New Age Of Summoners Chapter 448

436 Truth

Everyone could clearly see the anxious expression on the Sparrow tribe's grand elder's face when he asked Sparrow to leave from there.

"Hurry up. That devil could come here at any moment," Zeke continued to say those words to Sparrow making Ajax raise his brows.

From Ajax's perspective, there was no one that was close to a sparrow in the ice sparrow tribe but after seeing the concerned and anxious look on Zeke's face, Ajax felt it was not true.

'The devil he was referring to, must be the tribe leader of the ice sparrow tribe,'

Of course, he could guess from Zeke's words that the devil was none other than Madam Kiira, who was not alive now.

"You mean your tribe leader Kiira?" Before Ajax could ask, Sparrow spoke with the grand elder from the sparrow tribe.

"Yes. If she sees you here and with your new appearance she will go to any extent to kill you. First, let's get down from here," Zeke immediately asked everyone to get down to the ground before anyone could see them.

Since they were near to the sparrow tribe, Zeke feared that if someone noticed him conversing with fire crow tribe people then it would be unnecessary trouble.



Soon, all of them landed on the ground and everyone looked at Zeke because they didn't understand what he was trying to do. Nevertheless, they know one thing that he was not trying to harm them. At least not harming Sparrow.

"If you are fearing Madam Kiira, then there is no need to fear her anymore," Sparrow looked at her grandpa who was very good to hear from her childhood but stopped talking to her after she lost in the three-tribe contest.

Just thinking about this made her attitude back to cold again making Zeke sigh.

However, he was not concerned about it and asked, "Why? If she sees you.."

"She is dead and I forced her to kill herself,"

Before he could say his sentence, Sparrow interrupted him and slowly said to him with a cold look on her face.

"What?" Zeke was shocked at her words. What's more, the last words made him almost collapse onto the ground.

Not only him but others like Graroth, the masked birdman were also shocked by the words of Sparrow.

Because the strength between Kiira and Sparrow was very huge, so they took some time to believe her words. If not for Ajax, they would have taken even more time to believe her words.

"What are you saying? Is it real?" Zeke had an excited expression on his face and asked her once again to confirm the death of his tribe leader.

"What she is saying is real," Ajax came forward to confirm Sparrow's words but Zeke only looked at Ajax for a moment before starting saying, "I am free now...I am free now."

"Huh? Is he crazy or what?"

"Grandpa, what happened to you?"

"Sparrow, come back. He seems he has gone mad,"

All of them became vary at the sudden shouts of the ice sparrow tribe's grand elder's words and hurriedly stepped back.

"No no no...I am not crazy. I am just excited about finally becoming free...Haha," Zeke became embarrassed with his sudden shouts in front of everyone and immediately tried to clarify the reason for his excitement.

"Before I say the reason for my excitement. Let me apologize to you, Little one," Zeke moved towards Sparrow and bowed to her before saying, "Please forgive me and other elders of the tribe leader for their behaviour towards you."


Sparrow and Ajax raised their brows when they looked at Zeke's behaviour.

"I know what we did is very cruel to you but we didn't do that intentionally, it is forced by Kiira," Zeke's didn't stand straight; instead he was still in the bowing position as he said with a sigh.

"What? Can't you retort against her?" Ajax found it funny to believe and mocked Zeke and the rest of the elders of the sparrow tribe.

"We can. But unless we decide to die, we can retort against her," He shook his head and remained in the same position and continued, "Because she used some kind of weird technique to control us. Even if we dare to go against her words, they will kill us without much difficulty."

He continued to explain what Kiira had done to the upper echelon of the sparrow tribe and how she controlled them.

"Oh...so that's what happened to your tribe. No wonder, your tribe became the weakest as soon as she became the tribe leader," the grand elder, Graroth understood the reason behind the downfall of the ice sparrow tribe.

"So, she is behind all of this...grandpa please stop bowing," After hearing Zeke's words, Sparrow's attachment with her tribe once again came back and hurriedly moved forward and stopped Zeke from bowing to her any longer.


Seeing Sparrow coming forwards to help him, Zeke felt his heartache even more and swore, "From today onwards, if anyone wants to bully you, they have to go through me."

Ajax shook his head as he could understand how Zeke must be feeling right now.

"By the way, when did you kill her, child?" Zeke took everyone into the sparrow tribe and along the way, he asked Sparrow about Kiira's death.

"A couple of days ago," Sparrow didn't say anything about the demon king's avatar and simply said the time when Kiira sacrificed herself to the demon king's avatar.

"No wonder, I feel my heart at ease from the past few days" Zeke expressed his happiness and took them into the sparrow tribe.

"Hey look, The grand elder is welcoming people from the other tribes,"

"I wonder what he is doing by inviting them into our tribe?"

"Did he forget how we are enemies with the fire crow tribe and lightning hawk tribe?"

As Ajax and others were moving towards the tribe leader's house, the tribe members of the ice sparrow tribe were whispering in each other's ears.

"Stop listening to their conversations. It's all because of Kiira's arrogance we became enemies with the other tribes," Zeke explained the reason why they had become enemies with other tribes.

There were only small misunderstandings among the three tribes but due to Kiira's annoyance with every single thing and Krico's arrogance caused those misunderstandings into wars between these three tribes.

Although the tribe members of these three tribes didn't know about this; however as the grand elders of the tribe and only next to tribe leader, Zeke and Graroth knew about this things and that's the reason they hated the tribe leaders of their tribe to the core for not caring about the lives of the tribe members.

Soon, everyone reached the tribe leader's house.

"Okay everyone, we will just wait for some time until all the elders and the leader of the true sparrows joins us and we will talk about the matter you want to talk about," the Grand Elder asked everyone to sit and he sat in one of the chairs along with them.

Everyone looked at each others' faces before looking at Zeke and sat in their chairs.

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