New Age Of Summoners Chapter 433

421 Summoning A Demon King

Spirus didn't bother about Volcanis, who was fighting seven young elites of the ice sparrow tribe as she had the confidence that he would win for sure.

However, she was worried about Sparrow who was using some mysterious technique to increase her strength to the peak general realm and at the same time suppressed the strength of the Kiira to the level 1 of the elite general realm and was fighting as an equal.

She felt that the boost and suppression might not last long. So, she asked her master to help Sparrow.

"Huh? Another elemental spirit? Great," As Spirus was worrying about Sparrow, Madam Kiira looked at the single fire elemental spirit fighting her young elites and thought he would lose and resumed her fight with Sparrow.

"Hehe...my master is here," On Sparrow's expressionless face, a beautiful smile appeared and at the same time, her aura started rising as though she was hiding her strength from earlier.

"What? Your strength is increasing.no, it's my strength that is decreasing," Kiira felt her strength was decreasing once again and now her strength became the peak of the level 10 general realm which was now similar to Sparrow.

"This is my strongest skill but the problem is I original strength will be decreased by a single minor realm to one major realm. Also, I will be in a weakened state for a while. Since my master is coming here, I can go all out and kill you," Sparrow said with a smile making Kiira anxious.

After Sparrow re-cultivated into the humanoid form, her skill Netherworld's Qween had changed a little and became too overpowered; however, the side effects were also huge.

If she was lucky, she would just lose a single minor realm in her cultivation. If not, then she would lose a single major realm permanently.

The reason she didn't use it until now was she was waiting for Ajax to come and look after her after she used her overpowered skill. So, she used her skill and maintained a stalemate with Kiira.

"Child, I will let them go. You can go wherever you want, I won't disturb you," Madam Kiira felt that unless she used her powerful skills, she would not win against Sparrow. So, she decided to let them go.

"Huh?" When she heard Kiira's words, Sparrow paused for a second and looked at Kiira, who looked very pitiful now making Sparrow hesitate.

Sparrow valued relations very much, so when she saw Kiira's pitiful act, she didn't know what to do since she was the one who had trained her from her childhood.

"I will decide what to do after knowing an answer to my question" Suppressing her emotions, Sparrow maintained a cold look on her face as she said to Kiira.

"Sure," Madam Kiira could use her powerful skills to kill Sparrow and others but the problem was once she used those skills, she would become powerless for a while and it might threaten her tribe leader position.

So, without any hesitation, she controlled her irritation, anger and annoyance and agreed to Sparrow's deal.

"Did you kill my mother?"

Sparrow's aura became even more intense as it made Madam Kiira sweat.

"I don't know. One day, she mysteriously died as for the reasons, it was not found till date?" Madam Kiira became anxious as she answered Sparrow's question.

"Sigh...You really don't want to answer my question. Looks like I have to use my skill and learn the truth from you," Sparrow sighed as she made some mysterious signs with her hands and the purple smoke became even more coloured as it entered into Kiira's head.

"Now say," Sparrow disappeared from her place and appeared in front of Kiira and coldly asked.

"I killed her,"

When the smoke entered into her, Madam Kiira's eyes became lifeless as he slowly answered Sparrow's question.

"Why?" Sparrow's heart became cold when she heard Madam Kiira's words and asked the reason for killing her mother, who was very kind with all the tribe members and she didn't even become arrogant even after she got an elder position.

Even though she wanted to kill Kiira right at that moment, she wanted to know the truth before killing her.

"I really don't know who killed her. Just because I agreed to let you go, that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to me," Kiira's lifeless eyes, became normal again and retorted that she doesn't know who killed her before warning her.

"Now, I don't want to know any more reasons. I just want to kill you," Sparrow's innocent face became cold and aloof as though the last thread to her ice sparrow tribe was severed right at this moment and didn't even hesitate to kill Madam Kiira.

"Hehe...Kill me...you. What a joke! Let me show you my true power," Kiira finally stopped caring about her tribe leader position and decided to kill her using her powerful skills.

As soon as she said those words, she cut her wrist as light-purple coloured blood rushed out.

"I summon the netherworld demon king by sacrificing some of my blood which contains the netherworld Ice sparrow empress bloodline,"

The blood didn't fall to the ground; instead, it disappeared in the mid-air and surprisingly a purple-coloured being with two long horns with skeletal armour and a bone sword in his hands.

"Finally, someone summoned me...Hahaha," The being slowly walked through the portal and soon everyone was able to see the original size of the purple-coloured being which gave shivers to the young elites and even Volcanis felt some deep fear from that being.

He was 10 meters tall with a very strong body and had a very ugly face. Just looking at it would make others unable to sleep at night.

"Demon, Kill her and then you can consume her pure bloodline" Kiira also had some fear towards this summoned being of hers and carefully said her every word.

'Hehe...Sure,' The purple-coloured being looked at Sparrow and became excited as though he sensed some tasty meal.

'If I absorb her bloodline I can have a breakthrough in my bloodline,' The purple-coloured being didn't waste any time and rushed towards Sparrow as he wanted to swallow her in a single bite.

"Huh? A demon summoning?"

Sparrow became alert when she saw the hideous demon-like being that was rushing towards her, and immediately disappeared from her place and appeared behind Kiira.

"Even though you have been a tribe leader for long, your intelligence is still not enough," Sparrow extended her hand at an incredible speed and clutched Kiira's neck and mocked her.

"Haha...What do you think, you are doing now?" Kiira, for the first time, was very calm when she heard Sparrow's words and replied toSparrow with a smile on her face.

"What will I do? Of course, I will kill you and the summoned being will return back to his world,"

Although Sparrow was just re-cultivated a few minutes back, she managed to awaken some ancestral memories and understood how this summoning would work.

As long as she kills Kiira, the summoned being would disappear. So, she immediately rushed to kill Kiira.

"Haha...You are still a child," To Sparrow's surprise, Kiira laughed calmly which made Sparrow increase her alertness.

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