New Age Of Summoners Chapter 425

413 Quasi Rank 4 Pills

Spirit stones were classified into Low-level, Medium-level and High-level.

One High-level spirit stone was equivalent to 1000 medium-level spirit stones and similar one medium-level spirit stone was equivalent to 1000 low-level spirit stones.

Although there were only 1000 spirit stones different between each category, the essence of nature contained in High-level spirit stone was much greater than 1000 medium-level spirit stone.

So, if a High-level spirit stone auctioned in the outside world, everyone would fight with each other and bid without limit.

Because a High-level spirit stone helps with the bottlenecks in the general realm and elite general realm.

Although Ajax still didn't get his hands on the high-level spirit stone, he got a medium-level spirit stone from the system and he didn't use it until now.

'With this spirit stone, this refining attempt might be successful,'

From all the knowledge he had gained about alchemy, Ajax was sure that the pill-refining would be successful if he added some pure essence of nature into the fire cauldron.


He extended his hand and placed it directly about the fire cauldron before crushing the medium-level spirit stone into the crushed.

As soon as he crushed it, rich essence of nature rushed into the fire cauldron.


Just as the essence of nature from the spirit stone entered into the fire cauldron, Ajax closed the lid and increased the heat supply by a little.

'The heat helps the essence of nature from the spirit stone to mix well with the essence of the ingredients and the quality of the essence pills would be increased,' Ajax suppressed the excitement inside his heart and continued to supply the stable heat.


After a few minutes, the final judgement notification came from the cauldron which made Ajax smile.


This time Ajax was not in a hurry as he was able to feel the rich essence from the fire cauldron and heaved a sigh of relief.


With a thought, the fire in front of Ajax was slowly retracted into his body leaving behind 21 white shining pearl-like pills that have a white lustre on them.


Congratulations to the host for successfully refining the rank 3 pills and completing the final mission of the series missions.


Reward:- Knowledge to the rank 4 alchemy has been unsealed.

Additional reward:- Stabilizing crystal has been stored in the inventory.


Congratulations to the host for becoming a rank 4 alchemy master.

Note:- The host still has a long way to go, so don't be arrogant and continue refining more pills.

Soon, a series of system notifications flooded into his mind making him dizzy; however, he felt that it was good and wanted more system notifications to come to give him more rewards.

After briefly glancing at the system notifications and remembered to check them out later before checking the pills in his hands.


Seeing the 21 pear-like pills in his hands, Ajax was unable to control his laughter and started laughing loudly that made Snow, who was cultivating and Ghost, who was sleeping woke up and confusedly looked at their master.

"What happened to the Master? Is he finally possessed by some old demon?" Snow thought back to the time where Ajax behaved like this and muttered in a low voice.

As for Ghost, he disappeared from the bed and appeared in front of Ajax and started staring at the pills in Ajax's hand while drooling.

"What? You want these pills?" When he saw the actions of the three-eyes black ghost fox, Ajax asked the fox before taking out a pill and threw it at Ghost.

Since there were 21 pills, Ajax thought there was no harm in giving one to Ghost. So he didn't think much before giving him one essence pill to Ghost.

"Master, I want one pill too,"

To his surprise, Snow also came to him and slowly asked for essence pills.

"Here," Ajax didn't think for a second before giving it to Snow as he knew that Snow would only ask for something that was extremely useful for her.

"Thanks, master, hehe,"

Snow took the pills and smilingly thanked Ajax before going back to her bed and started cultivating.

'Huh? Are these pills that good for cultivation?' According to Ajax, the benefit of consuming these pills was to increase the essence of nature in one's spirit consciousness; however, from the looks of its Ajax felt there must be some other uses about the pills that he had refined.


Item name:- Advanced essence pills

Quality:- High-level

Rank:- Rank 3 (Quasi-rank 4)

Effect:- Increases the essence of nature by 1000 units within 5 minutes.

Additional effect:- 10 percent chance for the spirit beasts in awakening their ancestral memories.

Description:- A beginner alchemy master combined the knowledge of Alchemy from various sources and successfully refined these pills.

"Th..this is truly unbelievable,"

When he saw the information regarding the advanced essence pills, Ajax was shocked and thought he was seeing things and once again checked the information in front of him.

"This is real,"

After confirming it was real, he was excited and once again started laughing.

This time Snow and Ghost didn't bother about Ajax as they were immersed in absorbing the pill effects.

The reason Ajax was shocked was because of the additional effect.

Ancestral memories were very useful for the spirit beasts as they would help them become powerful and also help them increase their intelligence.

Within those memories laid many secrets related to past events, their signature skills etc.

So, if a spirit beast awakens the ancestral memories, it was no longer considered as an unevolved spirit beast even if they were still in the spirit beast form.

'Q..Quasi rank 4 pills?'

Earlier, he was more focused on the effects of the pill and didn't observe the rank; however, now he checked it and was shocked to see the Quasi-rank 4.

Quasi-rank 4 meant it was just an inch away from reaching the rank 4, so Ajax was shocked that the first rank 3 pills he had refined would reach Quasi-rank 4 making him very excited.


Since the host had reached the rank 4 alchemy master and entered into the mid-level alchemy stage, the effects of the title 'Alchemy Maniac' has been changed. Please check it.


When a system notification came all of a sudden, Ajax was surprised and after reading it, he hurriedly opened the user interface and checked the changes in the Alchemy Maniac.


Title:- Alchemy maniac

Effects:- 1) All the pills refined by the host have a 50 percent success rate. (Non-stackable)

2) All the successful pill refinements have an additional pill effect depending on the quality and quantity of the pills refined.

"Good good good," With the new changes that were made in the Alchemy Maniac, Ajax was very satisfied.

He didn't know what to say with the two effects which were too good.

From the two effects, Ajax was more excited about the second effect which would give an additional effect on the quality and quantity of the pills he refined.

Just imagining about his future pill refinements that would gain an additional effect every time he refined pills, made him content with his previous five pill failures.

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