New Age Of Summoners Chapter 435

423 Demon Ritual

When Spirus and Sparrow heard, Volcanis words they were surprised and hurriedly asked to know what was this process that could summon a hideous being from another world.

"It is called Demonic ritual and what we are seeing now was not an actual being but it was just an avatar of a powerful being from another world,"

After saying that, the flames on Volcanis body became intense as he used his skill 'Inferno' which would increase his battle prowess by a factor of two.

"Just wait here. We have to kill it before that thing can absorb all the energy from the corpse it has just devoured," With that, he disappeared from his position and appeared in front of the 10-meter demon king and slashed his fire sword at it.


However, the sword didn't even make a scratch on the body of the purple-coloured being which made Volcanis move away from it immediately without any hesitation.

'Swoosh' 'Swoosh'

After maintaining some safe distance from the purple-coloured being, Volcanis used two skills 'Fireball' and 'Fire asteroids' at the demon king.


Volcanis was very careful while using both skills and targeted at a single spot to deal some heavy damage to it.

As expected, attacking at the same spot made a large wound to the purple-coloured being's body.

"Who dared to attack me while I was cultivating?" That purple-coloured being became angry and immediately opened his eyes and glared at Volcanis and waved his hand at him.

As soon as he waved his hand, the wound on his body healed immediately and it appeared as though there was no injury prior to this.

"Instant healing?" Volcanis was shocked to see that injury on the demon king body disappear right in front of his eyes. What's more, the healing was completed in a couple of seconds making Volcanis and others anxious.

"You pests wants to kill me. What a joke!" The purple-coloured being moved from his place and walked towards Volcanis and others and called them as pests.

"Listen carefully, you are going to die in the hands of the great demon king, Arkonnan from the Netherworld. You can die proudly since you are dying in my hands. It could be considered as an achievemetn for you," The purple-coloured being walked slowly due to his huge size and announced his name.

"Now go die,"

When he was still 100 meters away from Volcanis and others, the demon king named Arkonnan summoned a huge demonic sword out of nowhere and slashed at them.

"Spirus, Sparrow, be careful," Volcanis tried to push them aside; however, he was unable to move from his position as though something was making him unable to move.

"Volcanise, we are unable to move,"

Just like Volcanis, Sparrow and Spirus were unable to move from their places as though they were rooted to the ground.

"Master, where are you,"

The two elemental spirits and once contracted spirit beasts didn't know what to do as they were unable to move or use their skills and called for their master while looking at the huge incoming demonic sword that almost reached them.




Just when the sword was about to land on them, a light-brown coloured shield appeared out of nowhere and blocked the huge demonic sword.

However, it only blocked the huge demonic sword for a couple of seconds before a huge blast appeared that made the light-brown coloured shield disappear.

"Huh? More pests?" The purple-coloured being was not shocked by the appearance of the newcomers but what surprised him was that an elemental spirit with only a spirit commander realm cultivation managed to block his huge demonic sword.

The newcomers were none other than two golden bear kings and the earth elemental spirit, Slait.

He used his level 3 skill 'Earth shield' and was barely able to block the huge demonic sword.

"Hello guys," Even though Slait didn't have any strength or confidence in winning against the purple-coloured being used, strength was presently unknown, he still maintained his usual smile on his chubby face and greeted everyone.

"Huh? Who is this?" Slait looked at Sparrow and asked Spirus about her.

"Don't you recognize me, little brother?" Before Spirus could reply, Sparrow replied to Slait in a sad tone.

"Hmm...you must be Sister Sparrow. So, you finally evolved," Slait immediately answered, taking the hints from Volcanis from behind.

"Good. Let's talk after we escape from this situation," Sparrow smiled and looked at the purple-coloured being who looked like he was thinking about something and said to Volcanis, "Didn't master give escape talismans? Let's use them."

"We can't use them as the space around us was completely sealed," Volcanis shook his head and looked at the direction from when he had arrived and continued saying, "Moreover, we are still unable to move."

"Then what should we do?" Spirus asked as she felt she was unable to help her teammates in any situation until now.

"We hope our summoning master comes here quickly and do something," Volcanis said his inner thoughts.

Everyone agreed with his words and looked at the purple-coloured being who still stood motionless.

'Sigh...this avatar doesn't even have 10 percent of my strength. Even an elemental spirit with low cultivation was able to block my demonic sword,' Arkonnan sighed as he thought back to his original strength and his present strength.

'Once I kill that humanoid and absorb all of her bloodline I can increase my strength to 12-15 percent easily and then start my conquering of this five elemental word...Hahaha,' Arkonnan, the great demon king from the netherworld started his plan and came out of his thoughts.

Coming out of his thoughts, he looked at Sparrow, who was his precious meal that could increase his power to at least 12 percent and at most 15 percent.

According to his calculations, 20 percent of his original strength was enough to conquer the whole five elemental world.

'Before that, I have to kill these pests and enjoy my meal to my heart's contest later,' He looked at Volcanis and others and without wasting any time he decreased his size to three meters.

"What? He is shrinking," Everyone became anxious when they looked at the purple-coloured being that became a regular demon size.


As soon as his size decreased to three meters, he didn't waste much time, before disappearing from his position and appeared in front of bid Golden bear king and punched him.

The punch was not very powerful but the golden bear king was directly flying away 10-15 meters before becoming unconscious.


The small golden bear roared at the purple-coloured being before rushing towards his father.

"Huh? You are a very courageous little one," the demon king looked at the small bear and shook his head before rushing at it to kill it.

"No one had ever dared to talk back to me and you dared to roared at him," As he was rushing at it, he loudly said as the demonic sword in his hand slashed at the small golden bear.

"Little fuzzball," Except for Slait no one was able to move from his place as he tried to save the little golden bear; however, he was unable to catch up the purple-coloured being's speed.

Before Slait could even reach half of the distance he purple-coloured being had already reached little fuzzball and waved his demonic sword at little fuzzball.

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