.

"Good, So how many of you want to train somewhere that is very dangerous," Edmond looked at each and every young cultivator's face before continuing, "Even a moment of carelessness in that place would cost you your life."

When he said his later sentence, Edmond said with a serious face that made all the young cultivators shiver while looking at everyone's faces carefully.


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