New Age Of Summoners Chapter 42

38 Upgrading Spirit Consciousness

'Shit, my spirit consciousness is full so soon', Ajax cursed his spirit consciousness inwardly and opened his eyes, stopping his cultivation temporarily.

It's has been only two days since they spilt their reward.

In these two days, Ajax cultivated with his Heaven and earth refining technique to absorb spirit stones non-stop.

But his spirit consciousness has been filled in two days making him stop his cultivation.

'I should improve my capacity of spirit consciousness quickly', With that thought in his mind, Ajax checked his spirit consciousness with in user interface.


Spirit consciousness :- 1001/1003

"What, how did this happen", Ajax shocked to see his spirit consciousness capacity increased by 3 units, However he soon remembered the reason.

" It's must be due to mysterious spirit cultivation technique ", Ajax soon checked it information


Mysterious Spirit cultivation technique (Passive)

level :- 1 (Need 1000 units to level 2)

Grade :- Unknown

Type :- Unknown

Description :- an unknown spirit cultivation technique which increases the size of spirit consciousness by 1 unit every day.

Rating :- Very good

"Ho, I totally forget that it will increase my spirit consciousness capacity by 1 units daily. It's been 3 days since I learned it, so 3 units are increased without me doing anything", Ajax was happy with that technique but he continued muttering himself, " But it's still very slow, I think I should probably use the medium grade spirit jade and increase my capacity by 1000 units", with that thought he took out his spirit jade.


item name :- Medium grade spirit jade

Usage :- Helps in increasing the spirit consciousness of user by 100 km in area.

(Author's Note:- 100 km = 1000 units)

Used :- Through Meditation

rating :- Good.

With a thought, a notification came


Do you want to use Medium grade spirit jade to increase your spirit consciousness.

"Yes", Ajax said without any delay.


Host Consumed a Medium grade spirit jade.


Host's Spirit consciousness capacity is increased by 1000 units.


Host's spirit cultivation strength exceed the spirit soldier realm.


Do you wish to enter elite spirit soldier realm directly or Do you wish to not consider these 1000 units as you spirit cultivation??

Ajax understood every notification but last one was some what confusing, so he asked system to explain clearly about it.


The 1000 units spirit consciousness capacity increased by an auxiliary method. If host wants to remain in the soldier realm and wants to increase his spirit consciousness capacity by the cultivation techniques, he can reject the breath through to elite spirit soldier realm.


Although, host will be having 2003 units of spirit consciousness capacity, the system will only consider 1003 units capacity.


Host's base spirit consciousness will be set as 1000 units and every 100 units will be considered as the next level of the main realm.


Do you wish to enter elite spirit soldier realm directly or Do you wish to not consider these 1000 units as you spirit cultivation??.

Finally understood something from the detailed explanation of the system.

Now, his spirit consciousness capacity is 1003 units, when it reaches 1100 units, then his spirit cultivation will be Spirit soldier level 2 . But in actual, his spirit consciousness capacity can be compared with an elite spirit soldier.

"No", Ajax denied the breakthrough to next realm because he wants to be more stronger than his peers in the same level.

Although he has 1000 units of essence of nature, he didn't upgrade any technique or his cultivation. He thought he will upgrade all things when his spirit consciousness will be full.

Without wasting any time, Closing his eyes, Ajax went into his cultivation with a bunch of spirit stones in his hands.

He continuously absorbed them rapidly an dafter finishing them another bunch of spirit stones appeared in his hands.

Soon four days went in a flash.

In these four days, he spirit consciousness which can now hold 2007 units is filled with 2005 units of essence of nature .

Ajax excitedly opened his eyes and without thinking much he concentrated on his body cultivation level up.


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-4)

need 400 units of essence of nature to reach level 5 body cultivation.

"Upgrade to level 5", Ajax said controlling his excitement.


Consumed 400 units of essence of nature


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-5)

need 500 units of essence of nature to reach level 6 body cultivation.

Soon, Ajax felt his body becoming stronger and stronger slowly.

"Upgrade again", Without wasting any time he said to upgrade his cultivation again to the system.


Consumed 500 units of essence of nature


Body cultivation :- Soldier (level:-6)

need 600 units of essence of nature to reach level 7 body cultivation.

Instantly his essence of nature is reduced by 500 units.

Although, he felt heartache when his essence of nature is reduced rapidly, he wanted to continue upgrading his cultivation.

But before he even upgrade, he felt a sudden force which made him suppressed and made him unable to breathe.

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