New Age Of Summoners Chapter 449

437 Meeting In Sparrow Tribe

On their way to the tribe leader, the grand elder of the ice sparrow tribe had already informed other elders to come to the tribe leader's house for an emergency meeting.

So, after Ajax and others had sat in their chairs, all the upper echelon of the ice sparrow tribe had gathered in the meeting room.

"Hello, grand elder,"

As soon as the five elders and the leader of the 10 true sparrows entered into the meeting hall, they looked at Ajax and others with frowned expressions before greeting their grand elder and sat calmly in their respective chairs.

Although they were calm on the surfaces, all of them were on full alert and were ready to attack if something went wrong.

"Hello everyone. Don't worry, they are here to talk about something so you can relax,"

How can Zeke don't know what his tribe's elders were like, their tribe was already very weak and if they were careless even for a bit, it would make their tribe become even weaker So, Zeke asked their elders to relax.

"Okay, grand elder,"

All the elders nodded their heads at Zeke's words; however, they didn't dare to let down their guards in front of Graroth.

Also, when their eyes landed on Sparrow, who was sitting behind Ajax, there was some unknown fear in their hearts but at the same time, she remembered the statue of their tribe's first empress who was almost similar.

They looked at Sparrow only for a second before averting their gazes from her because they thought looking at her for a longer time would make them worship her.

From a look, all the six members of the ice sparrow tribe looked almost with the same appearance of large purple wings except for height, weight and some other minor facial features.

All of them have worn light purple-coloured robes with white borders except for the leader of the 10 true sparrows unit, who had worn a dark purple-coloured robe with a white border.

"Grand elder, is this meeting related to the screech of our guardian?" the leader of the 10 sparrows, Qeya looked at Zeke and asked about the screech which was heard earlier.

"Guardian of the ice sparrow tribe?" Graroth had raised his brows when he heard Qeya's words.

Earlier, he had clearly heard the screech but he felt no intimidation or no power fluctuations from it. So, he and others thought that screech must have belonged to someone who had just achieved a breakthrough or evolved into a humanoid form.

However, now with Qeya's words, he understood that the screech must have belonged to the guardian of the ice sparrow tribe.

'Looks like, the ice sparrow tribe has hidden this matter. Thank god, we didn't agree to Krico's idea of attacking the ice sparrow tribe; otherwise, we would have suffered greatly,' Graoroth heaved a sigh of relief with his opposition to Krico's idea and became serious all of a sudden.

"Hehe....," Zeke's first thought when he heard Qeya's words was to kill him for revealing such a crucial matter in front of the fire crow tribe; however, after seeing the fear in Graroth's face, he felt good and simply laughed before standing up from his seat.

"I have two things to announce in this emergency meeting," Zeke talked as he moved away from his seat while looking at the faces of his tribe's elders, who had wrinkles all over their faces but their eyes were filled with intelligence.

Although there were very few awakening in the younger generations, that doesn't mean the ice sparrow's totally powerless. All the power for the ice sparrow tribe had come from the older generation and their secret trump card, their tribe's guardian.

Hearing Zeke's words, all the elders of the ice sparrow's paid full attention to him as they knew their grand elder wouldn't summon them for an emergency meeting just for some common issues.

"Before saying the first reason, answer me," the grand elder, Zeke looked at his tribe's elder and asked, "From the past few days, how are you feeling?"

"Huh? How do you know that grand elder?" Instead of answering his question, the first elder who had the most wrinkles on his face among all the elders asked with a surprised expression on his face.

Similarly, the rest of the elders also looked at each other understanding that they were not the only one who was feeling relief for the past few days but all the elders were having the same feeling.

"It is because there is no Kiira anymore and she is killed by none other than her," While explaining the reason for their relieved feeling, Zeke pointed at Sparrow, who was sitting behind Ajax.



"That's great,"

"Finally, that arrogant b*tch has died,"

Qeya and the rest of the elders were excited when they heard as they finally understood the reason for their relieving feeling as the seal that was controlling them disappeared after Kiira's death.

"She is,"

After letting out their excited shouts, the elders calmed themselves down and asked their grand elder while pointing at Sparrow.

Before they could finish their sentence, their grand elder interrupted them and said, "She is one of our own and born in our tribe."


Hearing those words, all the elders raised their brows.

Although they knew she was also a netherworld Ice sparrow, they didn't think she was from their tribe as they had never seen nor heard anyone that had very pure bloodline in their tribe.

"Cough cough" the grand elder lightly coughed and gained the attention of all the elders back to him before continuing, "She is Alin's daughter."

When he said that, the grand elder said with a sighing face and bitterly shook his head.


"She is little Alin's daughter?"

"She is already grown that much?"

All the elders were shocked once again at the grand elder's words and hurriedly looked at Sparrow.

When they looked at her, there were mixed expressions on their faces like concern, affection, embarrassment and other expressions.

All of those expressions were due to their behaviour with Sparrow when she lost the three tribe contest which was indirectly forced by their arrogant tribe leader.

Although Kiira made them behave coldly with Sparrow, that doesn't mean they were not wrong. For a child who was having a happy life until then and suddenly everything changed would make that child crazy.

So, they were even embarrassed to ask Sparrow to forgive them.

"I know why everyone behaved like that and I forgive you all," Sparrow already guessed their inner feelings and forgiven them.

"Thank you, child,"

"Thanks for forgiving us,"

All the elders thanked her for her big heart as tears of joy came out of their eyes.

All of a sudden, the meeting hall became silent.

"Okay okay. Since she has forgiven you all, let me say my second reason for this emergency meeting,"

Zeke broke that silence and looked at their elders whose eyes still had traces of tears and bitterly shook inside his heart.

All the elders nodded their heads and waited for Zeke to continue his speech.

"Since there's no tribe leader for us, I want to announce Sparrow to be our new tribe leader," Zeke slowly completed his words and waited for his elders' response.

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