New Age Of Summoners Chapter 431

419 Truly Devasted Sparrow

Outside the Hawk tribe,

"Spirus, what happened? Where are you?" Ajax became worried when he heard Sprius' call of help and immediately asked through the voice transmission.

However, no reply came from the other side which made Ajax even more worried.

"Master, thank you," As he was worried about Spirus and Sparrow, he heard a voice of a less than 10-year-old small boy making him come out of his worried thoughts and looked at Twilight, who had awakened after completely absorbing the advanced essence pills.

"No need to thank me. It is all because of your aptitude and talent. Let's go, we have to save Spirus and Sparrow," Ajax didn't waste any time and hurriedly asked Twilight to move towards the direction where Spirus and Sparrow were.

Although Ajax didn't know the exact location of them, he knew the place where the talisman was destroyed and asked Twilight to move there.

"Yes master," Twilight replied with his immature voice as he flew with Ajax and others.

After consuming the advance essence pills, Twilight had awakened speech just like the three-eyed ghost fox. However, Ghost had awakened teleport whereas Twilight had awakened re-cultivation technique from his ancestral memories.

"Twilight, use your full speed," Ajax was not in a mood to think about Twilight's awakening as he was more worried about Spirus and Sparrow.


"This is the place. But where are they?"

As Ajax was rushing towards the place where Spirus had destroyed the talisman, there was already someone who was at that place and looked at his surroundings.

He was none other than Volcanis who was closer to Spirus when she destroyed the talisman, so he was able to reach there quickly.

However, there was no one at that place that made Volcanis raise his brows.

'There are no signs of fighting here, so they must be taken to some other place,' After looking at his surroundings, Volcanis came to a conclusion and ran in a specific direction in which he assumed Spirus and Sparrow were taken to.

Similarly, the rest of Ajax's spirit beasts and elemental spirits were also rushing to the place which Volcanis had just left. Since they were very far, they were still taking the time to reach it.


As Ajax and his team were rushing to help Spirus and Sparrow; however, both of them were surrounded by the group of young elites from the Ice Sparrow tribe.

"Sister Innah, why are you doing this? What happened to Madam Kiira and the rest of the tribe members?" Sparrow's heart broke once again by her tribe as tears continuously rolled down from her eyes while she asked Innah.

"What will you do if I say the truth?" Innah laughed as she continued, "We thought you are lucky to join the summoners' group and tried to act politely with you, but who knows you formed a contract with a random rogue summoner who doesn't have a strong elemental spirit...Hehe."

When she was talking about elemental spirit, Innah looked at Spirus and mocked them.

"Madam Kiira, so everything you said earlier was just an act," Sparrow tried to control her tears but she was unable to stop her tears and asked Madam Kiira who was hovering in the mid-air.

"Yes, it is an act. So what? Because of you, I lost a good inheritance orb," Kiira looked at Sparrow with an icy expression.

Earlier she thought that giving her an inheritance orb would solidify her relationship with the summoners' group; however, who would have thought that she didn't have any relation with the summoners' group wasting her precious inheritance orb.

'Because of that, I have to compensate for the first elder with something else. Damn it, I will kill you,' Kiira's anger increased every time she thought about the inheritance orb.

"But..but," Sparrow was devastated when she heard Kiira's words and before shuttered in her words.



Amidst her shuttering, a whip had landed on her, which made her cry in pain.

However, the pain she was feeling from her heartbreak was even more than the whip.

'Just you wait..unitl my master comes, he will kill all of you,'

Similarly, someone was whipping Spirus; however, Spirus controlled the pain and coldly said while gritting her teeth.

When the young elites heard those words, they stopped for a while before looking at Madam Kiira for her orders.

"My young elites, her summoning master will utmost be a general realm cultivator, so there is no need to worry. Since she looks like a tough nut to crack, increase the torture level beforekilling her." Kiira mocked Spirus and ordered Griyeth and others to torture her.

"Stop it,"

Sparrow was unable to watch the fierce slashes form whips and shouted loudly to stop torturing Spirus.

As soon as she finished her words, she looked at Kiira and said, "Madam Kiira, if you want to kill me then kill me but can you please let her go, Sparrow asked with her innocent face which was entirely covered with tears.

"Huh? Why would I let her go? How dare she didn't reply to me earlier when I was talking to her very politely?" Madam Kiira remembered about her previous conversation with Spirus and said with an angry face.

"Did I ask you to stop? Why did you stop all of a sudden," However, Madam Kiira was shocked to see that the ice sparrow tribe members had stopped hitting Spirus which made her frown.

"Huh? Why did we stop?" Griyeth became puzzled all of a sudden and looked at his teammates who were also in a frozen state before becoming normal.

"That's right! There is something in her words that made our bodies freeze for a minute," Another elite pointed at Sparrow and muttered to others.

"It's because of bloodline, I guess," Griyeth nodded his head and looked at Sparrow and pondered about something.

As for what he was thinking in his head, no one knows.

"Griyeth, kill that elemental spirit and take her elemental spirit stone," Madam Kiira became impatient and ordered him all of sudden.

"Yes, Madam Kiira," Griyeth stopped his thinking and looked at Spirus before taking out a purple coloured dagger from his space ring.

'Finally, she ordered me to take the elemental spirit stone, hehe' Until now, Griyeth was feared that where she would take that invaluable elemental spirit stone, so he did not use much strength while hitting Spirus.

He even allowed Spirus to heal with her healing skills and ordered all of his team members to follow his actions and covered Madam Kiira's sight and wasted time for her final words.

As soon as he heard that he could take the elemental spirit stone, he became excited and without hesitation took out a low-heaven grade dagger and moved towards Spirus to kill her.

'I am the one who made us fall into the current predicament. I should have just left and flown away; instead of rushing toward this fellow tribesmen,' Sparrow became shocked when she looked at Griyeth's intention to kill Spirus and started blaming herself.

'No, I have to do something, I have to do something,' Sparrow looked at the Griyeth who was only a few meters away from Spirus and became anxious.

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