New Age Of Summoners Chapter 446

434 Announcemen

When they saw Snow and with Ajax's words, all the elders had understood one thing. This human was not a common human.

Since he could convince Qwerek and helped Snow become the tribe leader, they didn't hesitate any longer as they knew how intelligent Qwerek was.

Nevertheless, they want to keep a condition to support Raweth wholeheartedly.

"What is it?"

Ajax calmly asked as he looked at the five elders.

"We know that you are a summoner. So, if you swear on your summoning heart that you will not force us to do something that we don't want to do," The first elder keenly looked at Ajax's face before saying his condition.

"I swear on my summoning heart that I will never force someone to do against their own will," Without any delay, Ajax swore, making all the elders smile and even the grand elder also felt content with Ajax's oath.

However, what they didn't know was that Ajax never believed in those oaths which were only some simple words.

Nevertheless, he would never make those under him do something they don't want to do.

So, he never bothered about it and confidently swore on his summoner heart.

"Great. Now we support Raweth in becoming the tribe leader," All the elders said in unison.

'Looks like these elders are very loyal to the tribe,' Ajax slightly smiled when he looked at the elders and thought inside his mind.

"Why don't we announce this now. I have something urgent to do and also I have to leave in two days," Ajax urged all the tribe members in the room to announce it to the rest of the tribe and make it official.

"Sure. Just wait an hour here," the grand elder nodded his head and called a tribe member from outside the room and asked him to gather all the tribe members within an hour in front of the tribe leader's house.

"Yes, tribe leader," the guard bowed to all the members in the room before hurriedly rushed out of the room.

"Until the tribe members gather, I will explain my future plans for the fire crow tribe and what you have to do," After the guard left, Ajax looked at the grand elder and other before sitting on a normal chair and motioned Raweth to sit in the tribe leader's chair.


Everyone in the room was shocked at Ajax's words as they didn't expect Ajax to say the future plans for the fire crow tribe.

Even Raweth was shocked as he didn't expect his master to be in that much of a hurry.

Nevertheless, all of them sat on their respective chairs and Raweth sat on the tribe leader's chair.

"I want to unify the Shixato wilds....,"

Ajax started his explanation from conquering the Shixato wilds and how he was planning to make his other contracted spirit beast the tribe leader of the netherworld ice sparrow tribe.

Hearing Ajax's plans, all the members except Raweth and Snow were shocked.

"So, you want to unite three tribes...then what?" The grand elder nodded his head after understanding Ajax's plans and asked about what would happen after that.

"Simple, expand the conquering to the other regions,"

Even though the system didn't say anything about conquering other regions or didn't issue any missions as of now, Ajax was able to guess that it would be bound to happen sooner or later.

"You have got some great plans, young man. Let's see after we conquer the Shixato wilds," The grand elder nodded his head at Ajax's plan and felt that, 'If only the younger generation of my fire crow tribe had the same thinking like this one, it would be great...Sigh.'

In the end, he sighed and looked at others to see their expressions.

All of them have an exciting expression because if the conquering of other regions become successful, then the fire crow would become a ruler of one of the regions since they were the ones who joined Ajax early in his conquest to conquer the five elemental world.

'I think if he was able to conquer the whole five elemental world, then there is a great chance of this world becoming a greater world,' The grand elder's thoughts were different from the thought of the elders as he could look at the bigger picture that could benefit that whole five elemental world.

Next, they continued to talk about some minor details regarding how Ajax was planning to conquer the Shixato wilds and some other talks.

"Grand elder, everyone is gathered in front of the tribe leader's house,"

Soon, the guard that left earlier came back and informed them about the gathering.

"Okay then. Let's move out and announce our decision," The grand elder nodded his head and headed out with the rest of the members.

Ajax also followed them out of the room and when he came out of the tribe leader's house, Ajax was shocked to see the huge crowd that was more than he accepted.

'It's the total population of the fire crow tribe. So, there is no need to be shocked with the strength as our tribe has more population than the other two tribes,' the masked birdman observed Ajax's shocked expression and explained about it with a small smile on his face.

From the crowd, Ajax was not even able to gauge the population of the tribe as they were completely packed and asked the masked man, "How much is your tribe's population?"

"It was only a little more than 100k. If not for the constant killings from other tribes and the deaths from the unevolved spirit beasts, it would have been more than that," The masked birdman sighed while explaining about the death rate of their tribe.

"So, what about the other tribes?" Ajax became curious about the population of the other tribes and asked him.

"I don't know the exact population but they should be less than us. The least populated tribe will be the netherworld ice sparrow tribes as they are very fewer people awakening their bloodline and becoming evolved," the masked birdman slowly explained along the way and suddenly added, "By the way, I am only saying about the evolved tribe members and as for the unevolved tribe members there are many and we don't keep a count on them."

"What?" Ajax received another surprise hearing his words and calmed down before looking at the grand elder who was ready to announce the news.

"Hello, my dear tribe members. The reason I asked everyone to gather here was that I have good news to share with you. At the same time, if anyone has any problem with the thing I am about to say now, you can boldly raise your hands without any fear," the grand elder looked at the crowd and spoke using his fire essence of nature to increase the volume of his speech.

As soon as they heard the grand elder's words, all the tribe members started murmuring among themselves and looked very excited.

So, they didn't whisper for much longer before attentively looking at the grand elders to hear the good news.

"The upper echelon of the fire crow tribe had decided to make Raweth as the new tribe leader," The grand elder quickly finished his sentence and looked at the crowd for their reactions.

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