New Age Of Summoners Chapter 434

422 Not A Summoning?


Sparrow felt a bad premonition in her heart with Kiira's words; however, she suppressed it and coldly replied, "I will kill you and see what will happen."

After saying those words, Sparrow increased the force in her grip around Kiira's neck.

As she summoned the demon king, she originally suppressed power was still decreased and overall her power was almost equal to Sparrow. So, Sparrow was easily able to handle Kiira with a single hand.

"You can't kill me...If you kill me, the summoned demon king will go berserk and kill you for sure,"

Even at that moment, Kiira didn't feel any fear towards death as she said that if she died then Sparrow and her companions would die for sure.

"I don't believe you," Sparrow didn't believe her words as she thought that Kiira was just delaying time and directly crushed Kiira's windpipe.



Cracking sounds were heard by all the onlookers and after that, they saw Madam Kiira's body fall to the ground with a 'thud' sound.

Looking closely one could observe, in the lifeless eyes of Kiira there was still disbelief and not even in her wildest dreams she didn't expect that she would die in the hands of someone whom she hated to her core.

If she had known she would die today, she would not even come out of her seclusive cultivation; however, there was no medicine for regret for her as she had already died in the hands of her ex-disciple.


"How can she kill her Madam Kiira?"

"Is she that powerful?"

"But Madam Kiira was a peak elite general realm cultivator,"

Shock, Disbelief, confused filled in everyone's faces as they muttered while looking at the dead body of their tribe leader.

"You don't need to worry. You will all meet her soon," As they were muttering, a loud voice woke them up from their mixed thoughts only to see a few huge fire asteroids were just a few meters away from them.

"Dodge, everyone,"

Although Griyeth reacted soon and alerted others, no one was able to dodge as there was not enough time for them to escape the incoming fire asteroids.




Soon, the place around Spirus and Volcanis was filled with painful cries and every single one's bodies were caught on fire.

Except for Griyeth and Innah, who were the strongest among all the young elites of the ice sparrow tribe, all were dead as they were turned into ashes.

Even though they were alive, Griyeth and Innah were severely injured and would not last for more than a few breaths.

"Aren't you ashamed to attack us while we were distracted by her tribe leader's death?" Innah looked at Volcanis and asked him with a resentful tone.

"I thought Elemental spirits are noble and will fight in a fair manner. Looks like they are all rumours, hehe,"

Griyeth knows that they don't have any chance to live anymore, so they want to create some inner demons for Volcanis and make him unable to cultivate peacefully in the future.

What cultivator fears a lot? Of course, they are inner demons that were developed in their heart.

Inner demons hinder the cultivator from being able to break through their realms and they would remain at the same cultivation for years. So, they fear these inner demons.

Inner demons might be formed by some of the things that cultivators feel ashamed of or their inner guilt about something they did in the past.


Hearing the words from Griyeth and Innah, Volcanis unable to control his laughter and started laughing out loud making both of the ice sparrow tribe members confused.

Amidst their confusion, Volcanis continued, "Stop your bullshit. Earlier when you were torturing Sprius and was about to kill her by surrounding. What was that? An equal fight. Her cultivation was even less than anyone of your teammates."

Although their words would have worked on someone like Sparrow or Spirus they used them on Volcanis, who had a steady foundation on his cultivation and had a much clear idea on his future [ath. So, those words don't work on him.

At the end of the sentence, Volcanis snapped his fingers and two small purple -coloured fireballs appeared.

"I will not make your tribe leader and others wait for you any longer. Have a good journey," The two small fireballs landed on both of them and within no time they turned into ashes.

'Spirus, did you heal your injuries?'

After killing them, Volcanis walked towards Spirus and helped her to stand up and inquired about her injuries.

"I am fine...but...look there," Spirus nodded her head and pointed her finger at the purple-coloured demon king with a worried face.

Only a few breaths passed from the time, Madam Kiira was killed and there was not a single sign of that purple-coloured demon king's disappearance.

When Kiira was killed, just like Sparrow, Volcanis and Spirus thought that the purple-coloured demon king would be returned to its world.

However, to their surprise, the 10-meter demon king was still at his place with an excited expression on his face.

'Thud' 'Thud'

The huge demon king rushed towards the dead body of Madam Kiira and started devouring it at an incredible pace.

"What is he doing?"

Soon, Volcanis and Spirus joined with Sparrow before Spirus asked Volcanis with a puking expression on her face.

"Since the summoner is dead, then the summoned demon king should return to his own world, right?" Before Volcanis could say something, Sprius suppressed her expression and asked the most important question.

Among all the elemental spirits in Ajax's arsenal, Volcanis and Cerauno were considered most knowledgable when it comes to summoning, so Spirus asked Volcanis and waited for his answer.

"Yes...when a summoner dies, there are only two things that might happen. Once they would die along with the summoner," Volcanis looked at the purple-coloured demon king who had just completed devouring Madam Kiira's corpse and stood at his position without moving as though he was waiting for something.

"What is the second outcome?" Spirus hurriedly asked as she wanted to know what was happening in front of her.

"The second outcome is, if the summoner injects all his essence of nature and break the contract at the last second of his death, then that particular elemental spirit will be returned to the elemental world or its own world," Volcanis didn't make Spirus and Sparrow wait for much longer before he said about the second outcome.

"That's I know already. But what's happening here is completely out of my knowledge," Spirus nodded her head as she agreed with Volcanis and asked about the present scenario.

Sparrow didn't talk as she was carefully listening to their words to know more about summoning.

"As for the present case, we have mistaken the act of that tribe leader summoning the demon king as summoning; however, it is not summoning," Volcanis observed the purple-coloured demon king who almost looked like a high-level elemental spirit.

Only when he had observed him from a close distance, he was able to say that he was not an elemental spirit and what Kiira had done earlier was not summoning.

"Then, what is it?" Spirus and Sparrow anxiously asked at the same time.

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