New Age Of Summoners Chapter 429

417 Perfect Humanoid Form

Half an hour prior to Spirus' call for help,

"Child, sorry for my earlier behaviour,"

Sparrow and Spirus didn't wait for much longer before the tribe leader of the ice sparrow tribe along with the young elites from the tribe had appeared in front of them.

As soon as Madam Kiira saw Sparrow and Spirus, her eyes shined brilliantly but she suppressed her excitement and replaced the excitement with a sad expression before apologizing Sparrow.

Even though she wanted to talk with Spirus, she just looked at her and talked with Sparrow with a sad tone.


When Sparrow heard those words, she became emotional and tears rolled down from her eyes and replied with a squawk.

"How are you, child. I have been searching for you for the past few months," Seeing that her trick was working, Kiira felt happy inside her heart; however, she continued to maintain the facade on her face that made her look as though she was suffering.


Sparrow cleaned her eyes with her feathers and squawked once again.

"Good. If you are well, then this old heart can ease now," Kiira didn't waste any time and repeatedly used one after another emotional word to make Sparrow forget about her harsh behaviour.

"Here, as an apology, I will give you this special inheritance orb," Saying that, she took out a purple coloured round orb that emitted a chilly aura from it.

"But, Madam Kiira, you have promised to give it to first elder's grandson,"

When the leader of the young elite, Griyeth, saw the orb in Madam Kiira's hands, he was shocked and immediately reminded her about some promise.

"I will give something else or I will apologise to him. No one is more important than my child," Madam Kiira had a light smile on her face as she looked at Sparrow and replied to Griyeth.

'Squawk squawk'

Hearing those words, Sparrow's previous anger towards Madam Kiira and her tribe had completely vanished and she squawked at Kiira as though she was saying that there was no need for any inheritance orb.

"If you don't take this, I will be sad. So please don't reject it," Madam Kirra already expected this from Sparrow, so she immediately used her emotional words and forced the inheritance orb into Sparrow's feathers.

Without a choice, Sparrow took the inheritance orb in her features and wanted to give it to Spirus to hold onto it for a while; however, before she could give it to her, the inheritance orb in her hand had dissolved into her feathers.


As soon as the purple orb dissolved into her feathers, Sparrow painfully screeched and fell to the ground.

'What is happening? What did they do to her?' Spirus became anxious and immediately used her Diagnosis eyes to check on Sparrow.

'There is no problem in her body. Is it because my skill is too low to detect?' After checking her body, Spirus was unable to find anything and became worried all of a sudden thinking that her skill level is very low to detect the reason behind Sparrow's painful screeches and glared at the group of ice sparrow tribe members.

"What have you done to her?"

Although she knew she was very weak compared to the other side, that doesn't mean she would be silent even at the cost of her fellow teammate's lives.

"No need to worry Madam elemental spirit. She is going through the process of re-cultivation. You know that right?" According to Kiira, the summoners' group were very knowledgeable, so she didn't explain about re-cultivation.

However, what she doesn't know was Spirus didn't have a single clue about re-cultivation. Since the other party was very respectable and didn't show any hostility, she didn't say anything and looked at Sparrow.

'You are acting very high and mighty in front of him with your only spirit commander realm cultivation. Since you are from the summoner's group I will endure this for now but I will remember this forever,' Kiira was angered when Spirus didn't give any reply to her even when she used the word 'Madam' while addressing Spirus.

Nevertheless, she controlled her anger and looked at Sparrow with a worried face just like Spirus.

Not only her, but the rest of the ice tribe members were also having the same worried faces while looking at Sparrow.

'Why are these tribe members more worried? Something is not right here,' Once in a while, she cast her gaze at the ice sparrow tribe members who had worried expressions that didn't exactly match their face and felt there was something amiss.

Sparrow's screeches continued for a few minutes before a purple light shone from her body blinding everyone's sight.

The purple light emitted from sparrow's body lasted for a while before it vanished and everyone's sight returned.


"She evolved,"

"It only took her a few minutes to transform into a humanoid form,"

"That's right! I took three days to evolve and still my form is lacking compared to her,"

Every young elite from the ice sparrow tribe was shocked at the evolved form of Sparrow and felt that Madam Kiira should not have given the inheritance orb to her.

However, they were in no position to stop Madam Kiira as she was the tribe leader and the most powerful member in the tribe.

'This...this..how can she evolve into a perfect humanoid that looked exactly like our Netherworld Ice empress?'

Kiira was unable to believe what she was seeing in front of her and she was annoyed that she had evolved into a perfect humanoid.

'If I had known this, I would not have given her the inheritance orb,' Kiira thought as she gritted her teeth; however, she controlled her irritation and annoyance and smiled at Sparrow, who now looked like a young human girl of around 18-years old.

Behind her, two large blackish-purple coloured wings and a single long gown that covered her exquisite body.

Her face looked innocent and tears continued to roll down from her purple-coloured eyes that cover her fair skin.

And the most important thing was there was a white crystal crown on her head which made all the sparrow tribe members shiver at the coldness emitted from it. In the crown, there was a purple coloured bead that emitted nether energy from it.

Overall, she looked like a queen that had just descended from the nether world.

"Madam Kiira, thanks for your valuable gift. All my previous anger towards the tribe has disappeared,"

After transforming into the humanoid form, Sparrow thanked Madam Kiira in her crisp voice that made Kiira, who had a hoarse voice feel jealous.

"No need to thank me. It was the tribe's fault for bully you excessively,"

However, she suppressed her jealousy and smilingly said to Sparrow.

"Since your anger towards the tribe has disappeared, let's go back to our tribe once and let's eat your favourite netherworld berries," Kiira could not wait any longer and asked Sparrow to return to the ice sparrow tribe one to eat her favourite food.

"Huh? This is.," Sparrow became hesitate when she heard Madam Kiira's words and looked at Spirus as though she was asking Spirus whether they go to the tribe or not.

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