New Age Of Summoners Chapter 444

432 Nether Hogs Longhorn

When the huge nether hog had heard Ajax's words, he didn't get any angry; instead, he was happy and nodded his head at Ajax as though he wanted Ajax to accomplish the mission.

Ajax clutched the longhorn tightly with his hands and within no time, his hands released flames.

However, these flames were not in red or orange; instead, they were in a purple colour.

'I just need to enhance the horn with the nether flames and it will, in turn, decrease my depletion of the essence of nature from the spirit consciousness,'

Here, Ajax used the purple-coloured essence which was also called a nether essence and created nether flames just like how he created red flames to refine the pills.

'It's working, working...haha,'

As expected, when he used the nether flames, the rate at which the essence of nature in his spirit consciousness depleted was very less. So, Ajax was excited as he thought in his head.

'What? Looks like he is using another method to increase the time...Haha. Good,' the huge nether hog was surprised at Ajax's method of using the nether essence of nature to create nether flames.

'I wonder, how did he get that method to create nether flames from the essence of nature,' the huge nether thought for a second and didn't bother about it anymore as Ajax had successfully crossed the five-minute mark and still didn't show any signs of stopping.

"You can stop now...you have passed the test. You can go out," As soon as Ajax blew the longhorn for five minutes, the huge nether hog loudly announced the result and said Ajax could now leave this dimensional space.

"Wait wait wait, I need to.,"

When Ajax heard the huge nether hog's words, he stopped blowing the longhorn and tried to talk with the huge hog; however, before he could finish his words he lost consciousness and woke in his room.

"Huh? I am back already?" Ajax looked at the familiar room and heaved a sigh of relief.

However, he still felt that he was unable to ask his questions about the longhorn and the appearance of various guardians in the battle tower.

'Looks like I need to ask him after summoning him,' Ajax shook his head and decided to ask the nether hog about its origins; however, he didn't dare to summon the huge nether hog here as he knew space won't be sufficient.


Congratulations to the host for successfully claiming the ownership of the longhorn. Check its information for more details.

While Ajax was in his thoughts, a congratulatory system notification came to his head.

'Let's see the details about this longhorn,' He looked at the purple-coloured longhorn in his hands and focused on it.


Artifact name:- Nether hog's longhorn (special-type)

Owner:- Ajax

Grade:- Legendary

Effects:- 1) When the owner blows the horn for a minute, 5 rank 4 nether hogs will be summoned

2)25 rank 4 nether hogs will be summoned (Locked).

3) Locked (Needs host to reach higher realm)

Description:- A King-realm horned nether hog is heavily injured by someone and some high-level artificer took pity on the dying hog and stored its soul in its own longhorn with the permission from the dying nether hog.

"What am I seeing? A legendary grade artifact? When did they become that common?" Ajax felt it was quite unbelievable as many questions raised in his head.

"It has three effects and I can only use a single effect for now. Nevertheless, I am more than satisfied with the first effect itself," Ajax felt it was a pity that two effects were locked but he was content with the first effect where he could summon 5 rank 4 nether hogs.

"Moreover, the description is more than enough to know its origins," Ajax read all the information about the Nether hog's longhorn once again.

'Knock Knock'

Just as he completed his reading for the second time, he heard the knocking sounds from the door.

"Master, are you awake?"

After the knock, Raweth's voice came from the other side of the door.

"Wait a second. I am coming," Ajax stood up from the bed and opened the door to see Raweth along with his little brother Rawin stood in front of the room.

"Good morning, Master"

"Good morning, Brother Ajax"

Raweth and Rawin greeted him in unison which made Ajax puzzle.

"What? Morning?" Ajax asked in confusion because when he entered the room, it was afternoon.

"Yes, master. It's morning now. Also, the grand elder came out of his seclusive cultivation," Raweth quickly informed Ajax about the reason for his visit.

"Okay, I will come in a few minutes," Ajax suppressed his confusion before entering into his room before closing the door.

"Okay, master. I will wait outside,"

Raweth nodded his head and left with his little brother.

"What is happening? How many days did I spend in that dimensional space?" He quickly used the system to know the time spent in the dimensional space.

However, there was no reply from the system. So he changed the question and asked the system, "System, still how many days left for me to stay in the five elemental world?"


The host can stay 2 more days in the five elemental world.

"Phew...still two more days are there. I can manage all things in these 2 days," Ajax heaved a sigh of relief as felt it was good to have two more days.

If he wasted another day inside the longhorn, he would not be able to arrange all things for his conquering mission.

Immediately he went to fresh up and came out to meet up with Raweth and Rawin before moving towards the tribe leader's house.

"Master, do you want me to become the tribe leader?" While they were going towards the tribe leader's house, Raweth slowly asked Ajax.

"Yes," Ajax replied with a single word and continued saying, "I want to conquer this Shixato wilds, So, if you become the tribe leader of this fire crow tribe will save me time and the tribe members can also gain various rewards from time to time."

Ajax added rewards because it was true. Once the fire crow tribe was under Raweth's control. It was indirectly under his control. So, to increase the loyalty of the fire crow tribe towards Raweth, Ajax didn't mind using some rewards to the tribe members with most contributions from time to time.

"Don't worry, master, I will become the tribe leader and help you conquer the Shixato wilds," Raweth knew what kind of person Ajax was and he also knew that his fire crow tribe would definitely prosper with Ajax's help. So, he confidently said to Ajax that he could become a tribe leader.

Soon they met the grand elder in the tribe leader's room who was now a temporary tribe leader until a new tribe leader was selected by the upper echelon of the tribe.

"Grand elder, I want to talk something with you, personally," After greeting each other, Raweth stepped forwards and said to the grand elder.

Grand Elder nodded his head and went into the side room before coming out of the room in a few minutes.

"I have no problem with Raweth becoming the tribe leader. But there is one problem," The grand elder looked at Ajax and calmly said.

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