New Age Of Summoners Chapter 439

427 Challenging The Battle Tower Once Again

Coming out of his thoughts Ajax looked at his surroundings which was completely filled with his spirit beasts and elemental spirits.

"Looks like everyone has worked hard and achieved some increment in your strengths in a very short time,"

Looking at the cultivations of every spirit beasts and elemental spirit, Ajax satisfyingly nodded his head.

That's right! Even though Ajax asked all of them to go and relax for some time, except for a few everyone had worked hard and raised their cultivations a little bit.

His elemental spirits, Nite, Dabrus had successfully entered into the spirit commander realm. Bane and Cerauno's strength had increased by a single minor realm each.

When it came to spirit beasts, his new spirit beasts didn't have any increment in their ranks but just with a look, Ajax could say they had become powerful.

Golden bear king and his child had the greatest increment in their strength as the little golden bear consumed various earth-elemental treasure and the father golden bear king had consumed the advanced essence pill.

Similarly, everyone had some increment in their strength.

"Okay guys, do you want to venture more or do you want to take rest?"

Ajax looked at a group of elemental spirits and spirit beasts and asked them about what they want to do next.

Since Ajax didn't have any important work with them at the moment, he asked them to choose for themselves.

"We want to rest, for now, master"

Everyone looked at each other for a moment, they said in unison that they want to take rest in the inner world.

'Huh? Looks like everyone had gained from that little bit of strength in their short venture,' Ajax was surprised to see that all of them would choose one option and said, "Okay. Cultivate well in the inner world."

One by one, Ajax had sent everyone into the inner world. Leaving behind, Volcanis, Snow, Twilight with him as they wanted to do something.

Snow wanted to accompany him, so he let her stay.

Next, Ajax looked Volcanis and asked him, "Say now, what do you want to ask?"

"Summoning master, I want to enter the batter tower to train in it," Volcanic bowed as he requested Ajax about the battle tower.

"Huh? Do you want to challenge the battle tower? Sure," Ajax nodded his head and he wasn't surprised a bit with Volcanis' words.

Immediately Ajax thought to send Volcanis into the battle tower.


Volcanic has already challenged the battle tower and needs to wait for a month for his next challenge.

However, what Ajax had received was a notification from the system that rejected his request of sending Volcanis into the battle tower.

"That's right! I forget the cooldown for an individual for challenging the battle tower," Ajax bitterly shook his head and said to Volcanis, "Sorry, Volcanic, you still need a few days to challenge the battle tower."

When Volcanis heard Ajax's words he was disappointed. Not at Ajax but disappointed at his fate that didn't allow him to become stronger quickly.


However, the host can use 2000 units of the essence of nature to send the challenger for the second time in the same month.

Note:- With each time, the amount of essence of nature needed to pay will be increased by 2 times.

Just when Ajax was feeling sorry for Volcanis, the system sent another notification that made Ajax excited and immediately said to Volcanis, "Haha...your luck was good, Volcanic. You can enter the battle tower now."

Without waiting for Volcanis' reply, Ajax immediately used his 2000 units of the essence of nature to send Volcanis into the battle tower.

Soon, Volcanis, who was still in a confusion, disappeared from his place and entered the battle tower.

Just like before, Volcanis once again appeared in front of the same huge door he had last come.

'I am stronger than the last time I came here. I should clear this hall this time,' Looking at the familiar huge door, Volcanic muttered to himself and moved towards the huge door.

Ajax only observer Volcanis until he enters the battle hall before stop paying attention to his fight and looked at twilight.

"Roar...I won't go into the inner world. I am bored in there,"

To Ajax's look, twilight roared and immediately said his decision before flying into the air and started flying in circles about Ajax's head.

"Okay okay," Ajax smiled at Twilight's words and looked at his avatar, who stood beside him and observed his surroundings.

"Twilight, come down. Let's go to the fire crow tribe and meet up with Raweth," Ajax didn't say anything to his avatar and ordered Twilight to come down from the sky.

Without any delay, Twilight landed in front of Ajax and allowed him and others to mount on his back before flying in the direction of the fire crow's tribe.

"By the way, when are you planning to re-cultivate?" As they were flying towards the fire crow tribe, Ajax asked Twilight about his re-cultivation.

Since Twilight had successfully awakened a re-cultivation technique from his ancestral memories, Ajax was eager to know how twilight would look after his re-cultivation.

"Huh? I am good with my current form. I will probably never use that technique in my life," Twilight transmitted his voice to Ajax and said he was not interested in getting a humanoid form.

"Oh," Ajax was not surprised at twilight's words because not all the spirit beasts want to transform into a humanoid form and want to stay in their original forms.

That was the reason why there were still many unevolved spirit beasts in the Shixato wilds.

"Okay, I will not force you to re-cultivate into a humanoid form," Ajax shook his head as he felt it was a great loss if twilight didn't use the re-cultivation technique.

Because if twilight re-cultivates, his battle prowess would be increased by a huge margin and what's more he would gain an artifact or a weapon that would become powerful along with him.

Nevertheless, Ajax didn't like to force his spirit beasts because he felt they should have some freedom in choosing their cultivation path. If he forces them and they were unable to adapt to their new cultivation, then it would be a disaster which Ajax didn't want to happen.

"Anyway, Sparrow's evolved weapon is soo cool and powerful," Thinking about the evolved artifacts and weapons, Ajax remembered Sparrow's evolved weapon and praised it.

Sparrow's evolved weapon was Purple-colored smoke that could weaken the opponents and suppress all the netherworld's bloodlines.

"There is even a small chance of making the opponents dizzy when they inhale more smoke," Ajax thought about the effects and looked forward to its future development.

"Let's keep these thoughts aside and focus on conquering the Shixato wilds," Ajax looked at his surroundings and started planning about various possibilities of his conquering mission.

Soon, they arrived at the fire crow tribe, which was almost recovered from the previous spirit beast horde and all the houses were fully reconstructed.

If not for Ajax being here earlier, he would not have known that the fire crow tribe was attacked by the spirit beast horde.

"Looks like the fire crow's upper echelon was not that bad," With that thought in his mind, Ajax moved towards the entrance of the fire crow tribe.

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