New Age Of Summoners Chapter 423

411 Confrontation

The talisman in the hands of the leader of the young elites was called Pair-sensing talisman.

As its name sounds, it comes in a pair and the main use of these talismans was to sense each other.

From the pair, one talisman was in his hands whereas the other one was with his cultivation partner, who was secretly following Sparrow and Spirus.

So, when she saw the talisman in his hands, Kiira controlled her anger andnodded her head.

Soon, the group followed in a particular direction that the talisman was pointing at.


"Sparrow, looks like we are being followed by someone,"

Spirus, who was on Sparrow's back and flying in the sky informed Sparrow with a serious expression on her face.

In response to Spirus' words, Sparrow nodded her head indicating that she had long sensed that.

Since Sparrow was more powerful than Spirus, it was an easy thing for Sparrow to notice that.

"They all have around the same cultivation and I don't know how many of them are there in the group. So, it's better to join others,"

As she was unable to sense how many members were there in the group, Spirus wanted to meet up with others and fight them together.

Since Spirus comes under non-combatant elemental spirit, she does not have much battle prowess and she was best only when it comes to healing.


As Spirus was thinking of a plan to fight those who were following them, Sparrow changed the direction and turned towards the group who were following them.

"Sparrow, what are you doing? We still don't know what kind of intentions they have for us. Stop it," Spirus became anxious and hurriedly took out a talisman from who knows where and ripped it without any hesitation.

Spirus knew something was wrong with Sparrow as she had not seen her that angry before and along the way, she flew in the direction Sprius asked to fly.

So, when she noticed that Sparrow was not responding to her and flying to their possible enemy, Spirus used the talisman given to them by their master before they left him.

It was a talisman that was connected with many other talismans. If any of the talismans were meant to be destroyed, then all the other talisman holders would know that someone was in danger and all the talismans would guide them to the destroyed talisman.

'I hope those who were following us don't have any ill-intentions towards us,' Spirus sighed as she increased her alertness.

As soon as Spirus destroyed the connecting talismans, in the various places of the Shixato wilds it raised a small commotion in Ajax's summons.

"Looks like Big sister Sprius in Danger," Slait had a similar talisman in his hands that was glowing with the green light.

Seeing the green light from the talisman, Slait was able to figure out it was Spirus, who was in danger and became worried.

"Senior Fuzzball, Little Fuzzball, let's go and save her," Without wasting any time, he shouted and took the two golden bear kings with him.

"It's close to me. I hope nothing happens to her," At another place, Volcanis looked at the Spirit beast that laid lifelessly on the ground before looking at the talisman that appeared in front of him while radiating green light and muttered before disappearing from his place.

Similarly, the talismans in everyone's hands also glowed with a green light and rushed towards the direction that the glow of the talisman became brighter.

The green-light that was emitted from the talisman was the life elemental essence of nature belonging to Spirus. So, all the talismans in the various elemental spirits and spirit beasts were glowing with a green light.

It was only a few seconds since Spirus had crushed the talisman and Ajax's all other elemental spirits and spirit beasts were alerted and rushed towards her and Sparrow.

"They are coming towards us. What should we do now?"

As Sparrow was flying towards the group that was following them, the group became anxious.

It was not because they could not win against Sparrow and Spirus, but their leader ordered them only to follow secretly and not to alert them until he met them.

However, now their tribe's deserter were rushing towards them with full speed making them anxious.

"Why are you worrying sister, she can't win against all of us,"

In the group there were 4 ice sparrow tribe members with 2 peak elite commander realm cultivators, one level 8 and the last one was level 5 elite commander realm cultivator.

So, the one with the lowest level of cultivation spoke arrogantly and he compared their group's strength and Spirus's team strength.

"Idiot. You don't know anything. It's not these two we are fearing but the Summoner group behind them we are fearing," The only female cultivator in the four-member squad hit him on his head and scolded him for his lack of knowledge.

"What? Summoners' group?" That cultivator was shocked as he didn't expect the two being in front of them to have relation to the summoners' group and gasped at his teammates.

"Focus closely on the one that was mounted on our tribe's ex-childe," The female cultivator said in an annoyed tone.

The other two team members were also annoyed at him.

"S.sh..she is an elemental spirit? But she was almost similar like a normal human," After observing closely for a few seconds, he was able to find out that she was an elemental spirit.

It was not entirely his fault for not mistaken Spirus for a human. Since Spirus after her breakthrough to the elemental spirit commander looked similar to a human being even in her spirit form.


Soon, Sparrow reached them and stopped in front of them and screeched at the four ice sparrow tribe members.

"Hello, little sister. How are you?"

Hering the angry screech, all four tribe members looked at Sparrow and greeted her like a family.

"What do you want? And why are you following us?"

When she heard their words, Spirus increased her guard even more and asked them with a serious face.

"Hello. We just want to have a small talk with our tribe's childe. No need to worry, we don't have any ill-intentions towards you," The female humanoid ice sparrow looked at Spirus and respectively answered Spirus' question.

Although Spirus was not sure about her words, she was sure about one thing that Sparrow knows about them and that's the reason she was rushed towards them.

'However, why was she angry at them?' thinking about it made Spirus alert and just wanted to waste some time before anyone of their teammate comes here.

'We just need to stall for some time until tribe leader Kirra comes here,' Similarly, the female cultivator also thought to stall for time by talking.

Just like that both of them started conversing until they were disturbed by a screech.


Sparrow screeched at the four members as though she was asking what they wanted from her.

"Please don't be angry little sister, aren't we from the same tribe and the same blood runs through our veins. Just remember, how we used to play when we were young," The female cultivator said in a sad tone that made Sparrow's anger calm down a little.

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