New Age Of Summoners Chapter 44

40 Level 7 Soldier

"Another important thing, that three sects and five main families along with Royal Family is also sending their elite young ones for the inheritance of the summoner king", When Edmond heard Udo's words, his eyes shone fiercely to a brief moment before turning back to normal again.

Edmond turned to Ajax and others and said, "Young ones, when you are inside the inheritance ground, don't trust anyone. More importantly don't trust those from the sects and main family", he paused for a second and continued, " Although they look righteous but don't be fooled by their look, they are very cruel than you ever know".

"Yes captain", Ajax and others seriously nodded their heads and took his words very seriously.

Nodding his head, Edmond asked Udo, " Do you know when will the entrance for inheritance ground will be opened?? ".

Udo Keenaxe is not only a vice-captain for Hazegrove mercenary squad, but also intelligence gatherer for the squad, so Edmond asked him about it.

" According to Mercenary guild, the entrance for the inheritance ground will be opened in approximately 15-20 days", Udo said it after thinking for a moment.

"You heard it young ones, For the next 15 days, fully focus on your cultivation and try to improve as much as possible, do you understand? ", Edmond shouted loudly at Ajax and others.

" Yes captain, we understood", When they heard the loud voice of Edmond, automatically they replied attentively.

"Especially, you Ajax, if you don't reach the peak soldier realm, I will not permit you to enter the inheritance ground", When his eyes landed on Ajax,Edmond said slowly.

" Yes captain, I will cultivate properly for the next 15 days and reach peak of the soldier realm", Ajax still replied in the attention mode.

"Ok then, go now and cultivate", Edmond motioned his hand to go back to their rooms to cultivate.

Soon Ajax and others rushed to their rooms to cultivate.

Seeing all the young ones left, Edmond asked Udo in a grudge filled voice , " Do you know, who are escorting the young elites of Assassin guild and Fire sword sect".

Nodding his head, Udo replied, " For the assassin guild,A Dark gold grade assassin is escorting the bronze and silver grade young elite assassins", Udo paused for a second and looked at Edmond's face, as he continued, "As for the Fire sword sect, they didn't revealed any information about it and nobody knows, how many young elites are coming and who is escorting them".

As soon as he heard that the Fire sword sect didn't revealed any information, Edmond's hand turned in to fist and punched into the air.

The force from the punch made Udo shocked because he didn't except his best friend to become this powerful.

Soon Edmond calmed himself and sat in the bed.

Seeing Edmond calmed down, Udo advised Edmond, "Why not we ask Lewis and others to kill the young elites from that sect and family?? ".

"It's not right to involve them into my matter. Even if they agreed to kill the young elites, it's impossible to kill them with the power they had", Edmond shook his head and sighed bitterly at his powerlessness.

" Ok then, I will leave now, if you don't have anything to ask? ", Seeing his best friend in this condition, Udo also felt sad and wanted to leave from there.

" Ok, I also need to stabilize my cultivation anyway. By the way, thanks ", Edmond smiled lightly when he looked at Udo.

Nodding his head, Udo left with a sigh.

After Udo left, Edmond muttered, " I have to become powerful soon", with that, he also entered cultivation leaving his broken door as it is.

Back in the Ajax's room.

"System, level up my body cultivation to level 7",

Without wasting any time, Ajax thought in his head.

Since he can't upgrade his Main cultivation technique:- Heaven and earth refining technique to level 3 anyway due to it's huge requirement of essence of nature, he choose body cultivation to level up.


Consumed 600 units of essence of nature


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-7)

need 700 units of essence of nature to reach level 8 body cultivation.

He felt his strength increasing as usual which is very comfortable but when he saw his essence of nature, his heart ached.

Because, he only have 500+ units of essence of nature remaining in his spirit consciousness which is not enough to upgrade his level.

So he simply took a pile of spirit stones and started cultivating.

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