New Age Of Summoners Chapter 447

435 To The Sparrow Tribe

All the tribe members already know that Raweth was the contracted spirit beast of Ajax. So, the grand elder looked at their expressions.

According to him, since the upper echelon had already supported Raweth, 90 percent of the tribe members don't have any issue with Raweth becoming that tribe leader.

However, there were always some people who didn't like the upper echelon and always wanted to find something wrong in decisions made by the upper echelon. So, now the grand elder wanted to keep an eye for tribe members like that.

"Sorry elder, I don't want to keep my life in the hands of a puppet controlled by a human,"

"Yes, grand elder, I too don't want to keep my life in his hands,"

"Although I respected Raweth from his childhood for his bloodline, he is not worthy to become our tribe leader,"

As expected, some of the tribe members from the crowd showed their dissatisfaction with the announcement.

"Okay. I can understand your feelings; however, I believe that Raweth is the only best candidate to become the tribe leader and as for the spirit contract, Ajax had already sworn on his summoning heart that he will only help our tribe and will never make us do something that we don't want to do," The grand elder spoke in a convincing tone that even Ajax felt that he would be convinced if he was the one in the place of who were opposing with the decision of the upper echelon.


"Swore on summoning heart?"

"Then it's good,"

Just after they listened to the grand elder's words, they were shocked and immediately agreed to the grand elder's proposal.

'What in the world is happening here?' Ajax's jaws were dropped when he saw how easily the grand elder convinced the opposing members of the fire crow tribe and thought that, 'This summoning heart...is it really that powerful?' Ajax never bothered about the summoning heart before; however, now seeing all those expressions, Ajax felt that it must be real and powerful.

'I wonder what will happen if I go back on my words after swearing on my summoning heart?' Ajax imagined various punishments for breaking the oath after swearing on the summoning heart and even at the light punishment, he was shuddered before deciding to never go back on his words.

Soon, no one from the crowd showed any opposition for Raweth's tribe leader position and Raweth had successfully become the tribe leader of the fire crown tribe.

"With how pure Raweth's bloodline, our tribe will walk towards the path of glory,"

"Yes, we just need some time and no one can stop our tribe's development,"

After that, everyone one went back to their works; however, while they were leaving they discussed the bright future of their tribe under the leadership of Raweth and along with the support of a summoner.

Even though Ajax was very weak at the moment, they could gauge the potential of Ajax by his elemental spirits which he had summoned last time when the tribe was in the crisis.

"Grand Elder, do you know the way to the ice sparrow tribe?" Just as everyone was dispersing, Ajax moved towards the grand elder and asked indirectly to come with him to the ice sparrow tribe.

"..." The grand elder thought for a moment before nodding his head understanding Ajax's words' underlying meaning and agreed with Ajax.

"I will also join you guys, it 's been a long time since I travelled to the ice sparrow tribe," the masked birdman joined them without any invitation.

Soon, Ajax and his contracted spirit beast, Raweth and Snow along with the grand leader and the leader of the 15 crows travelled towards the ice sparrow tribe.

There was a reason why Ajax wanted the grand elder to accompany them towards the ice sparrow tribe. It was because they just wanted to show his true power behind him and at the same time, he wanted them to know that the two tribes were already under his control.

Moreover, he wanted to finish this ice sparrow tribe's matter by the end of this day. So that he could give his instructions on the last day of his stay in the five elemental world.

'Because of Snow and Raweth being close with the hawk tribe and fire crow tribe, it was easy to make them the tribe leaders; however, sparrow's case was totally different from them,' Ajax thought about Sparrow's loneliness in the huge tribe and felt sorry for her.

So, he didn't want to show any mercy to those who oppose Sparrow in becoming the tribe leader.

After 3-4 hours of flight, Ajax and others had reached the Ice sparrow tribe.

"Graroth, why are you here? Are you planning to attack our tribe just like always?" Just as they were about to enter into the premises of the sparrow tribe, an old man with a purple robe and two long but weak-looking wings behind his back appeared out of nowhere and stopped Ajax and others.

"Zeke, my old friend. Long time no see. How are you?" the grand elder slowly moved towards the old man that looked just as old as the grand elder.

"Old friend? What a joke! Who will be your friend?" The grand elder of the ice sparrow tribe, who was called Zeke, mocked the grand elder.

"Let's not talk about the past. I am here with this young human to talk something with you," Graroth, the grand elder, bitterly shook his head and pointed at Ajax and stated the reason for his visit.

"Huh? The tribe leader is not here. So, I can't welcome anyone until she comes back," Zeke looked at Ajax and his two pure-blooded contracted spirit beasts and was surprised for a moment before shaking his head.

"You.." the grand elder became angry at Zeke's words.

'Sparrow, come out,'

However, before he could do anything, Ajax silently called out Sparrow out of his inner world.


As soon as she came out of the inner world, a screech came out from the tribe leader's house.

"What? How is this possible?"

When the grand elder of the sparrow tribe heard the screech he was shocked to the core and immediately looked at the new sparrow in front of him.

Just from the appearance, Zeke's body automatically bowed; however, he soon suppressed it and remained stiff.

"Who are you?" After suppressing the bloodline suppression from Sparrow, Zeke became cautious and slowly asked.

"Grandpa, it's me," Sparrow, looked at Zeke for a moment and slowly said a few words.

"You are...you are the daughter of Alin?"

Although Sparrow said only a few words and literally there was no hint or anything about her identity but still, Zeke was able to guess the identity of Sparrow.

"Yes," Hearing that, Sparrow became emotional but she didn't show it on her face and coldly looked at the grand elder of the sparrow tribe.

Ajax and others were simply watching their conversation which they didn't understand. However, Ajax guessed that Alin was Sparrow's mother.

"Girl, why are you here again? Quickly run away from here before anyone sees you,"

To everyone's surprise, Zeke hurriedly asked Sparrow to go away from the sparrow tribe.

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