New Age Of Summoners Chapter 432

420 Netherworlds Queen Descends

As Sparrow was anxious, all of a sudden a purple-aura started coming out of her body and her eyes started glowing with purple light.

The powerful suppression from Madam Kiira disappeared without a trace and Sparrow slowly hovered into the air.

With each passing second, the purple aura emitting from her increased. From tiny wisps, it became a dense smoke that surrounded the young elites from the ice sparrow tribe and made them freeze in their places.

"What's happening? I can't move,"

"I am also unable to move,"

"This purple smoke, it's entering into me,"



All the young elites became fearful and when the purple smoke entered into their bodies, they started crying in pain.

"Huh? This smoke...no it's not smoke. This is the netherworld's essence of nature but how...why....?" Madam Kiira's mind was filled with many questions but before she could think clearly, she felt some suppression from the smoke that covered her.

The netherworld's essence was the purest essence of nature that was only available in the deepest parts of the netherworld. So, Kiira didn't understand where that pure essence of nature came from.

Moreover, she felt some deep fear towards the Sparrow when she looked at her current form.

Unlike other pure essences which would benefit cultivators when absorbed, the netherworld's purest essence of nature could only be absorbed by the people with the purest bloodlines of the netherworld.

So, when the smoke entered into the bodies of the young elites from the Ice tribe, they were unable to use it for their cultivation and felt unbearable pain.

"It's suppressing my strength. No, I have to quickly kill her," Kiira felt her strength was decreasing with each second and immediately wanted to kill Sparrow so that the smoke would be decreased.

The reason she felt her power decreased was because of the bloodline suppression from Sparrow.


Seeing the frozen ice tribe members, Spirus started using her only attack skill, 'Absorb and drain' and started absorbing all the life from their body while recovering her body from the previous injuries.

'Damn it. If that elemental spirit kills them and joins hands with her, then I have to escape. No, I don't want that,' Kiira became anxious as she noticed what Spirus was doing and immediately thought of a plan.

'That's right! I just have to take her away and the smoke will stop reaching them,' Kiira immediately forced Sparrow to move away from the young elites.

When Sparrow and Kiira were nearly 1 killometer away from the group, the smoke surrounding the young elites disappeared and they started moving once again.

Moreover, the bloodline suppression on them disappeared and their previous cultivation returned to them.

"We are going to kill you first," Griyeth revealed a cruel smile as he started moving towards Sprius with his purple dagger and was about to kill her.

Just when the dagger was about to touch Spirus' neck, a huge fire asteroid landed on the place where Griyeth was standing.

Seeing the danger from the sky, Griyeth stopped his attack and dodged the asteroid and looked at an incoming red elemental spirit.

"Looks like I came at the right time,"

The elemental spirit was none other than Volcanis, who was anxiously rushed here to save Spirus and Sparrow.

Even though he was worried, he didn't show that on his face; instead, he put a smile on his face and said with a cool expression.

"Huh?" All the young elites looked at Volcanis and frowned.

"You are only in the elite spirit commander realm and dare to fight with us. What a joke. Innah, take two members and kill him," Griyeth frowned only for a while before mocking Volcanis and next order his partner to kill Volcanis.

"Sure," Innah didn't hesitate even for a second before picking two members and walking towards Voclanis.

There were a total of seven young elites from the ice sparrow tribe including Griyeth and Innah.

So, after Innah picked two members, there were still four members left, who surrounded Sprius and watched Innah walk towards Volcanis.

"Yeah, I am only an elite spirit commander, but your cultivations are also same," Volcanis shook his head at the foolishness of these people and mocked back.

As soon as he finished his words, he used his fire asteroid skill.

Unlike last time, this time nearly 10 fire asteroids came from the sky and landed on the group of young elites.

"Watch out,"

Grieyth, who was the peak elite commander realm cultivator and the most powerful one in the young elites, was the first to react and warned his fellow teammates before dodging the fire asteroids.



Although all became alert as soon as they heard Griyeth's warning, a couple of young elites were unable to dodge in time and they were heavily injured making the other elites speechless.

Along with the speechlessness, a small fear formed in their hearts when they looked at Volcanis, who was smiling at them without moving from his place.

"What? How are you this powerful?" They didn't expect that the fire elemental spirit in front of them would use a powerful skill within a few seconds. It was like an instant release for them.

"Your reflexes are fast! I thought only a couple of you would be able to dodge that. Looks like I need to use my strongest attack to finish all of you...sigh,"

Even though, Volcanis sighed, the expression on his face was a completely opposite one.

It was covered with excitement. Because what he was searching for a while now had appeared in front of him and now he could fight to his heart's content.

He summoned his sword which was completely surrounded by his bright red flames and without any hesitation, he used his powerful skill 'Inferno' which would boost his overall battle capabilities and rushed towards the young elites.

"No need to fear that fire elemental spirit. He is alone and we are seven members. So, it's an easy win for us. Now attack," Griyeth, as a team leader, motivated his team with his words and rushed towards the incoming Volcanis.


When he heard Grieyth's words, Volcanis felt funny and smiled at them before starting his massacre.

'Huh?' Griyeth frowned and immediately checked his surroundings. Except for Madam Kiira and Sparrow in the distance, he was unable to see anyone and heaved a sigh of relief.

"No need to be fooled by his words. He is alone," After checking his surroundings, he resumed his rush towards Volcanis while encouraging his teammates.

Soon, a fierce fight had been started between Volcanis and the seven young elites from the ice sparrow tribe.

As for Spirus, she looked at Volcanis first and then looked into a specific direction and smiled before looking at Sparrow who was fighting as an equal with the tribe leader of the Ice sparrow tribe.

'Master, help Sparrow. She might not long much longer,' Spirus looked at the direction from where Volcanis had come from and silently transmitted her voice to her master.

'Haha...Thank god, we came at the right moment. Within a minute, I would be in front of you,' Soon, a voice rang in her head making her smile beautifully.

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