New Age Of Summoners Chapter 437

425 Mad Rush

"Spirus, use your 'diagnosis eyes' to see what is wrong with her," Ajax heaved a sigh of relief when he felt that there was not a single internal injury and felt that she was just unconscious. But to the safe side, he asked Spirus to check on Sparrow.


Spirus nodded her head and closed her eyes before using her skill as a ray of green light entered into Sparrow's body.

As for the rest of Ajax's summons, they looked at the process with worried expressions.


It didn't take much time for Spirus to open her eyes and released a mouthful of air as though she was tired after using her skill.

"Anything serious?"

Ajax was almost sure that Sparrow was unconscious because of overusing her skills in the earlier battle; still, he wanted to confirm with Sprius because he felt something was amiss in Sparrow's condition.

"Sparrow became unconscious because her spirit consciousness became empty," Spirus started her explanation and continued, "However, there is something I had noticed in her spirit consciousness."

"Huh? What is it?" Ajax raised his brows and asked about it.

"Her spirit consciousness is decreasing slowly," Spirus said with a concerned look on her face.

"What? Spirit consciousness is decreasing?" Ajax became shocked and immediately used the system's feature 'Pay to know' to know what's happening with Sparrow.


Sparrow is now receiving the backlash of her Skill 'Netherworld's Queen' which she used to the full extent.


Her cultivation will be decreased by something between a single minor realm to a single major realm.

"Huh? So, it's like this," Ajax finally understood and bitterly shook his head and used an advanced essence pill which could increase the essence of nature in her spirit consciousness in the shortest time possible.

After a few breaths of time, Sparrow finally opened her eyes and her spirit consciousness was completely filled with the essence of nature.


Spirit beast name:- Sparrow (Netherworld Ice sparrow)

Cultivation:-Level 5 elite commander realm.

"What? Decrease of five minor realms?" Ajax felt it was a huge backlash but thinking that there was an even bigger backlash like a decrease of the single major realm, he felt it was okay.

After she evolved into a humanoid form, Sparrow re-cultivated from the beginning once again and reached the peak elite commander realm and only one step away from reaching the general realm.

However, now it had become level 5 of the elite commander realm.

"No need to worry master, it was all worth it. I was able to take revenge for my mother. That's enough for me," Seeing the bitter look on Ajax's face, Sparrow slowly said about her revenge and how she was feeling free from everything now.

"Good. If you don't have any distractions, you can fully focus on your cultivation and reach your previous cultivation easily," Ajax nodded his head and stood up looking at the corpse in front of him before ordering Sparrow, "Sparrow, refine it."

"Yes, master," Sparrow nodded her head and made some mysterious symbols with her hands and the corpse in front of her started moving and slowly stood up making Ajax and others alert.

"Greetings, My queen,"

However, to their surprise, the purple-coloured being bowed to Sparrow and greeted as his Queen.


Ajax and others were surprised at the scene in front of him and looked at Sparrow as though they were asking what was happening.


Seeing the surprised looks on Ajax and others, Sparrow smiled beautifully and explained, "I sent some of my spirit consciousness into his body and now, he will follow my every order."

"Haha...Wonderful," Ajax laughed out loud and praised Sparrow for her skill.


Just as Ajax praised Sparrow, all of them heard a loud roar that was filled with anger.

"Thud thud thud"

Everyone looked in the direction of the roar and saw a huge Gold and brown coloured bear rushed towards them at an incredible speed.

"Fuzzball, stop," Slait immediately thought the reason why the Golden bear king was behaving like this and tried to stop him but Slait's words were unable to stop him.

"Twilight, stop him,"

The golden bear king in front of him was way bigger than the golden bear king he had seen earlier. So, without any hesitation, Ajax ordered Twilight to stop the golden bear king.


Twilight roared and rushed towards the incoming golden bear king and collided with it in order to stop it.


As soon as both the huge spirit beasts collided a huge sound resounded in the surrounding and a huge force generated from the collision which made all the nearby particles to fly away.

"Fuzzball, stop. The purple-coloured being is on our side now," Slait immediately jumped from a sand dune to the back of the golden bear king and tried to stop him with his words.


"Fuzzball, the one who knocked you out earlier is killed by me and Sparrow made him into a servant," Ajax understood that the golden bear king was very angry at the purple-coloured being for making him unconscious earlier and tried to make him understand his words.

"Oh. Sorry master, I was very angry and didn't notice you," The golden bear king looked at his surroundings and apologised to Ajax for being behaving like a savage.

"I can understand. Looks like you have awakened a new skill from my advanced essence pill," Ajax nodded his head and observed the golden bear king.

"Yes, master. I have awakened speech and a new kill," Golden bear king returned back to his original proud behaviour and proudly said to Ajax.


Skill name:- Mad rush.

Description:- When used, all the battle prowess along with the size of the user becomes double.


According to Ajax, any skill that could increase the battle prowess of the cultivator or spirit beast or elemental spirit without any side-effects, then they were good skills.

"Okay. Since everything here is finished, let's go and meet up with others,"

Ajax looked at his surroundings and ordered everyone to move.

With that, he jumped onto twilight along with those who were not capable of flight also mounted twilight whereas Spirus, Sparrow, Snow flew on their own.

"It looks like Sparrow can store the purple-coloured being in her spirit consciousness," Ajax was not much surprised by Sparrow's mysterious techniques and skills because she belonged to the netherworld.

Netherworld signifies a mysteriousness among all the other greater worlds and all the beings in the netherworld had their own set of mysterious skills.


Some unknown place in the Netherworld.

"Huh? Someone killed my avatar. Who is that?" In an area that was completely filled with purple-coloured smoke that was even thicker than the smoke summoned by Sparrow earlier.

Amidst the smoke sat a figure that was unable to be seen by anyone clearly because of the thick purple-coloured smoke.

As Ajax and his team were moving towards a meeting point with the rest of his summons, in the netherworld, a figure opened his eyes and looked into the distance.

"What's more they completely severed my connection with the avatar which is almost impossible to any of the residents of the five elemental world," the figure raged at the actions of his avatar's killer and stood up from his position.

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