New Age Of Summoners Chapter 438

426 Avatar Doll

What made the demon king Arkonnan even angrier was that not only someone killed his avatar but his connection with it was completely erased before he could even retrieve all the memories from his avatar's head.

"Who is that powerful to kill my avatar without me noticing them?" The figure muttered as he thought back to the last images that his avatar had seen before his death.

"Even though I don't know who killed my avatar, the weapon is very familiar to me. It looks like the legendary grade Heaven's destroyer spear that killed many of my kin in the great war of the humans and demons." The figure talked to himself in an angry tone.

"Looks like I can only take revenge when the barriers to the five elemental world are lifted," The figure felt helpless as he knew that he won't be able to kill the killer, who had used the legendary grade spear to kill his avatar.

"But I will not forget this incident until I kill you," The figure suppressed his rage and went back to his meditation.

And What methods he would use to find Ajax in the five elemental world, no one knows.


As the original demon king Arkannon swore to kill Ajax in the future, Ajax was relaxing on the back of Twilight and opened the inbox to read all the previous notifications he had got from the system.

"I got a spirit point for killing an ascended being's avatar. Is he from the greater world? Also, what are these spirit points used for?"

Ajax started thinking about Ascended beings and related them to the greater worlds. And another thing that was bugging him was these spirit points that he still doesn't know where to use them.


The host is still not powerful enough to know about them. So, focus on improving your cultivation.

'What? Don't give me that same answer every time,' Ajax was frustrated at the system's reply and he took a deep breath and asked the system, 'At least give me some hint about it.'

To Ajax's words, there was no reply from the system making Ajax shook his head and stopped bothering the system.


Spirit points can be used as a currency in a special system feature that will be unlocked only if the host was powerful enough.

As Ajax thought there won't be any reply from the system, to his surprise, the system had given some hint that matched his earlier assumption and he felt excited about the special system feature.

Ajax already assumed that these spirit points would be used to exchange some valuable items from the system and his eagerness to become strong had received another boost.

'So, I need to accumulate as many spirit points as needed before that new special feature unlocks,' Ajax muttered silently in his head before looking at the other system notification.

"Huh? A demonic avatar doll?" This time he read about the reward he got from killing the purple-coloured being and with a thought a small hideous doll that looked exactly as the purple-coloured being that Sparrow had just refined had appeared in his hand.


Item name:- Avatar doll.

Owner:- Ajax

Characteristics:- Demon

Current strength:- Level 1 of the Elite commander realm

Description:- Possess all the skills that the demon king Arkannon has in his arsenal but much weak version.

Note:- With the host's strength the doll's strength also increases.

'Huh? I am the owner? When did I become that?' Ajax was puzzled at the information he had read about the avatar doll and thought in his head, 'Maybe it is a non-transferable item.'

"Anyway, it will be useful for me," Ajax concluded that the doll could be useful for him; however, he knew that he could not use it in the open as it might make him look like a demonic cultivator.

Unless he didn't have any chance or he became a powerful individual, he could not use it openly.


Do you want to refine the avatar doll?

Just as he was about to store it in his inventory, he got a system notification informing him about refining the doll.


Without any hesitation, Ajax agreed to it and within a few seconds, he claimed complete ownership of the doll with a single drop of his blood.

As soon as his blood touched the avatar doll, the purple-coloured avatar doll that looked like a demon turned into a human that looked almost similar to Ajax but the hair of that doll still remained purple, unlike Ajax's hair which was pitch black in colour.

"Huh? It transferred into a human," Ajax was surprised at first and next he was excited as he could use this doll in the open without fear of others thinking him as a demonic cultivator.

"Let's look at how it looks," With a thought from Ajax, the avatar doll in his hand started increasing and soon became like a normal human that looked exactly like Ajax.

"Huh? Master, is he your brother," Snow and others looked at the Ajax with black hair and asked with puzzled expressions on their face.

Until now, they didn't bother with Ajax as they knew that their master had a habit of talking to himself after every single battle of theirs.

Sometimes, he would shout angrily and at other times, he would be excited and smile from ear to ear without any restrain.

However, they suddenly noticed a human that looked almost similar to their master and felt it was their master's brother.

"No, he is my avatar...Hehe," Ajax replied with a smile and looked at the new avatar that looked exactly like him.

With a handsome face, average body and with more than 1.5 meters of height.

'Wait a second. I can use him to finish my conquering mission of the Shixato wilds, right?' Out of nowhere, Ajax suddenly thought of a plan to how to use this new avatar of his.

Unlike dolls, Avatars could think and they could make decisions on their own that would benefit the owner of the avatar. So, Ajax doesn't need to worry about his avatar making any mistakes.

'All he has to do is accompany my three contracted spirit beasts and transfer the data to him about the progress of his mission,' Ajax thought as he recalled the information he had gained from the earlier refinement of the avatar doll.

It was not as simple as Ajax thought when it comes to using an avatar.

When Ajax leaves his contracted spirit beasts in the five elemental world, he would completely lose contact with them and he would have to come back to the five elemental world or wait for the system notification that would only notify him when the mission was completed.

However, with the help of his new avatar, he could know the progress of the mission with the help of the bond he had shared with his avatar.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean he could give orders or anything to his avatar or his spirit beasts or his elemental spirits.

Simply, it could be considered as a one-way communication where his avatar could send him the progress of the mission once in a while.

"Master, we are here," As Ajax was thinking about his conquering mission, he heard twilight's voice.

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