New Age Of Summoners Chapter 424

412 Refining Essence Pills

When Sparrow was little, all the tribe members were used to being very nice with her until her mother died all of sudden.

Everything changed after her death and as for the reason, Sparrow still doesn't know as she was always suppressed and bullied by everyone from the tribe.

When she thought she was alone in the big ice sparrow tribe, Madam Kiira, the tribe leader of the Ice sparrow tribe appeared in front of her and took her as her personal disciple.

She was very happy and trained all the techniques and underwent various hardships. All the other tribe members also stopped bullying and started talking with her.

Just when she thought her life was going good then came the three tribes contests and made everyone from her tribe reveal their true reasons for stopping their bullying.

'So what, I don't care about these tribe members anyway. As long as Madam Kiira understands me, it's fine for me,' this was the only thought in her mind after she lost the three-tribe contest.

However, Madam Kiira was very different that day and even insulted her mother which made Sparrow see her true form of Madam Kiira and finally with great heartache, she decided to leave the tribe.

"Little sister, when we are little, haven't I taken to various good places?"

When the female cultivator saw the anger in Sparrow's eyes decrease a little, she continued to hit the iron while it was still hot.


After hearing the female cultivator's words, Sparrow thought back to the time when she was little and screeched as though she was agreeing with the female cultivator's words.

'Good. The bait is working,' seeing it, the female cultivator cunningly smiled inside her heart.


As she was laughing inside her heart, she heard Sparrow screech and became anxious all of a sudden.

Because Sparrow said in her earlier screech that she doesn't hate anyone from the ice sparrow tribe and she was not related to that tribe.

"What? Don't leave. Let's meet Madam Kiira. She is truly pitiful and constantly thinking about you from the time you left the tribe," The female cultivator named, Innah hurriedly used her final trump card.

Without any surprise, Sparrow, which was about to fly away stopped in the air and looked at Innah, who looked like a 20-year-old human girl with two huge purple wings behind her.

"Just wait a few minutes and talk with Madam Kiira for a few minutes and then leave," Seeing that Sparrow was not going anywhere, Innah said her final words to Sparrow before finding a large tree and relaxed with her lackey birdmen.

"Sparrow, if you want to talk, then there is no harm in waiting a few minutes," Although she didn't understand much, Spirus was sure about one thing. It was the one named Madam Kiira was an important person to Sparrow...at least in the past.

So, she slowly caressed the Sparrow's feathers and said to her.



Failed for the fight time?"

After hearing the cauldron's notification sound, he slowly opened the lid of the fire cauldron and saw the pill paste instead of pills and sighed.

It was not his first or second unsuccessful pill refinement but his fifth time refining the essence pills and without much surprise, he failed.

"Looks like I need to study a bit more about refining rank 3 pills," Ajax stopped refining after his five unsuccessful refinements and stood up from the floor before coming to his bed and opened Mason family's handbook to see whether he could find any tips or techniques while refining the rank 3 pills.

It took him 10 minutes for each refinement and after five refinements, it was 50 minutes and adding to the time he took small breaks amidst his refinements, it was more than one hour. So, Ajax decided to take some rest and looked for some alchemy techniques to improve his success rate in refining the rank 3 pills.

"Huh? I think I can use this tip, It took him a few minutes to find a small tip but he still continued to look for more tips.

'I wonder, how my spirit beasts and elemental spirits are doing?' While checking for some tips, he suddenly felt some ominous premonition in his heart and thought about his summons.

"They can help each other out after the items I have given them before they left me," Ajax thought back to the items he had given them, he felt that they could escape from everything in the Shixato wilds.

'I will complete this mission and also join them in venturing the Shixato wilds,' All of a sudden, Ajax felt excited and stood up from the bed.

"Master, you looked excited today. Anything good?" Just as he was about to go to his corner to refine the pills, he heard Snow's voice and turned towards her before saying, "Nothing. You can go back to your cultivation."

Actually, there was no particular reason for his excitement, so he said nothing to Snow and asked her to go back to her cultivation.

"Hmph. Ok," Snow angrily replied to Ajax before going back to her meditation and started cultivating.

Beside her, the three-eyes black ghost fox was sleeping without a care in the world.

Seeing Ghost, Ajax shook his head but didn't wake him up from his sleep as he knew that something was stopping him from breaking through to rank 5. So, he stopped bothering about cultivating and sleeping peacefully.

Soon Ajax sat in his refining place and took out the herb from the space ring and carefully placed them in front of him.

'Step 1, refine the main ingredient with two other important ingredients at the same time and separate the essences from the three ingredients,'

After five unsuccessful pill refinements, Ajax's refining of the rank 3 pill became fluent and his hands operated the bright red-coloured flame skillfully and easily separated the essences from the three ingredients namely, Brown bay leaf, Emerald moss and the main ingredient for the low-level essence pills core of the 1000-year-old emerald tree core.

"Step 2, use the life elemental essence of nature and combine the three essences of the ingredients into one single essence," Ajax muttered step 2 as he followed the action for that step.

"Step 3, Throw the single combined essence into the fire cauldron and supply the constant heat,"

"Step 4, refine the remaining ingredients and separate their essences before adding them one by one with the same heat supply,"

In this step, he refined the remaining three ingredients, namely Snowy cassia, Ice shiso and Koqia stalk, one after another instead of refining them at the same time, he took it slow and added their essences with a minute gap between them.

"Step 5, I will change it...Hehe," Until the four steps, he had followed as it was mentioned in the recipe; however, for the step five, he wanted to try something different and he had some confidence that it might work.

With that thought in his mind, he took out a mid-level spirit stone from his space ring which was a reward from the system and lightly smiled as he said, 'It should work. '

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