New Age Of Summoners Chapter 451

439 Completing All The Preparations

The tribe members of the Hawk tribe completely believed Snow and with her powerful and purified bloodline of the Lightning hawk dragon emperor's bloodline.

Moreover, Ajax and Snow had saved their tribe multiple times which added another level of belief that Snow would bring them and their tribe towards glory.

So, even when they knew that Snow was a contracted spirit beast for a human; they didn't oppose her because they have faith in Ajax and Snow.


Congratulations to the host for successfully getting a foothold in the five elemental world.


Completely conquer the Shixato wilds and there will be a special reward for the host.

"Huh?" All of a sudden, Ajax received two notifications from the system that made him surprised; however, his focus was on the second notification which said that he would gain a special reward for completing the conquering mission.


All three tribes had added to the properties section and all the tribe members of the three tribes would give the same level of respect as their tribe leader.

While he was excited about the special reward, Ajax had received another system notification that made him look at the Properties section in the user interface.



Low-level Fire spirit stone mine x 1

Tribes x 3

There was not much information about the tribes in that section and Ajax was too lazy to check as he already knew everything about the three tribes.

"Everyone, tonight there will be a feast regarding our new tribe leader. So, everyone come and enjoy to your heart's content,"

After successfully making Snow as the new tribe leader of the Hawk tribe, the old tribe leader, Qwerek finished the gathering with his final words.

Hearing those words, all the tribe members of the Hawk tribe were excited and could not wait for the feast.

Soon, all the tribe members of the Hawk tribe had left and gone back to their houses and works.

Similarly, the upper echelon of the hawk tribe also returned back to the tribe leader's house.

"Ajax, Snow, let's go to the tribe leader's room," Just when Ajax was about to return to his room along with Snow, Qwerek asked them to follow him into the tribe leader's room.

"Sure, elder Qwerek," Ajax also wanted to say something about the other two tribes. So, he nodded his head and slowly followed Qwerek.

"Elder Qwerek, all things went as I planned. All three tribes are under the control of my three contract spirit beasts," Ajax didn't wait for Qwerek and immediately said the events that happened in the past few days.

"Good. If we are united then there will be more chances of standing on an equal footing with other powerful regions," Qwerek didn't feel shocked or surprised as he had confidence in Ajax that he could finish that task easily.

As for his words about standing an equal footing with other regions meant that all regions were not united as they were ruled by different tribes and there would be continuous wars between those tribes.

So, when a whole region united then it would be having almost the same power or even more than the single tribe from other greater regions.

Nevertheless, Ajax and Qwerek were not planning to enter other powerful regions yet.

"Snow, come here and take this," After that, Qwerek asked SNow to come forward to take a shining feather that was only the size of a palm.

Snow looked at Ajax at first and took the feather after receiving Ajax's confirmation.

"This is the insignia of our lightning hawk tribe. With the help of this you can visit every place in the whole hawk tribe and also ancient grounds where the three-tribes contest was held," After she took the feather, Qwerek started explaining about the uses of the feather.

"Ajax, I also have something to give you," Saying that, Qwerek took out the small purple-coloured coin from his space ring and threw it at Ajax.

"Find all the effects of this coin and let's go to the greater worlds once you decipher all the effects," Qwerek looked at the coin in Ajax's hands and asked him to find out about the other effects of the void breaker.

"Huh? Really?" Ajax was shocked to see the mythical grade artifact in his hands as he never thought Qwerek would just give it to him.

"Yes. Since you are indirectly the leader of this tribe, I believe you will take care of us," Even if Snow was the tribe leader, at the end of the day, Ajax was the original leader of the three tribes. So, Qwerek decided to go all out and completely believe Ajax so that he could favour their tribe more than the other two tribes.

"Thanks, I will soon find out about all the effects of this coin," Ajax thanked Qwerek and thought for a moment before summoning his avatar from his spirit consciousness.

"Elder Qwerek, he is my avatar. So, after I leave the five elemental world, if you have any important news to inform me, say it to him and I will know about it," Ajax briefly said about his avatar.

The first thing Qwerek did after looking at the similar being in front of Ajax except for the purple-coloured haired was to rub his eyes and only after confirming that it was real, he looked at Ajax with a surprised face.

Many people only know about dolls that were used to clone themselves but only a few knew about avatars as it was impossible to find in normal worlds as they were only available in greater worlds. Even in the greeted worlds, it was very rare to find them.

So, Qwerek who knew about avatars was shocked and didn't know what to say and remained silent.

'I think, it's my hawk tribe's fortuitous encounter to meet someone like Ajax. I hope he will become powerful and lead my tribe and five elemental world towards glory,' Qwerek silently thought in his head and hoped Ajax to become powerful and not to die prematurely.

What was the biggest disadvantage of a genius?

It was that they needed time to become powerful and fully use talent. Without time, even a god-level genius would be an ant in the eyes of powerful cultivators.

So, Qwerek sincerely hoped Ajax would become powerful without dying prematurely.

"Elder Qwerek, these are my plans...,"

Soon Ajax and Qwerek discussed conquering the Shixato wilds in a detailed way for more than an hour.

In their discussions, Ajax mentioned many times that all three tribes have to work together. Only then, they would become successful.

"Okay, Ajax. I will do as you say," Qwerek felt that Ajax had almost no errors and nodded his head; however, all of sudden, he thought about something and asked, "When are you leaving the five elemental world."

Although Qwerek doesn't know how Ajax would leave the five elemental world, he never thought to ask about it and only asked when he was leaving.

"Tomorrow," Ajax replied in a single word and Qwerek nodded his head to his reply.


The Void breaker is reacting to Snow Move closer to Snow.

All of a sudden, a system notification came to Ajax's mind that made him shocked.

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