New Age Of Summoners Chapter 445

433 Convincing The Elders

Ajax doesn't know what Raweth had talked with the grand elder but he was sure that Raweth tried his best and convinced the grand elder regarding the matter of him becoming the tribe leader.

Since the grand elder trusted Raweth more than anyone from the tribe, so he had no problem in entrusting the fire crow tribe to him as he could lead it towards glory.

However, according to the grand elder's words, there was still some problem that was obstructing Raweth from becoming the tribe leader.

"What is that problem?" Ajax felt relieved when he heard the grand elder's starting words but he raised his brows at the last words and asked the grand elder about it.

If the Grand elder doesn't have any problem, then Ajax was puzzled at what kind of problem it was.

"The problem lies in you. Since Raweth is your contracted spirit beast and it is known by all the upper echelon of the fire crow tribe and they will definitely oppose Raweth in becoming the tribe leader," The grand elder looked at Ajax before sitting on a chair beside the tribe leader's majestic chair.

"Oh, is there no other way to convince them without forcefully breaking the spirit contract?" Ajax already felt this would be the problem and he also thought of a solution for this problem; however, he wanted to know an even better solution for it without putting more effort.

"The upper echelon consists of one grand elder, five elders, the leader of the 15 crows," The grand elder didn't answer Ajax's question; instead he started explaining about the upper echelon of the fire crow.

Ajax didn't interrupt the grand elder and listened carefully.

"Among these seven, four members need to be in Raweth's favour. So that he could become the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe," The grand elder gave a hint to Ajax and Raweth about how Raweth could become the tribe leader.

"We only have you at the moment. So, we still need three more people on our side," Ajax felt it was not as easy as he thought.

'Should I have to force them to submit to me using the hawk tribe?' Ajax immediately thought of his solution to the problem; however, he quickly suppressed this thought as it had many disadvantages for him.

He wanted all the fire crow tribe members to follow Raweth loyally on their own without any force. Only then, the tribe could prosper.

"It should be two. You forgot about me, Ajax," All of a sudden a black-cloaked masked figure appeared in front of Ajax from out of nowhere.

He was none other than the leader of the 15 crows and he was in charge of Rawin for many years.

"Uncle," Raweth and Rawin were excited at the sudden appearance of the cloaked man and hurriedly shouted.

"I have confidence in Raweth that he will lead the fire crow tribe towards glory," Before Ajax could ask for the reason why he wanted to support Raweth, the masked man said in a serious tone.

"Thanks for believing me, Uncle," Raweth felt warm inside his head and thanked the masked man.

'Looks like this masked man is not bad,' Ajax's impression on the masked man increased by another level.

"So, we now need only two elders on our side," Ajax muttered but it was still heard by others.

"I think, it's better to directly ask all the five elders about their thoughts, then we can see what we have to do," The grand elder thought it was not a big problem anymore with the addition of the masked man.

So, he directly wanted to finalize this matter and called all the five elders with an emergency talisman.

Ajax also felt it was better to decide it sooner so that he could plan the remaining events of conquering the Shixato wilds after he left the five elemental world.

Within no time, all the five elders entered into the tribe leader's room and greeted the grand elder and others.

Even though they don't like humans, they felt indebted to Ajax, so they were polite to him.

"Grand elder, what is the reason for this emergency meeting?" The first elder, whose power was just behind the grand elder asked about the grand elder's emergency summoning.

"I hereby propose Raweth as the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe. Those who are in the favour of this proposal raise your hand and as for others, you can speak out your views on this proposal," The grand elder didn't waste any time before raising his hand directly proposed his deal.

All the elders were not at all surprised at the grand elder's proposal as they had already expected this.

"Grand elder, what about the spirit contract he has with the human?" One of the elders stood up and asked about the spirit contract.

All the remaining elders have the same doubt. So, they looked at the grand elder for his reply before giving their decisions.

"The spirit contract will not be removed," The grand elder expressionlessly replied to the elders.


All the elders were surprised by the grand elder's reply and looked at him as though they were asking why?

"I support the grand elder,"

As all the elders were expecting an answer from the grand elder, they heard the leader of the crows and shocked by his words.

"Why? Are you two gone mad or what?" The first elder was unable to suppress his shock and shouted out loud.

"That's right, grand elder. How can we allow Raweth to become the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe with that spirit contract?"

All the elders backed the first elder as they stood up from their seats.


Since their words were true, the grand elder and the masked man were unable to say anything and remained silent for a while.

All of a sudden the tribe leader's room had become silent before it was broken by Ajax.

"All of you are correct. You are very correct," Ajax didn't become anxious or worried about the five elders; instead, he even agreed with them.

"By the way, I forgot to say one thing. My another one of the contracted spirit beasts has become the tribe leader of the Lighting hawk tribe," Ajax didn't give any time for others to speak and immediately summoned Snow for others to see her.

"Master," As soon as she was summoned out of the inner world, she greeted Ajax with a smile before putting a cold smile on her face while looking at others.


Including the grand elder, all the others in the room were shocked by Ajax's words and even more shocked to see Snow.

With a glance, anyone could say that Snow had a very pure bloodline in her body and didn't even doubt Ajax's words by the appearance of Snow.

"Haha...I know you are not a regular human," the grand elder and the masked man laughed at the same time and looked at the five elders, who were now raising their hands without any fear.

"However, we have one condition to support Raweth in becoming the tribe leader," Just when Ajax thought he had finally succeeded in convincing the elders, they raised one condition.

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