New Age Of Summoners Chapter 426

414 Stabilizing Crystal

Even though the previous elffects were good, they couldn't be useful for high-level pills. So, he felt that 50 percent success was pretty goodfor his future pill refinements.

"Also, the basic alchemy fire technique can't increase the success rate for the rank 4 or above pill refinements, so it's better to have 50 percent success rate for rank 4 pill refinements from the title alone," Ajax thought about his fire technique which was useless for mid-level alchemists as it was unable to increase any success rate to the rank 4 pills.

Soon, Ajax stretched his body and looked at his two spirit beasts, who were cultivating peacefully and waited for them to awaken.

'Since the effects of the advanced pills will last for five minutes, I will just wait before going out,' Ajax thought and relax on his bed while observing his two spirit beasts.

Even after watching for almost 2 minutes, he didn't find any changes from his spirit beasts, so he lost his interest and closed his eyes.

"I forgot to check the additional rewards from the final mission," As soon as he closed his eyes, Ajax remembered about the additional reward and opened his eyes all of a sudden.

'What is it called? Stabilizing crystal?'

Just as he thought about the stabilizing crystal, a star shaped crystal appeared in his hands which was quite heavy. If not for Ajax's inhuman strength, he would be barely able to lift that star shaped crystal.

'Check,' Without any hesitation, he focused on the crystal and its information had appeared in front of him on a holographic screen.


Item name:- Stabilizing crystal

Effect:- Balances the mutiple cultivations.

Description:- A crystal that can be used by the cultivators, who cultivate multiple cultivations like body cultivation, Spirit cultivation etc, at the same time, to balance those cultivations and synchronize the two cultivations to the same level.

Rating:- Very rare

"Huh? Synchronizes the two cultivations?" Ajax raised his brows as he read the information about the stabilizing crystal.

Cultivations could be many types like Body cultivation, Spirit cultivation, Devil cultivation etc. It was already very rare to see cultivators like Ajax who had two cultivations namely Body cultivation and Spirit cultivation and it was almost impossible to find a cultivator with the three cutivations.

"Does this mean my spirit cultivation will also reach the same level as that of my body cultivation?" Ajax muttered as he closely observed the crystal in his hand and became excited.

Even though he doesn't know what would happen if he used the stabilizing crystal, one thing was for sure, it would be very useful if what he understood from the information on the holographic screen.

'Better to use 'Pay to know' to know more about it,' Ajax wanted to get complete information on the Stabilizing crystal before using it on himself.


Pat 1000 units of the essence of nature to know the complete information on the stabilizing crystal.


Without any hesitation, he used 1000 units of the essence of nature.

If what he understood about the stabilizing crystal was true then it was worth it. So, he wanted to give it a try and know about its working.


A stabilizing crystal is formed from the blood of a mythical level creature that helps the cultivators of multiple cultivations to synchronize at each other and make them at the same cultivation realm.




A very long list of information appeared on the holographic screen which Ajax didn't expect the information to be that long.

'Give me an example for my case. If I use it, will my spirit cultivation also reach the elite commander realm?' Ajax asked the system about his confusion.

Although he knew it was more likely that his spirit cultivation would not reach the elite commander realm, if not then what level is the synchronization for his both the cultivations.

Since he paid 1000 units of the essence of nature, the system should give an example for him. So, he asked for an example.


If the host uses the stabilizing crystal, both his cultivation would be synchronized at level 10 commander realm.

"What? It's good"

Ajax was surprised at the synchronization level and felt it was good because his spirit cultivation was only at the mid commander range and his body cultivation was at level 1 of the elite commander realm. So, if both the cultivations reach level 10 of the commander realm, then he would be making great progress in his spirit cultivation.

'But I will not use it now. I will only use when both of my cultivations reach level 1 or more in the elite commander realm,'

Even though it looked good, Ajax restrained himself from using it and thought when to use the stabilizing crystal.

Thinking that he stored it in his inventory before turning his head to look at his spirit beasts.

'Looks like Snow completely absorbed the energy from the essence pill...Sigh,'

It was around five minutes from the moment Snow and Ghost had swallowed the pills, but there was no energy radiating from Snow. So Ajax sighed as he knew that Snow failed to awaken her ancestral memories.

'Huh? Why am I sighing? I am already very lucky that Ghost seems to be awakening some of his ancestral memories. With that 10 percent chance, I am already lucky to see Ghost's awakening,' Ajax felt that he was becoming greedy more and more and became embarrassed at his own thinking and tried to feel content with Ghost's awakening of the ancestral memories.

"No need to worry, Snow. I still have 19 pills, but let's not use them now since it won't be useful even if you consume them now,"

When he saw that Snow was feeling downcast, he consoled her and said that in the future, he would continue to give more advanced essence pills.

Although it was not easy to refine the same advanced essence pills once again, he could refine them after some practice.

However, the only thing that he lacked right now in refining the advanced essence pills was mid-level spirit stones.

He had already used the only one mid-level spirit stone in his inventory just a while ago and he had to find another one before he could refine another batch of advanced essence pills.

'I should keep an eye for mid-level spirit stones from now on,' Ajax thought in his head and continued thinking, 'I wonder, does this lightning hawk tribe have any mid-level spirit stone.'

Since the five elemental world was richer than Zrochester province, Ajax believed that the hawk tribe must have some mid-level spirit stones with them.

'I can exchange some advanced essence pills with them if they can provide some mid-level spirit stones,' Ajax doesn't want to take advantage of the hawk tribe once again and decided to trade for a mid-level spirit stone.

"Okay master," Snow was only disappointed for a second before replying to Ajax with her usual bright smile.

"Let's wait for Ghost to complete his awakening of the ancestral memories then we will go out and meet Raweth,"

Seeing that Snow had returned to her usual self, Ajax smilingly said to Snow and looked at Ghost to finish his awakening.

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