New Age Of Summoners Chapter 422

410 A Map


Map of an ownerless dimensional crevice in the Zrochester province has been sent to the host's inventory.

It didn't take much time for Ajax to get the system notification he wanted.

"What? A map of an ownerless dimensional crevice?"

Ajax was shocked by the reward issued by the system.

Even though it was just a map and not the ownership of the dimensional crevice, it was very good and rare.

So, Ajax was shocked at first and later he was excited and eager to get out of the five elemental world to go and claim the dimensional crevice as his own.

Having a dimensional crevice gives many benefits for a cultivator.

It could be his safe house where no one could harm him and make his own trading market and enjoy the tax from them.

Overall, it was a huge benefit for Ajax.

'However, I can't leave the five elemental world for another seven days and have some important things to deal with,' Ajax knew what was important right now and calmed himself down before thinking, "anyway, the dimensional crevice isn't going anywhere."

With that thought, he took out the map from his inventory to know exactly where this Dimensional crevice was.

The map was made up of some tough spirit beast skin and very thick. On it there were some drawings and below them were the names of the places related to the drawing.

"Huh? In the Cursed Abyss?" Ajax didn't take much time in observing the map as he was easily able to find where the dimensional crevice was situated.

'But the Cursed Abyss is so big. Where should I find it?' Although he knew the name of the place the problem was it was very big and he needed some more hints in finding the Dimensional crevice.

'Looks like, I need to search a lot...Sigh,' Ajax sighed as he touched the spot on the map where the Dimensional crevice was marked.


As soon as he touched it, some light from the map had entered into his head with incredible speed.

"What was that?" Ajax was confused at the light that entered into his mind and looked into his spirit consciousness; however, he didn't find anything making him shake his head and looked back at the map in his hands.

'T...this is.,' When he saw the map now, he was able to see the enlarged version of it.

Instead of saying the enlarged version, it was better to say that he could feel the place where the Dimensional crevice was and got shocked that he was not even able to complete his sentence.


The map is not linked to the host and he could observe the exact locations of the Zrochester province with some limitations. Please check the details of the map.

As Ajax was still unable to believe what he was feeling right now, he got a system notification that made him wake up from the feeling and his surroundings became normal.

"What? I can sense every place in the Zrochester province,"

When he read the system notification, Ajax felt that the map itself was a good treasure and hurriedly focused on the map in his hands.


Item name:- Zrochester province map

Effect:- Can sense a particular place in the map for every three days using 1000 units of the essence of nature.

Note:- The host can only sense the places that were recorded in the map and it has nothing to do with the reality.

"It's good to sense the places," Ajax nodded his head after seeing the information on the map and how to use it.

Ajax was not bothered about the 1000 units of essence of nature when he thought of the dimensional crevice he would be getting soon.

After playing with the map for some more time, he stored it in his inventory before resuming his study on the alchemy.

'Knock' 'Knock'

As he was studying about alchemy, someone knocked on his door.

'It must be my rank 3 ingredients,' He guessed that Qwerek must have sent someone to give him his ingredients and immediately went to open the door.

"Hello, Sir Ajax,"

As expected, one of the hawk tribe members stood in front of his room and bowed to him as soon as he opened the door.

"Hello," Ajax also replied the greeting and waited for that hawk tribe member to give him a space ring.

"Tribe leader has ordered me to give this space ring to you," Without saying anything he took the space ring and checked the insides of the space ring before looking at the tribe member in front of him.

"Thank you," Ajax thanked him before going back into his room without any delay.

'What? Sir Ajax has thanked me?' the tribe member was shocked when he heard, Ajax thanked him.

Literally, there was no need for Ajax to thank him as he was merely following the orders and what's more, Ajax was the great benefactor to their tribe. So, his respect for Ajax had increased by another level as he left from there with an excited expression to brag about it to his friends and family.

"Now, I can try refining the final mission and complete it sooner to get some good rewards," With the rewards from the second mission of the series mission, he was excited about his final mission.

He stretched his body a little before going back to his refining corner.

"Finally, I can try refining those pills," After sitting in his place, Ajax laughed as he slowly took out some spirit beast parchment.

For the rank 3 pill, he didn't check Mason's family alchemy handbook as he had already planned what to refine.

'It took me quite some time to finally use it,' Ajax took out the parchment and muttered the pill recipe name, "Low-level Essence pills."

That's right.

It was none other than the pill recipe he had gained previously from one of his missions and he didn't get any chance or skill to refine them until now.

At that time, the system had given him three sets of ingredients for refining the low-level essence pills but since he had no confidence to refine the essence pills in only three attempts, he waited for Qwerek to send the other rank 3 ingredients.

"It is a good thing that I mentioned to him to not miss the ingredients of this recipe," Ajax felt good for his planning and took out the ingredients from the space ring.

When he met Qwerek earlier, he specially mentioned the names of the ingredients required for refining the essence pills. So, the first thing he did after receiving the space ring was to check for those ingredients and hurriedly thanked the servant.


"How much longer?" Kirra was annoyed at the leader of the young elites and asked him.

It's been more than an hour and still, they were unable to find Sparrow, so Kirra was irritated.

"Madam Kiira, they are continuously flying from here and there, so it will take us some more time to find them," He hurriedly explained his problem for not finding Ajax's sparrow and Spirus.

While saying that he showed her the talisman in his hand.

Seeing the talisman in his hand, Kiira finally calmed down and said, "Okay okay. Let's find her quickly."

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