New Age Of Summoners Chapter 436

424 Master Comes To The Rescue




Just when the demonic sword was about to land on the small Golden bear king, a shining white spear came from the distance and pierced into the purple-coloured being at an incredible speed.

The spear penetrated through the purple-coloured being making a small hole in him that made him cry painfully.

"What is this?"

The demon king stopped his attack and immediately placed his hands on the hole in the center of his chest and looked at the white spear that was hovering in front of him.

"Th..this is," The demon king looked at it for a few seconds and felt that he had seen it somewhere before and became shocked after he guessed where he had seen it; however before he could finish his sentence the while spear once again rushed into the purple colour being and made another hole.


The spear didn't stop its piercing with two holes but still continued making dozens of holes into the purple-coloured demon king without giving him any chance to use his skills.


It only stopped when the demon king fell down with lifeless eyes. On his hideous face, there was an indescribable expression as though he was still unable to accept that this avatar which had only entered the five elemental world a few minutes earlier was dead without a chance to know who his enemy was.

"Finally, I can move...Hahaha,"

"Yes, I can also move too,"

"He is dead just like that?"

"We are finally safe,"

"Isn't that master's spear?"

"Yes, then he must be somewhere near to us,"

When Volclanis and others saw a familiar spear kill the purple-coloured demon king without much difficulty, they felt ease and their bodies which were previously fixed to the ground were now able to move again.

"Hello everyone, how are you?"

As they spoke to each other and said their thoughts about the spear, they heard a familiar voice from a distance.

"Master, thanks for saving us,"

Volcanis immediately kneeled on a single leg and thanked Ajax at the same time, Volcanic thought that he was still weak and couldn't even save himself.

'I should train even harder. Probably it's time I should train in the battle tower,'

Volcanis swore that he should enter the Battle tower and challenge various monsters to increase his strength.

It was none other than Ajax who came at the right moments and without any hesitation, he used his Heavens destroyer spear form and along with his level 2 spear dao he killed the demon king without giving any chance for him to escape or use any of his skills.

"No need to thank me. It's my duty to save my elemental spirits and spirit beasts,"

Ajax jumped from Twilight and moved forward to help Volcanis to stand up and smilingly said to him.

Just like Volcanis, all the other elemental spirits and Spirit beasts except for two golden bear kings bowed to thank Ajax and after hearing Ajax's words they felt warm in their hearts.


Congratulations to the host for killing the avatar of the demon king, Arkonnan.


Congratulations to the host for killing an avatar of the ascended being. Gained 1 spirit point.


A demonic avatar doll is sent to the host's inventory as a reward.


The host's evolved sparrow can use the body of the avatar to make it as her summon.


No essence of nature was found in the dead body. So, the host can't gain any essence of nature.

"Huh?" Just as he stopped all his elemental spirits and spirit beasts from bowing in front of him, Ajax's head was filled with system notifications from his previous kill.

'Avatar of the demon king? Ascended being?' Ajax had many questions in his head with all the new system notifications and just thinking about them his breathing became heavy.

Avatar was similar to the clone of a particular cultivator; however, there was one major difference between an avatar and a clone.

For a clone, a cultivator needs to give an order and the clone would follow that order without any thinking whereas an avatar had a partial consciousness of the cultivator that had the capacity to think on its own but it could never become more powerful than that cultivator and have to listen to every command of the cultivator.

This was one of the many basic knowledge he had gained from Elder Boron and Ajax still remembered the major difference between them as he was asked by Elder Boron about it many times.

"Everyone, let's go back to the place where Spirus had crushed the talisman. The rest of the team might come there," Ajax suppressed his excitement to look at the rewards he haad gained from killing the purple-coloured being and order his teammates to return back to the place where Spirus tore the talisman.

"Yes, master," All of them nodded their heads as they had understood that their venturing had officially come to an end.

"By the way, Slait you don't need to worry about Big Fuzzball he is still alive but unconscious. Give this pill to him and he will wake up soon," Ajax noticed that Slait was looking at the unconscious golden bear king with a worried look on his face. So, he gave an advanced essence pill and ordered Slait to give it to the golden bear king.

"Yes, big brother Ajax," Slait became excited when he heard Ajax's words and immediately rushed towards the Golden bear kings and forcefully threw the pill into the big golden bear king and patiently waited for him to wake up.

"Slait, join with us after he wakes up,"

Ajax ordered Slait and looked at the familiar yet unfamiliar being in his team.

"Sparrow?" Ajax was not 100 percent sure, but he asked anyway with an excited look on his face.

"Yes, master. This is me," Sparrow came forward and replied to Ajax with a small smile on her innocent face.

That's right. After killing Madam Kiira, her anger, frustration and all other negative emotions had disappeared into thin air and her previous innocent face had returned.

"Good. Finally, I can complete the initial step of my mission without much difficulty," Ajax didn't ask how she had gained the re-cultivation technique and praised her before thinking about his plan to conquer the three tribes.

Since Sparrow was now evolved with 100 percent purified bloodline, Ajax felt that it won't be that hard for Sparrow to become a tribe leader of the Ice sparrow tribe.

"Sparrow, see whether you have some use with that dead thing over there,"

Soon Ajax remembered the last notification from the earlier series of notifications and asked Sparrow while pointing his finger at the demon king's avatar.

"I feel that I can use it but I am not sure. Let me go near to it and see, master,"

Sparrow nodded her head and moved towards the corpse of the demon king's avatar.


As soon as Sparrow went near to the corpse, she fell to the ground.

"Huh? What happened to her?"

Ajax and his summons rushed towards Sparrow who became unconscious all of a sudden with a face full of worry.

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