New Age Of Summoners Chapter 441

429 Universal Summoner

"If my guess...no guess. I am 100 percent sure that he is a universal summoner," The elemental spirit with two different colours hurriedly said to the masked man which made him stand up immediately.

"What? Are you serious?" the masked man came closed to the elemental spirit and asked with a full seriousness on his face.

"Yes, summoning master. He has various contracted elemental spirits under him. Like fire, life, dark, lightning and earth. From this, I can conclude that he is a universal summoner."

The elemental spirit knew the seriousness of her information and carefully said everything he saw by following Ajax.

Universal summoner, a very rare case in the summoning profession. It was very rare that only one summoner was known to be the universal summoners from ancient times.

He was so powerful that even the most powerful cultivators from the greater worlds feared them and didn't dare to mess with them.

'Universal summoner...universal summoner, the masked man became excited with the confirmation from his elemental spirit and muttered that name as he recalled the last universal summoner.

'Even though the last universal summoner was very strong he had disappeared after unifying all the smaller worlds. I wonder, is he still alive or dead,' the masked man shook his head and stopped thinking about the past and thought, "As long as he joins the summoners' group, this group will once again gain its previous glory."

Thinking about how his summoners' group used to live in the past and how it was scattered and living in fear from the people of the greater worlds now, he sighed.

'At any cost, I should make him join my summoners' group,' The masked man swore in his heart and looked at his elemental spirit as though he was asking for more information about what his elemental spirit had seen.

Slowly, the elemental spirit said about the demon ritual and purple-coloured demon king's avatar to the masked man which gave another shock to him.

"How can someone have access to do a demonic ritual in the five elemental world," the masked didn't understand how Kiira was able to summon a demon king's avatar.

He didn't think much as he knew that he would not get any answers just by thinking about it.

'What I have to do is tokeep an eye on him and recruit him in the group,' the masked man thought in his head and looked at the elemental spirit in front of him and said, "Continue to keep an eye on him and if he is a good person, we will recruit him at any cost otherwise, we should kill him at any cost."

The masked man suppressed his excitement and ordered his elemental spirit to keep an eye on Ajax before going back to his meditation.

"Once more things, master. I am thinking, he is trying to conquer one of the regions in this world," Just when the masked man was about to close his eyes, his elemental spirit slowly said about his assumption.

"Huh? Did he talk about conquering with others?" The masked man raised his brows before asking.

"No, it is just my intuition which has never been wrong," The elemental spirit confidently said about his intuition.

"If he is good and conquering the regions means, it's a good thing. Just observe him and don't reveal your presence to him," The masked man gave his final order before closing his eyes to recuperate his internal injuries.

"Even demi-kings will have a hard time finding my presence...hehe," the elemental spirit muttered to himself before disappearing from the cave.






"Go to hell," Inside a huge room that was filled with mud, a red-elemental spirit with a sword in his hand was fighting a Boar-like spirit beast.

They were none other than Volcanis and one of the hall guardians of the battle tower, Horned nether hog.

They fought for more than two hours. Eventually, Volcanis won the battle against the horned nether hog by a slight margin and killed it with his level 2 attack type sword dao.

That's right!

Volcanis trained very hard in the inner world and eventually learned a level 1 attack type sword dao.

For the past two hours, Volcanic killed more than 100 level 3 and level 4 hogs summoned by the Horned nether hog and while he was at it, he improved his sword dao from level 1 to level 2.

Only because of the breakthrough he had in his sword dao, Volcanis was able to kill the horned nether hog.

"Pheww...finally Volcanis had won the first room in the first level of the battle tower," Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Volcanis penetrate his fire sword into the body of the horned nether hog.

'Looks like the guardian's strength increased with the strength of the challenger,' Even though Ajax was happy that Volcanis had finally won, he observed something about the horned nether hog.

Previously, its strength was at low-level rank 4 but now it had increased to peak rank 4 made him think of that possibility.


Congratulations to the host's elemental spirit, Volcanis for killing the nether horned hog.


No special ability is gained from the nether horned hog.


Special reward:- 1 percent increase in the battle prowess of the elemental spirit.


The nether horned hog will appear after 24 hours until then, the room will be closed.

"Huh? No special ability?" Ajax was disappointed at the series of system notifications in his head and bitterly shook his head.

Ajax thought that, with Volcanis' amazing battle with the horned nether hog, he would gain some ability from the guardian. So, he was disappointed when he saw that notification.

'And what's more, Volcanic only got one percent increase in his battle prowess,' Ajax felt clearing a room in the first level of the battle tower was not as beneficial as he thought.


Volcanic had picked a longhorn of the horned nether hog. Do you want to store it?

Just as he was pondering where to send his other teammates into the battle tower, Ajax received another system notification that made him focus onto the holographic screen.

In the holographic screen, Volcanic had picked a longhorn that was covered by mud.

"Take it,"

As soon as Ajax said that the longhorn in Volcanis had disappeared and appeared in Ajax's hand.

"This is," Ajax's voice became dry when he saw the longhorn in his hands.

When he looked at it from the holographic screen it was completely covered by mud which hid its appearance; however, now in Ajax's hands, it was completely free of mud and shining with a purple light.

'That surface is so smooth and the design is very good,' Ajax was mesmerized by the beauty of the horn in his hand which had a single loop. The open end of the horn was in a star shape.

"Let's see, what this time is actually," Ajax was able to say that the item was not a common item and used the system to know every detail of it.


Claim the ownership of the longhorn to see its information.

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