New Age Of Summoners Chapter 450

438 Speeding Up The Events

Before the emergency meeting even began, Ajax and others already stated their reason for coming to the ice sparrow tribe. To which, the grand elder of the ice sparrow tribe had no problem and without much thinking, he promised he would help Sparrow become the tribe leader of the ice sparrow.

So, when he said those words, he said slowly but every single word of his was filled with the seriousness that made all the other elders know that the grand elder was very serious about this matter.

Once again the meeting hall became completely silent. Shocked and surprised expressions were filled in the faces of all the upper echelon of the ice sparrow tribe as they didn't expect this.

"Since she killed Kiira she has the right to become tribe leader andnot to forget her high bloodline and appearance,"

Nevertheless, almost all of them quickly suppressed their expression and nodded their heads as they have no problem with that.

Since Sparrow had 100 percent pure bloodline and the similar appearance of their first ancestor, then no one had any problem except for one thing.

The one and only thing that made them stop giving full support to Sparrow were she had become a contracted spirit beast to a human.

'Sigh...should I swear on my summoning heart once again?' Ajax sighed as he prepared to swear an oath; however, before he could say anything, The grand elder released his cultivation strength.

"Don't you know the character of our little child here?"

"Did you forget how her mother lost her life while trying to protect us?"

"What's more she has more purified bloodline and almost looks like our ancestor,"

After intimidating all his tribe elders, Zeke continuously said once sentence after another that made all the elders embarrassed.

What the grand elder had said was absolutely true.

In the hearts of all the elders' hearts, they knew that Spaorrw would never harm anyone from their tribe.

Even when she was bullied by the entire tribe, she never cursed at anyone or hated the ice sparrow tribe; instead, she left the tribe after the level of bullying crossed the limits.

"Sorry grand elder for hesitating for giving her honest opinions," all the elders stood up from their seats and bowed to Snow and the grand elder before saying in unison, "I completely support Sparrow to become the tribe leader of the ice sparrow tribe and we will completely help her manage the tribe until she becomes clear with all the duties of the tribe leader."

The meeting hall was resounded by their words.

Looking at the scene in front of her Sparrow was unable to control her tears of joys and cried.

She cried because of their trust in her and swore that she would try her best to lead this ice sparrow tribe towards glory and at the same time, she looked at Ajax before saying through the voice transmission, 'Thanks master for everything. Without you, I would have never known all these things.'

Ajax didn't say anything in reply; instead, he patted her head and looked at the upper echelon ofthe ice sparrow tribe and said, "From now on, the three tribes in the Shixato wilds will not have any issues with each other and they have to work together to eliminate all the powerful unevolved spirit beasts."

Since all accepted Sparrow as their new tribe leader, Ajax didn't waste any time before saying some of his future plans.

Just like the fire crow tribe's upper echelon, the ice sparrow tribe's upper echelon also surprised at first but eventually believed that this human was not a normal one.

"So, I will announce this to the tribe,"

After discussing his plans, the grand elder, Zeke, said looking at Sparrow.

The rest of the elders nodded their heads and agreed to the grand elder.

Soon, they gathered all the evolved tribe members of the Ice sparrow tribe and announced about their new tribe leader.

They didn't say that Sparrow was their old tribe member who was bullied by them and forced to leave the tribe.

'Because of her bloodline and appearance there is no opposition to Sparrow,' Ajax felt better when everything was going according to his plan.

'Now only one thing is left that is to go back to the Hawk tribe and make Qwerek announce about Snow becoming their tribe leader,' Ajax didn't stay much time in the ice sparrow tribe as he only had one more day to stay in the five elemental world. So he wanted to finish his minor world before that.

"Sparrow, stay here and with the help of the grand elder and other elders rule this ice sparrow tribe well. Also, don't forget helping Raweth and Snow in helping with the conquering," Before he left the ice sparrow tribe, Ajax said with a smile on his face.

In reply, Sparrow nodded her head while crying.

Since she was parting ways with Ajax, she felt bad; however, she knew that Ajax had to leave the five elemental world soon.

"Don't cry, Sparrow. I will come here often to see you. So, cultivate and become powerful," Ajax took some time to convince her before leaving the ice sparrow tribe.

"Grand Elder Graroth, thanks for coming here. You can go back to the fire tribe,"

Since the reason he had come to the ice sparrow tribe had successfully completed in a peaceful way, Ajax smilingly said to the Grand elder.

He didn't wait for Grand elder's reply before looking at Raweth and said, "Did you remember all things I said?"

"Yes master, cultivate, become powerful and at the same time conquer the Shixato wilds before you visit the five elemental world," Raweth politely replied to Ajax.


He was satisfied with Raweth's attitude and looked at everyone and parted ways with them.

'Twilight, come out,' After parting ways, Ajax didn't waste any time before summoning the twilight destructive dragon and along with Snow, they flew away towards the Hawk tribe.

'I never expected that Sparrow's tribe leader position was that easy when compared to my other two contracted spirit beasts,' While flying towards the hawk tribe, Ajax chuckled remembering the events in the ice sparrow tribe which happened very quickly.

Within no time, Ajax and others reached the Hawk tribe.

After talking with Elder Qwerek, they quickly gathered the crowd in front of the tribe leader's house.

"Hello, my dear tribe members, I am hereby announcing Snow as our tribe leader. Until she becomes proficient in handling her tribe leader duties, I will help her," Unlike the other two tribes, the Hawk tribe had directly announced Snow as the tribe leader; instead of asking for their opinions.


Ajax was confused at Qwerek's way of announcing the tribe leader directly without taking the opinions of the majority of the tribe members and felt that it would cause trouble.

However, to his surprise, all the tribe members had excited expressions on their faces that made Ajax heave a sigh of relief.

"Our tribe members don't have worries when it comes to Snow and moreover, they believe how much they believe in our tribe leader" Looking at Ajax's confused looks, Kraiww explained with a smile on his face.

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