New Age Of Summoners Chapter 442

430 Cerberus

When he focused on the longhorn to see the information about it, Ajax had received a system notification.

'Huh? A new rule?'

Ajax felt that this was the first time the system had said something like this.

Nevertheless, he didn't bother much about it as this longhorn belongs to him anyway.

'I think dripping a drop of blood will work, right?' Ajax thought in his head and was about to prick his finger.


Do you want Volcanis to challenge another room on the first floor?


Ajax immediately nodded his head without asking Volcanis as he knew that Volcanis would rather challenge another hall than to rest in the inner world.

Only a defeat would make him rest for a while. So, Ajax didn't waste any time and proceeded for Volcanis next challenge.

"You don't have any problem with it, right?" Ajax jokingly asked Volcanis through the voice transmission.

"No problem," Volcanic said with a steady voice before summoning back his fire sword into his body.


Sending Volcanis to a random room on the first floor of the battle tower.

Soon, Volcanic disappeared from the muddy room and teleported to the entrance of another room.

The door in front of Volcanis looked almost the same in size and design but the colour was different. Previously it was a light brown in colour with black marking on the door; however, now it was red coloured with black markings.

'Huh? Looks like there will be a fire-type guardian in the room,' Ajax was not in a hurry to claim ownership of the longhorn in his hands as he wanted to see whom Volcanis would be challenging next.

Just with the colour on the door, Ajax confirmed that the guardian would be a fire-type spirit beast or monster.

'Volcanis, if the guardian in that room is fire-type, then grasp some good skills from it. I hope you understand what I am saying,' Ajax advised Volcanis just before he moved forward to open the huge doors.

'I understand master,' Volcanis stopped for a moment and nodded his head at Ajax's advice.

Here, Ajax's underlying meaning was simple. He was saying that use the battle tower to its full extent.

Actually, the reason why the common Battle tower exists was that it was to increase the battle prowess of the challenger.

However, what Ajax had in his possession was not a common battle tower. It was a special battle tower that could help the challenger to gain the skills or techniques of the guardians.

'Although it is rare to gain a skill or technique from the guardian, it was not impossible. Moreover, the system had already said that the battle tower has a 5 percent chance of that to happen,' Ajax had confidence that Volcanis could grasp any skill that was related to fire as he had awakened a skill called 'King of fire'.


Volcanis slowly opened the huge door and entered the room.

Inside the room, it was completely filled with lava that was releasing black smoke whenever a stone from the ceiling of the room had fallen into it.

There was a single narrow path that divided the lava into two parts. At either ends of the room there was someplace that was like a flat surface made up of black volcanic rock.


As Volcanis was observing the room, a dog sound came from the other end of the room.

Volcanis was only able to see a huge black silhouette due to the black smoke that blocked his vision.

'What is that? It sounded like a dog,' Ajax was eager to take a look at the guardian of this fire type challenge and continued watching the holographic screen and thought in his head.

It didn't take much time for Ajax to see the appearance of the guardian of the room. It was a huge black dog.

However, instead of having a single head, the dog in front of Volcanis had three heads.

The three pairs of eyes were looking at Volcanis angrily and were ready to attack Volcanis and waited for Volcanis to make a move first.


Guardian name:- Cerberus.

Element type:- Fire/Demon

Skills:- The guardian didn't display any skill yet.

Ajax immediately focused on the three-headed dog and found out its name.

'Isn't it a demon world's beast? How did it get into the battle tower?' Once he saw the information about the three-headed dog, some new questions arose in Ajax's head.

Ajax could still remember that Cerberus was a beast that would only live in the demon world and if it travels to other worlds, it won't live much longer if it doesn't find a suitable environment in the new world.

So, seeing a demon world's spirit beast which was also called a Demonic beast in the battle tower made him think about the system's origins.

However, he didn't ask the system as he knew the system would never answer questions about its origins.

"Until now, the system had never made me do any evil thing or something to me. I guess I should not worry much about it," Ajax got doubts about the system's origins many times but eventually removed those doubts and believed that the system was good.

It could be said that he had considered the system as his friend with whom he could talk and fight. Since the system was always with him, he considered it as his friend who helps him very much.

"Okay, Volcanis. Since it only has the cultivation of the peak rank 4, you can handle it, right?" Coming out of his thoughts, Ajax asked Volcanis and waited for him to give a reply.

"Don't worry master, I can handle this three-headed dog," Volcanis nodded his head before rushed towards the three-headed black dog.

Ajax didn't watch the battle and believed that Volcanis could do his best in battling with it and he focused his concentration on the longhorn in his hands.

Without any delay, he pricked his finger and allowed drop blood to fall on the purple-coloured horn.

As soon as the blood drop touched the horn, a resplendent purple-light radiated from the longhorn that blind Ajax's sight.

The resplendent light only lasted for a few seconds before disappearing. Ajax slowly opened his eyes and was shocked by the surroundings around him.

'Where is this place? How did I get here?'

The place around Ajax looked like an empty purple coloured space. Ajax was floating in the mid-air and anxiously looked around himself only to see there ws no one around him.

'Hello.anyone here?' Ajax tried to calm himself and shouted.

However, there was no reply.

'System, are you there?' Immediately, he tried communicating with the system; however, there was no reply that made Ajax even more anxious.

Since the system accompanied him everywhere he went, he became anxious and clutched his head as his head was in a complete mess.


As Ajax was anxious, a huge horned nether hog rushed towards him from a distance and stopped exactly in front of him before looking at him without any intention to attack.

"If you want me to acknowledge you as my master, you have to pass my test," The horned nether hog spoke in a human tone while looking at Ajax.

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