New Age Of Summoners Chapter 443

431 Tes


Ajax, who was anxiously clutching his head, stood up immediately and looked at the huge horned nether hog in front of him.


Soon, he felt it was something related to the long horn in his head and calmed himself before asking the huge hog in front of him.

"Yes, as long as you pass the test, I will gladly accept you as my master," With the same ancient voice, the nether hog replied to Ajax.

'I think, I am inside the long horn now,' Ajax finally understood that he was in longhorn and felt relief as it was only a test to claim the ownership on the longhorn and asked the nether hog, "Okay, What is the test?"

From the moment the system had entered into his head, Ajax was used to many things, so he adjusted to the new environment in no time and waited for his answer.

"Simple, you need to blow this horn for 5 minutes without a stop," The hog calmly replied in his ancient tone and soon after he finished his words, a familiar long horn appeared in front of him.

'This looks exactly like the one in my hands earlier, but I can say, they were not the same,' Ajax didn't take much time and confirmed that it was a different one from the longhorn he was trying to claim ownership.

"Just five minutes, I can do it," Ajax felt that the test was very easy and confident that he could finish it in time.

Without any delay, he took the long horn into his hands and blew it.

No sound came from the horn but still, Ajax continued to blow as the test only required him to blow for five minutes.

'Why am I feeling tired? Wait, my essence of nature...it is,' Before Ajax could completely think what was happening to him, he lost consciousness.

'Huh? Not bad for an elite commander realm cultivator to blow the horn for two minutes for his first time...Haha,' the huge hog looked at the unconscious Ajax, who was hovering in the mid-air and laughed with a satisfied smile.

That's right! It's been only a couple of minutes since Ajax had started blowing the horn; however, his essence of nature in the spirit consciousness was completely depleted.

'I will wait until he wakes up on his own,' The huge hog released a purple coloured essence towards Ajax and waited for Ajax to wake up.

Soon, the purple coloured essence entered into Ajax's body at an incredible speed.

'Huh? What happened?' Within a couple of hours, Ajax opened his eyes and checked his surroundings and confused before looking at the huge hog, which was looking at him and a longhorn hovering in front of him.

Only after a few breaths of time, Ajax remembered that he was still inside the long horn and a test to finish.

"By the way, what will happen to me if I fail this test?" Ajax felt that the test was quite challenging. So, he wanted to know what would happen if he failed it.

"Hahaha.Don't worry. There is no failure in this test," the huge hog laughingly said to Ajax that made him confused.

"No, fail? Then what is the purpose of the test?" Ajax asked as he felt there was no reason for him to blow the longhorn for five minutes.

"Haha...but there is something I forgot to mention," The huge hog absorbed the purple essence that he released previously into his body before continuing, "If you are unable to blow the horn, then you can forever accompany me here."

'So, this is the condition. Then I have to finish this test as soon as possible,'

Even though Ajax adjusted to the new environment, he doesn't want to stay inside a longhorn, so he immediately decided to finish the test.


Ajax continued to blow the horn; however, just like before, he fell unconscious when he barely blew the horn for more than 2 minutes making the huge nod his head.

'Not bad, not bad...already increased a couple of seconds compared to his last time,' Saying that, the huge hog released the purple essence once again which was later absorbed by the

Ajax's unconscious body.

Just like before, he woke up after two hours and tried to blow the longhorn once again before becoming unconscious.

The same process repeated for who knows how many times and every time Ajax woke up, his determination to increase the time he blew the longhorn increased which left the huge hog praising Ajax for his focus and endurance.

"Why am I unable to blow this thing for five minutes? I have already reached 4 minutes 59 seconds. Why can't I increase that final second?" Finally, Ajax's frustration dominated his determination and made him nearly give up the test.

Although it seemed simple, in actuality it is not as it looks.

Moreover, from the last 2-3 times, he was unable to increase that final second to accomplish the test. So, he became frustrated.

'Whatever, I have to reach that final second and quickly leave out of this place,' Even then, Ajax didn't give up on the test as he knew that he doesn't have any other option to get out of his space.

Moreover, he had completely lost track of the time but he could say that more than a day had passed since he had entered into this dimensional space inside the longhorn.

"You are doing good. But, what you are lacking to finish this test is the true essence of this test. Once you understand that, you can blew the longhorn for more than five minutes,"

Just when Ajax was about to blow the longhorn, the huge hog, which was silent until now suddenly opened his mouth before saying some words that made Ajax stop his repeated process.

"True essence of the test?" Ajax raised his brow and immediately thought of something and sat in a meditative pose in the mid-air and started pondering everything he had learned from all his previous attempts to finish the test.

'There is nothing that can help me from it,' Soon, Ajax confirmed that the true essence of the test had nothing to do with his previous attempts.

'Wait a second. That's right, why my spirit consciousness is completely filled with purple-coloured essence,' As Ajax was checking everything to know about the essence of the test, he noticed the purple essence in his spirit consciousness.

'This looks like nether essence. Is it from horn or huge hog?' Ajax pondered for a second before thinking, 'Why do I need to blow this horn?'

Finally, Ajax thought about the use of the longhorn and an idea came to his mind.

'If I pass the test, the huge hog will consider me as its master. Is this thing used to summon it out? Also, this purple essence must be from it. I got it now,' Soon, Ajax formed his plan and looked at the huge hog before giving it a smile, he carefully took the horn into his hands.

"I will make you accept me as you master, this time," Ajax said with a confident voice.

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