New Age Of Summoners Chapter 440

428 Raweths House

"Look, a dragon is landed over there,"

"Who are they?"

"They are coming this way,"

When the tribe members of the fire crow tribe looked at Ajax and his team, they became alert as they muttered to each other.

"Wait, I recognize him. He is the one that helped us when our tribe is facing the spirit beast horde," Suddenly, one of the fire tribe members was able to recognize Ajax and informed others.

"Oh, is he that summoner, you have mentioned to us," another fire crow tribe member asked the first person who had recognised Ajax.


After nodding his head, that fire crow tribe member ran towards Ajax and bowed in front of him before saying, "Thank you, great sir, for helping us when we are in trouble."

Similarly, the rest of the fire crow tribe members also followed him and thanked just like him.

"Huh?" Ajax was not at all surprised by the behaviour of the fire crow tribe members as many of them had seen him helping them.

"Master, you are here. Come inside,"

Just as Ajax was about to ask the tribe members to stand up, he heard a familiar voice from the crowd and soon saw it was none other than Raweth.

Ajax didn't inform about his arrival to Raweth. Still, Raweth was able to welcome him because he had sensed Ajax's presence nearby and hurired over to welcome him.

"Sure. Let's go," Ajax nodded his head at the fire crow tribe members and left with Raweth.

Behind Ajax, Snow and his avatar closely followed while looking at their surroundings.

That's right, he only brought Snow and his avatar along with him and left twilight at the entrance of the fire crow tribe because twilight's size was way bigger and he could move in the fire crow tribe.

"Huh? Where are we going Raweth?"

Ajax was puzzled when he noticed that they were moving away from the tribe leader's house and asked Raweth about it.

"We are going to my house, Master," Raweth politely said with a smile on his face.

After hearing that Ajax didn't ask any more questions as he understood something.

'It is likely their mother's house,' Ajax guessed that the house they were going towards was their mother's.

Soon they reached the house which was not very big or nor very small. It looked average without any majestic look that the tribe leader and other elders have to their houses.

"Thank you, Sir Ajax, for saving me and my brother," Just as they entered the house, Raweth's little brother, Rawin thanked Ajax for helping him and his brother.

After coming to this house, Raweth shared about everything that had happened to his little brother and also said that Ajax was his master.

Although Rawin felt it was not a good thing to become a servant to a human, after Raweth's explanation about Ajax's behaviour and his care for his elemental spirits and spirit beasts, Rawin felt it was not as bad as he thought.

"Huh? No need to call me Sir Ajax. Since you are Raweth's little brother, just call me brother," Ajax replied to Rawin and nodded his head.

"Ok, Brother Ajax," Rawin felt that all humans were not as bad as he heard.

Ajax nodded his head and looked at Raweth before saying, "Raweth, do you have any chance to become the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe?"

Ajax felt the hostility towards him from the elders when Raweth announced he was Ajax's contracted spirit beast. So, Ajax asked about his chances.

"I have a 100 percent chance in becoming the tribe leader," To Ajax's surprise, Raweth replied with no expression on his face.

"Huh? You don't have any interest in becoming the tribe leader for your fire crow tribe?" Ajax felt something was amiss with Raweth's expression and asked him.

"I am still interested in becoming a tribe leader but the grand elder wants me to break the contract with you before becoming the tribe leader," Raweth continued to maintain the same expressionless face as he replied.

"Then, let me talk with your grand elder and make you the tribe leader without breaking our spirit contract," Ajax calmly replied to Raweth, which made him feel excited as Raweth knew that Ajax would always do what he says.

The reason why Ajax doesn't want to break the spirit contract with Raweth was that his conquering of Shixato wilds had to be done either by him or his contracted spirit beasts or elemental spirits. So, once Raweth breaks the contract and even helps him in finishing the conquering the Shixato wilds, it won't be much help to him.

In fact, it would decrease the accomplishment rating, if he took the help of any outsiders.

This might raise another doubt that taking the help of the whole tribe looks similar to that; however, it was not. Once Raweth, Snow and Sparrow become the tribe leaders of their respective tribes, the three tribes become a subordinate tribe under Ajax.

"Okay master," Raweth became excited hearing Ajax's words and continued saying, "Master, you can rest for a day or two here. Unfortunately, the grand elder went into seclusion and can't come out until tomorrow night."

"Okay, I have time to waste, anyway," Ajax didn't bother to wait as he still had a few more days left to stay in the five elemental world.

After talking for more than one hours, Raweth guided Ajax to a bedroom for him to rest.

"Once your grand elder comes out of his seclusion, inform me. Until then don't disturb me," Before closing his door, Ajax ordered Raweth and also said to take care of Twilight, who was still outside of the fire crow tribe.

"Yes, master," Raweth nodded his head and left from Ajax's new room.

'Sparrow still needs some rest. I think I have to wait until she recovers completely and then go to the Netherworld's ice sparrow tribe,' Ajax planned that after making Raweth the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe, his next destination would be Ice sparrow tribe.

Since I have nothing to do now, I will Volcanis battle in the battle tower," Ajax thought in his head and he positioned himself on the bed in a comfortable place before watching the battle through the holographic screen.


"Summoning master, summoning master, wake up,"

As Ajax was watching Volcanis battle, in an unknown place in the five elemental world, an elemental spirit shouted at the masked man, who was cultivating peacefully.

"Didn't I say not to shout at me like that when I was cultivating?" The masked man woke up from his cultivation and scolded his elemental spirit.


With the scolding, the elemental spirit became sad and didn't talk to the masked man.

"Okay okay. I know that you have something very important to say, that is the reason you shouted like that. I am sorry," The masked man knew that his elemental spirit was sad and consoled him.

"Yes, it is a very important matter," The previously sad elemental spirit became excited all of a sudden and continued, "The human, whom I am keeping an eye on, was not a normal summoner."


The masked man gasped at his elemental spirits and waited for him to continue his information.

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