New Age Of Summoners Chapter 43

39 Inheritance Ground

But before he even upgrade his cultivation, he felt a sudden force which made him suppressed and made him unable to breathe.

The force disappeared after a few seconds.

Although it only lasted for a few seconds, Ajax was completely drenched with sweat.

"What was it? ", Ajax shuddered just thinking about the force which suppressed him.

He came out of his room to check what was that force.

As soon as he came out of his room, he met the Lewis, Paulin and Jeff who are also covered in sweat.

" Hey Lewis, did you also experience the suppression by some kind of force", Ajax asked Lewis who was moving very fast.

"Yes Ajax, that force came from the captain Edmond's room. Come, we will check it together", Lewis only stopped for a moment and continue rushing towards Edmond's room without waiting for Ajax's reply.

Ajax also didn't said anything, just mingled with them and rush with them.

" Hwahhahhhaha, Finally, after 3 years, I achieved a breakthrough to the elite general realm. Now, I finally have some hope", Soon Ajax heard Edmond's voice which sounded with full of hatred at the end.

"Hey old Edmond, do you want to scare the young ones to death or what??? ", Who knows when did Udo appeared behind them, but the voice woke up Edmond from his daze.

" oh", only now did Edmond saw the Ajax and others through the broken door just outside his room.

" Sorry young ones, just now I felt excited and forget to control my power"Seeing the sweat covered faces, Edmond felt embarrassed and apologized them with a bow without any hesitation.

"No need for that captain",

" See, we are completely fine",

"You don't need to bow to us Captain Edmond",

Seeing their Almighty Captain bowing, Ajax and others quickly said.

' Although Captain Edmond looked powerful and Almighty, deep inside he was a very kind-hearted man', Ajax silent thought in his head about Edmond and was very grateful towards him.

Seeing their actions, Edmond felt awkward.

"If you small drama is over, I have two news, one good new and other is a bad news, Which one do you want to hear old Edmond", To remove the awkwardness infront of him, Udo started with a joke and end with a serious tone.

Hearing the serious tone of Udo, Edmond said, "Start with the good news then, Udo".

Nodding his head, Udo said in the same serious tone, " Just outside the goldcrest town, an entry to an inheritance ruin is discovered".

Ajax quickly asked Lewis in a slow voice, "What is it?? ".

Lewis wondered at Ajax's ignorance 'How can he didn't know anything? ', but explained silently, " Inheritance ruins is a treasure land where you can find various kinds of treasures and the main important thing is, if you pass the trial set by the master of that inheritance ruin, you can get his inheritance ".

" oh, Then it's very great ", Ajax said with an excitement.

" Yes, it's great but it's also dangerous inside the ruins because you can lose your life, even without knowing how", Lewis replied in a serious voice.


"Now a days, an entry to an inheritance ground (or ruins) is being discovered here and there. Is this the good news you wanted to say that badly", Edmond said mockingly to Udo.

To his mocking, Udo just smiled and said, " Do you know whose inheritance ruin is this??? ",

" Whose?? ", Edmond asked squinting his eyes.

" It's a summoner King's inheritance ground", Udo slowly revealed it.

"What??? ", Edmond was shocked and asked Udo "How can a summoner king's inheritance ground appear here?? ".

" Who knows, but the mercenary guild already declared it as a summoner king's inheritance ground, "Udo just smiled as he said that.

" Then, what is the bad news?? ", Edmond asked Udo with a worry on his face.

" The bad news is only people below 18 years old can enter the inheritance ground", Udo said with a huge sigh.

"What???Although every inheritance ground has a restriction, this summoner king's inheritance ground's restriction is a huge one", Edmond also sighed but looking at Ajax and others, he said, " Since we have four members in our squad who can enter the inheritance ground, it will not be a problem", Edmond consoled himself.

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