New Age Of Summoners Chapter 427

415 Collecting Mid Level Spirit Stones

Ajax's next step would be to meet Raweth and explain to him about his plans to conquer the Shixato wilds.

Although Ajax wanted to take it slow, it wanted to take the chance when he had it.

Just like how Qwerek agreed in Snow becoming their tribe leader and following her orders without hesitation made him fasten his plans.

According to his plan, the next step would be to make Raweth the leader of the fire crow tribe.

Since he had completed the series missions and successfully became a rank 4 alchemy master, Ajax wanted to start the conquering mission.

'Before I leave this Five elemental world, I have to conquer the three tribes and let my three contracted spirit beasts to conquer the Shixato wilds,' Ajax thought in his head and at the same time, the three-eyed ghost fox which had been meditating for a while had suddenly opened his eyes.


As Ajax stood up to check the changes in the three-eyes ghost fox, he heard an immature voice of a young boy and surprisedly looked at Ghost.

Because he could say that the voice belongs to Ghost.

"So, you have awakened speech from your ancestral memories," Ajax nodded his head and felt good that he no longer needed a translator while conversing with Ghost.

"Not only speech but a secret technique...Hehe," Ghost laughed in his immature voice and disappeared from his place and appeared on Ajax's head which gave quite a shock to him.

"Don't need to be shocked, Master. In the future, if I awakened some more memories, there will be morepowerful skills than this 'Teleport',"

When the three-eyed black ghost fox had seen the shocked expression on Ajax's face, he felt proud and said about his future skill with an exaggeration.


Ajax soon recovered from his shock and laughed at the exaggeration of Ghost and shook his head.

"It's good that you awakened speech and teleported on your first time consuming the advanced essence pills. As for your future awakening's, let's wait and see," Ajax was already satisfied that Ghost had awakened a rare type of skill on his first attempt and doesn't have much hope that he would awaken any more ancestral memories.

"Now, let's go to the fire crow tribe and meet Raweth," As all his matters at the Hawk tribe were almost completed except for announcing Snow as their tribe leader, which he felt that he could do when he left the five elemental world.

Snow and Ghost had said nothing and followed Ajax while nodding their heads.


Skill name:- Teleport (Active)

Effect:- the spirit beast can travel to anywhere within a 10-meter radius around it.

Note:-Skill can be used multiple times; however, with each repeated use the essence of nature consumption is increased. The usage count to reset everyday.

As Ajax and his team were moving out of the room, Ajax checked the new skill of ghost and felt that it was the best skill for a fight.

'But the only downside is repeated use of this skill is over-consuming,' Ajax felt it was the only disadvantage of skill and overall it was overpowered.

'If it is a fight like a spirit beast horde or something similar to that, I can support him with my essence of nature which I can gain from killing the spirit beas or demons from the horde,' Ajax instantly thought about where to use the skill effectively and slowly went to the tribe leader Qwerek's room with his spirit beasts.

"Hey Ajax, do you need something?" As soon as Ajax entered Qwerek's room, Qwerek asked with a smile on his face.

"Do yoU have any mid-level spirit stones? If you have it I want to trade it with something of similar value," Ajax didn't want to waste any time, so without any hesitation, he directly asked about mid-level spirit stone.

Moreover, Ajax knew that Qwerek won't misunderstand him as he clearly understood what kind of person Qwerek was.

"Huh? Mid-level spirit stones?" Qwerek stroked his white beard and thought for a while and replied to Ajax, "At the moment I have one mid-level spirit stone and I think, Cretual and Erek, both elders must have one mid-level spirit stone each on them."

Since Ajax was a great benefactor for the tribe and only with Ajax's help he was able to enter demi-king's realm while turning the Hawk tribe land into a rank 1 elemental paradise. So, he didn't hesitate or expect anything from Ajax before giving the information on Mid-level spirit stone to Ajax.

'Three mid-level spirit stones? Good,' Ajax was excited as he thought that even if he could get at least a single mid-level spirit stone from the Hawk tribe, he would be satisfied.

He didn't expect there would be three mid-level spirit stones in the Hawk tribe. So, he was excited and thought of the methods to gain those spirit stones from them.

"I can give you my mid-level spirit stone and I don't need anything in return,"

As Ajax was still thinking about how to get those mid-level spirit stones, Qwerek smilingly said as he took out a shining crystal from his space ring.

"Th...this is..," Ajax shuttered a little before adjusting his voice and said, "I can give something similar value, Elder Qwerek."

"Haha," To Ajax's words, Qwerek laughed as he continued, "After everything you have done to me and my Hawk tribe, I will be ashamed to take something in return for this mid-level spirit stone. So, please don't give anything to me. You can use it to trade with others."

After saying his words, Qwerek forced Ajax to take the mid-level spirit stone and quickly made Ajax leave his room as he didn't want to take anything from Ajax.

'If only all people were like this, this five elemental world would be united and would have already become one of the greater worlds...Sigh,' After Ajax left his room, Qwerek sighed as he thought about the power struggles of the five elemental world.

"Now, let's find the first elder and second elder,"

Ajax shook his head at how easily he got one mid-level spirit stone and continued moving towards Cretual and Erek to try to his luck.

"Huh? First elder, Second elder, here you are," To his surprise, Ajax saw the two elders, whom he was searching for. They were talking about some tribe matters and Ajax greeted them.

"Yes, Ajax. Come sit," Both of them invited Ajax to sit with them.

"Thanks, elders. I have something to do, so I will come straight to the point. I heard you two have mid-level spirit stones. I have some use with them, so can you please trade with me?" Ajax wanted to meet Raweth soon and started conquering the fire crown tribe and Netherworld ice sparrow tribe, so he directly asked about his reason for looking for them.

"You can have my mid-level spirit stone," As soon as Ajax finished his words, the first elder, Cretual, took out his spirit stone and threw it at Ajax as though he was not interested in the stone.

Ajax caught that mid-level stone and looked at the second elder, who had some hesitation on his face.

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