New Age Of Summoners Chapter 452

440 Changes To The Five Elemental World

Along with the system notification, the mythical grade artifact coin in Ajax's hand also started glowing brightly.

"What is happening?"

Although Ajax had some idea because of the system idea, he muttered along with Qwerek, who was even more shocked than Ajax.

Because that coin was with him for more than 50 years and it never gave any response even when Qwerek experimented with many methods he knows.

"Wait for a second, Elder Qwerek," Ajax asked Qwerek to wait before he moved towards Snow with the shining coin in his hands.

Each step he took towards Snow, the coin shined even more brightly that made Ajax's heart excited for some unknown reason.


A mythical grade artifact wants to accept Snow as its master. Do you give permission for Snow to accept it as her master?

When he was only one step away from Snow, the coin shined even more brightly that made him and Qwerek unable to see anything.

However, amidst that bright light, a system notification came to his mind that made his heart almost explode with excitement.

Since a weapon or artifact that reached the legendary grade, they would form their own consciousness along with their own soul.

However, when the same weapon or artifact reaches a mythical grade, no one knows what would happen as they were no records of about mythical grade weapons or artifacts.

'Although there are no records about mythical grade artifacts or weapons, it is possible that there were many of them in the past before the great war between humans and demons,' Ajax thought in his head and wanted to know what were the benefits of a mythical grade artifact compared to a legendary artifact.

'I approve,'

Nevertheless, he controlled his emotions and hurriedly replied to the system.


Forming a bond between the void breaker and Snow. Please wait.

As soon as he approved, another system notification came to his head that asked him to wait.

Along with that notification, some lightning sparks came out of the coin and entered into Snow.

Small sparks of lightning were continuously entered into Snow's body one by one.

It didn't take much time before that process came to an end.


Congratulations to the host's spirit beast for successfully forming a bond with a mythical level artifact.

"Is it over?"

All of a sudden the bright light that's blinding their sight vanished into thin air making Ajax and Qwerek rub their eyes to see properly.

After rubbing their eyes, they curiously looked at the coin.

However, just as their eyes landed on it, the coin which was hovering in the mid-air in front of Snow shined brightly once again making them blind for a moment.


A small link has formed between the five elemental world and the human world and many other smaller worlds.


Due to some mysterious power from the void breaker, all the smaller worlds that are connected with the five elemental world by a weak link, now have the come time speed.


Most of the smaller worlds have the same time speed of 1 hour in those worlds is equal to a day in the five elemental world. So, the time speed of the five elemental world will be similar to the other smaller worlds.

'What did this coin do? Why? Why did it change the time period?" Ajax became anxious at first and then bitterly shook his head as he still didn't understand why the time speed in the five elemental world had changed all of sudden.

However, he was sure about one thing. The coin in front of snow had something to do with the time change.

'How can this artifact have the power to change the entire time speed of the five elemental world?' Ajax's head was filled with many questions as he still felt there was something more to the coin.

"What happened, Ajax?"

Qwerek only lost sight for a while because of the bright light from the void breaker. So, when his sight came back, he saw Ajax had an anxious expression on his face and asked him.

"Nothing. It..it's just..."


Due to the sudden change in time speed in the five elemental world, the host has almost reached the end of his stay. Please be prepared that the host will be transferred back to the human world in 5 minutes.

Just as Ajax was finding it difficult to explain a reason for his anxiousness, the system had given him another shock.

Nevertheless, he suppressed his shock and continued, "It's just that I have to leave this five elemental world in a few minutes."

Ajax stopped for a second and said, "So, elder Qwerek, please help Snow and others and if there is anything important please say it to my avatar."

Ajax hurriedly gave his final instructions to Qwerek before leaving the tribe leader's room with Snow.

"What is happening?"

"Huh? Looks like the artifact has been activated,"

"Why am I feeling there is a slight change in the time,"

At the same moment, in various places of the five elemental world, all the powerful figures who were in the seclusive cultivations woke up from their slumbers at the same time as Ajax got the system notifications.

Although many were still in the dark, some of the old monsters were able to guess it right before closing the eyes and returned back to their cultivation.

There were some powerful monsters that even noticed the change in the time speed which was almost impossible for a resident of the five elemental world to know about the time speed; however, those old monsters were very sensitive towards nature and immediately noticed it.

They only opened their eyes for a few breaths and stopped bothering about it and return back to their cultivations.


"Snow, I don't have much time left here in the five elemental world," After coming out of the tribe leader's room, Ajax and Snow went to his room before Ajax talked with Snow.

"Don't be sad. I will come again soon. Don't follow my plan and there is no hurry in completing the conquering mission. So, don't take any unnecessary risks....," Ajax continuously gave her a set of instructions in an emotional tone.

Even though Snow wanted to not cry in front of Ajax, she was unable to hold back her tears and started crying.

"It's only a temporary separation. I will come back again in a month or so. Also, take care of that coin. After I come back I will find out more about it. Moreover, since you are its master, you can also try to find out its effects," Ajax looked at the coin in Snow's hands; however, he didn't dare to appraise the effects of the void breaker.

Soon, the five minutes given by the system was completed and a portal appeared in front of Ajax.

The other side of the portal was completely filled with many trees and small bushes.

"Okay, Snow. See you soon," Ajax was also said to leave three of his contracted spirit beasts in the five elemental world but he had to do it to become powerful and then he could finish his revenge on the assassin sect.

Even though his heart was aching seeing Snow with a crying face, he suppressed his emotion and entered into the portal.

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