New Age Of Summoners Chapter 420

408 Madam Kiira


Congratulations to the host for refining rank 2 poison resistant pills (Medium-level)

Mission progress:- 1/3

Just as he was about to think of the next pill refinement, as usual, he got the system notification informing about his refinement.

'So, the pills still didn't reach the high-level. But the quality has improved from my first successful refinement, so it's fine,' Ajax was not bothered much about the quality of the pills as he knew he was still learning.

So, he picked the next batch of ingredients and started refining.

"Another success,"

It didn't take much time as he soon finished his back to back the second refinement which was successful.

'Should I continue or take some rest?' Ajax felt that he was rushing up the things a bit and asked himself of his next action.

Both options had their own pros and cons and Ajax finally chose to continue because he was in a full form and his state of mind was at its peak.

So, he wanted to refine his next pill refinement now and he was confident that the refinement would be successful.

With that thought in his mind, he started another round of pill refinement.


In the fire crow tribe,

"Raweth, think about it. Don't give me your answer now. Take some time and think it over before giving your answer," In a medium-sized room, the Grand Elder of the fire crow tribe asked Raweth.

After saying his words, the grand elder didn't wait a single second before leaving Raweth's room which only had a single bed and a couple of other furniture.


When he heard the grand elder's words, Raweth shook his head and sighed before looking at his little brother who was sleeping on the bed.

The answer that the grand elder wanted from Raweth was whether he would become the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe or not.

From childhood, Raweth always wanted to become the tribe leader but now even though he had the chance he could not become the tribe leader.

So, Raweth couldn't help but sigh.

'Sorry, grand elder. I promised my master that I would become his slave if he saved Rawin,' Raweth didn't even have a shed of worry on his face; instead, he was happy that his little brother was finally cured and became a normal birdman.

'Nevertheless, my little brother would become the tribe leader with his pure bloodline. So I am very happy for him,' In the whole fire crow tribe, after Raweth, Rawin was the one with the highest bloodline purity. So, he felt happy that even though he could not become the tribe leader, his little brother would become one.

But Raweth still didn't know that Ajax was planning to make him the tribe leader of the fire crow tribe. If Ajax were to hear Raweth's inner thoughts he would bitterly smile.


In the Netherworld Ice sparrow tribe,

"Tribe leader, there are some young elites of our tribe wants to meet you to discuss something,"

In a luxurious room, an old sparrow tribe member politely informed the tribe leader, Kiira.

"Huh?" Kiira raised her sharp eyebrows and thought for a second before nodding her head indicating the old birdman to send them inside.

Kiira was the lady tribe leader of the Netherworld Ice sparrow tribe and she was as old as Qwerek.

However, when compared her appearance with the present Qwerek, she would look like his aunt with a face full of wrinkles and completely white hair.

"Yes, Madam," With a bow, he left the tribe leader's room.

"Greetings, Madam Kiira,"

Soon after he left the room, a group of young humanoid sparrow men came inside the tribe leader's room and bowed in front of their tribe leader.

Although she was the tribe leader, all the young elites of her tribe would call her as 'Madam' or 'Madam Kiira'.

"What is that you want to say to me at this hour," Kiira nodded her head and asked the group of young elites with an irritated expression on her face.

"Someone from our tribe saw that deserter from our tribe," The young elite that looked like the leader of the group kneeled on a single leg and seriously said.

"You mean that nameless and unevolved tribe's childe?" Kiira became even more irritated as soon as the young elite mentioned Ajax's Sparrow.

Among the three tribe leaders, Kiira always looked irritated. Irritated at the fact that she was the weakest among all three tribe leaders and what's more their tribe's childe had lost in the recent three tribes contest making her hate Ajax's sparrow.

"Didn't I order you all to forget about her and she doesn't have any relation with our tribe," Kiira exuded her elite general realm strength and pressured all the young elites for irritating her by mentioning Ajax's sparrow.

"W...wait Madam Kiira, it's just that we have another important information to say to you," The leader of the young elites endured the pressure from Kiira and hurriedly said.

"Say it,"

Seeing the seriousness in his eyes, Kiira retracted her aura and ordered him to say what he needs to say to her.

"One of my squad members noticed an elemental spirit on the back of that deserter who left our tribe," The leader of the young elites clenched his teeth as he informed about Ajax's sparrow.

"Huh? An elemental spirit?" Kiira stood up immediately and moved towards the leader of the young elites and hurriedly asked, "Where did you see her? We need to find her immediately."

When they had noticed her anxiousness, no one from the young elites was surprised or shocked because they knew why she was acting like that.

It was all because of the summoner's group. Since an elemental spirit was riding their tribe's ex-childe, it was a good thing for their tribe.

If their tribe managed to form some relation with the summoner's group they could be the sole leader of the Shixato wilds. So, their tribe leader was very anxious to find the ex-childe.

"Don't worry Madam Kiira. I know how important this matter is to our tribe, so I asked some of my team members to follow them secretly," The leader of the young elite was proud of his own actions and looked at Kiira for some kind of reward.

"Excellent. You did a good job of informing me about this matter as soon as you can. But you don't need to worry about your reward. I promise to reward to heavily after we find her,"

How could Kiira doesn't know what the leader of the young elites wants by informing her about this matter? It was of course for some kind of reward. So, she casually promised him to give some rewards after they found Ajax's sparrow.

"Thank you, Madam Kiira. Thank you very much,"

The leader of the young elites was over the moon with her words and hurriedly thanked her.

"Now guide the way to their location and let's find her," Kiira was anxious, so she hurried him to guide her the way to Ajax's sparrow.

"Yes, Madam Kiira," All the young elites moved out of the room and behind them, Kiira followed slowly.

'Hehe, soon my Netherworld Ice Sparrow tribe will rule the Shixato wilds,' While following them, she thought in her mind as she smiled.

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