New Age Of Summoners Chapter 417

405 Ajaxs Future Plans

According to the prophecy left behind by the ancestors of the Lightning Hawk tribe, Qwerek believed that Snow was the hope for their Hawk tribe to return to their origin.

So, he didn't hesitate in saying his earlier words.

'But Master, I don't want to leave your side' Hearing Ajax and Qwerek's conversation, Snow hurriedly transmitted her voice to Ajax.


After hearing Snow's words, Ajax didn't know what to say and looked at Snow with a bitter smile.

"Snow, it is only a temporary separation. Until then you and Raweth work together and defeat as many unevolved spirits as possible. Also,....," After waiting for a minute, Ajax tried to console her and said various things like conquering Shixato wilds and travelling to other regions.

'Fine, I will stay here,'

It took a while for Ajax to convince Snow and after convincing her, Ajax heaved a sigh of relief.

Ajax's plan in his conquering mission was to let his two contracted spirit beasts become the tribe leaders of the two tribes namely Fire crow tribe and Lightning Hawk tribe.

With the help of these two tribes, he would threaten the netherworld ice sparrow tribe and then make his Sparrow their tribe leader.

After that, the last step of the plans was to clear the unevolved spirit beasts in the Shixato wilds and complete the mission before leaving to the other regions in the five elemental world.

'As the first step of the plan he wanted to make Snow as the tribe leader of the lightning tribe today and settle Raweth as the tribe leader of the fire crew tribe before his 10 day time is up,' Ajax carefully thought of every step for this conquering mission while coming to the Hawk tribe earlier.

Moreover, he had ample time for the preparation in conquering the Shixato wilds. So, he planned to take it slow.

"Okay, Elder. So, if Snow becomes the next tribe leader of the Hawk tribe, there will be no problems, right?" Ajax, for the last time, asked Qwerek seriously.

"Her bloodline has reached 100 percent purity which is already making me bow to her. So, what do you think about other tribe members?"

Instead of answering directly to Ajax's question, Qwerek replied with a question of his own.

Generally, the tribe members with the highest purified bloodline were allowed to participate in a contest to become the tribe leader.

Qwerek only had a 70 percent purified bloodline and along with his intelligence, he won the contest and successfully became the tribe leader of the Lightning Hawk Tribe.

Since Snow already had the 100 percent purified bloodline, without a doubt, she could directly become the tribe leader.

"Okay then. Before I leave the five elemental world, we will announce it to the entire tribe. What do you say, Elder Qwerek?" Ajax felt there would be no problems in Snow becoming the tribe leader of the Hawk tribe.

So, he thought to announce it when he left the five elemental world.

"Anytime you say is fine for me," Tribe leader Qwerek was so excited and didn't mind about the time and looked at Snow before saying, "Until she is confident enough I will guide her."

"Sure," Ajax nodded his head and agreed to Qwerek's idea.

Since Snow had no experience in leading a tribe, it was better to take the guidance of Qwerek.

"Since the matter is over, I will go back to my room and start refining my pills," Ajax heaved a sigh of relief after he put out his thoughts of conquering the Shixato wilds and decided to go back to his room and start his refining.

"Okay. As for the rank 3 ingredients, I will send them soon," Qwerek just wanted to shout loudly thinking back to the conversation with Ajax; however, he suppressed his excitement and waited for Ajax to leave the meeting room and mentioned about rank 3 ingredients.

Ajax simply nodded his head in reply and silently left the meeting room.


As soon as Ajax left the meeting room, Qwerek stopped suppressing his excitement and started laughing without a care in the world.

As the meeting room was fully equipped with various arrays that could prevent the sound from inside the meeting room to go outside and vice versa. So, Qwerek didn't care about anything and started laughing.

"Finally, the prophecy is becoming true and we can finally leave his world and go back to our original world," Qwerek said to himself amidst his loud laugh.

Their prophecy about going back to their original world from where their first ancestor, the Lightning Dragon Hawk Emperor had come from with the help of a true childe would come true.

Just thinking about it made him excited.


As for Ajax, after leaving the meeting room, he exchanged some greetings with the elders of the hawk tribe who were sharing their experiences from the recent incident.

He didn't talk much with them. Just after said some 'Hi' 'Hello's he left to his room.

However, this time, all the elders' eyes were focused on Snow and the bloodline inside her was making them want to bow to her.

Nevertheless, they controlled that feeling and didn't even stop Ajax when he was leaving to his room.

Only after Ajax and his team left to their room, all the elders heaved a sigh of relief.

"Why do I want to bow to her?" Krail said with an embarrassed expression on her face.

"Huh? Do you feel that way too? I barely suppressed that feeling. Thank god, they left sooner; otherwise, I would have bowed to her even if they had stayed a few more seconds," When he heard his little brother's words, Kriaww explained his own experience when Ajax and Snow were in front of them.

"It's because of the bloodline in her body that is making us bow to her," the first elder slowly explained to them the reason for their feeling.

"If only she becomes our next tribe leader, I don't mind bowing to her even though she is much younger than me," the second elder, Erek muttered and said his thoughts.

"What bowing, I will not think for a second before kneeling in front of her if she becomes our tribe leader," Kraill hurriedly said about himself.

Similarly, all the elders said that as long as she becomes the tribe leader, they would bow to her and follow her orders without hesitation.

After entering his room which was the same room he was allocated previously. So Ajax was able to find his room on his own.

"Snow, you can rest in the bed with Ghost. I will take a shower and come,"

As Ajax didn't take a shower for a whole day and refined pills, helped with the lightning tribulations. So, after this many incidents, he wanted to have a nice hot bath to relax for a bit. So, he asked Snow to take rest along with the small three-eyed black fox.

"Okay master," Snow followed Ajax's orders and relaxed on the bed.

Soon, Ajax took his shower and changed his clothes before coming out of the bathroom.

"Hot baths after a tiring day is such a bliss," Ajax said to himself before going to the second bed to take a short nap.

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