New Age Of Summoners Chapter 421

409 Final Mission Of The Series Missions

Even though she knew the exact reason why Ajax's sparrow left their tribe, Kiira had confidence in bringing her back to the tribe. Because Kiira knew how soft and emotional Sparrow was.

So she thought to use the emotions to her advantage and form some relation with the Summoner's group.

"By the way, did your teammate see any changes in her? Like appearance or bloodline," In only a few seconds the group of people left the Ice sparrow tribe then Kiira asked about Sparrow's appearance and bloodline all of a sudden.

Since Sparrow was with the summoners' group she expected that they would try to increase her bloodline. So, she wanted to confirm whether there were any changes in Sparrow.

"Huh? Yes, although my subordinate didn't manage to find the bloodline purity in her due to the long-distance, there are some apparent changes in her physical form," The leader of the young elites briefly explained about Sparrow's appearance.

"What? Really, turned into a bright purple colour and became smaller than the last time we saw her?" After hearing the appearance of Sparrow, she was so shocked that the last bit of doubt in her mind about the summoners' group vanished and she firmly believed that what she had heard about the summoners' group being destroyed were all rumours.

Only Summoners' group were capable of increasing the purity of the bloodline in such a short time with their weird techniques and methods. With that, she wanted to meet them as soon as possible.

With the leader of the young elites guiding the way with some kind of talisman, she continued following with excitement.

"Yes. Success. It's a success,"

While Madam Kiira and her tribe's young elites were rushing towards his Sparrow, Ajax was excited at his last successful pill refinement.

In his hands, there were 15 black shining pills and looking at them, Ajax smiled from ear to ear.

"These pills look like high-level ones and the quantity also increased," Ajax felt satisfied with this pill refinement.


Congratulations to the host for successfully refining the high-level poison resistant pills.


Series missions (2/3) are completed.


The knowledge for the rank 3 alchemy is now unlocked.


The host has now become a rank 3 alchemy master.

As he was feeling satisfied with the quality and quantity, Ajax received a series of notifications and just as he heard the third system notification, Ajax felt the sudden pain in his head.


With the pain came a new flood of foreign information. Just like when the knowledge for that rank 2 alchemy was unlocked, the pain only lasted for a few seconds before vanishing.


Even though Ajax was prepared for the pain this time, the pain made him sweat all over his body and nearly made him berserk.

But, due to his great endurance with the pains, he managed to pull it off and relaxed on the ground while breathing heavily.

'I wonder how painful it will be when I complete the final series mission and unlock the lock for the rank 4 alchemy,' Just thinking about it made Ajax shiver.

Nevertheless, the benefits after that pain would be worth it. So Ajax didn't want to stop it here.


The final series mission has been updated in the quest tab. Please check it for more details.

Soon, the expected system notification appeared in front of Ajax.

'Finally, it's here,'

Remaining in his sleeping position, Ajax opened the quest tab to check the third and final mission in the series mission.


Series mission (3/3)

Mission name:- Medium-grade Alchemy master

Description:- Refine any rank 3 pills in which the successful refinement should have a minimum of 18 high-level quality pills.

Rewards:- Knowledge to the rank 4 alchemy will be unsealed.

Time limit:- Before the host's stay in the five elemental world is over.

Note:- Seven days left until the host stays in the five elemental world.


After seeing the details about the last mission of the series missions, Ajax raised his brows and continued, "So, this time, it's about quality and quantity. Good."

From the first mission of the series missions, the system assigned the missions on a particular thing.

Like, for the first mission, it was refining the wide range of pill recipes in the shortest time and for the second mission, it was about maintaining a success rate in refining the pills.

As for this final mission, it was on both quantity and quality. So, Ajax felt that it was a good thing that missions given by the system were focused on a particular thing which was helping him to become proficient in the profession.

'Also, the second mission took way less time than I expected and in fact, it is the easiest mission in all the alchemy missions I had received from the system,' Ajax was still unable to believe that he was able to refine three successful back to back rank 2 pill refinements in only a couple of hours.

That's right. It only took him less than two hours in completing the mission; however, since the mission was given to him 8 hours before he even started refining, the mission was said to be completed in around 10 hours or so.

'By the way, where are the rewards?' All of a sudden, Ajax remembered that the system still didn't give him the additional rewards for the second mission in the series mission.

The main rewards for the mission were the rank 3 alchemy knowledge but the additional reward was promised by the system to give Ajax for his understanding of the system.


The system is calculating the reward for the mission. The host needs to be patient as the system is not running away anywhere.

"Good. As long as you remember, that's fine," Just thinking about the additional rewards, the system sent him a notification making him happy.

"Since I was able to complete the mission in 10 hours, Ishould get good rewards, right?" Ajax was expecting a good reward as he was able to complete the mission in less than one-fourth of the time provided by the system. So, there was nothing wrong in him thinking about some good rewards.

Even though he was excited, he suppressed that and waited for the system to give his promised rewards.

'I don't have any ingredients for starting the last mission. So I have nothing to do now. I guess I should study the various techniques from Mason's family handbook,' Ajax didn't want to waste the time and wanted to learn more about refining and all the techniques he could learn and finally create his own pill recipes.

With that thought in his mind, Ajax immersed himself in the study about alchemy and related the knowledge he had gained from the system and the alchemy king's handbook.

In between, he got many ideas to replace the various ingredients from the ones that were mentioned in the pill recipes; however, he didn't try them yet as he wanted to try those various possibilities in his future refinements.


Congratulations to the host for completing the mission in less than one-fourth of the given time.

After an hour or so, he finally got the system notification about his rewards and excitedly watched for the next system notification.

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