New Age Of Summoners Chapter 415

403 Venturing Starts

According to the middle-aged man, there was no force or energy that could block his elemental spirit's spirit sense from knowing the origins of other people.

"Yes master, before I could enter his mind to find out the information about him, some kind of source threw me out of the boy," The elemental spirit explained the experience that occurred to it when it tried to find the origins of Ajax.

"Unless, if he came from one of the greater worlds, it is impossible for this to happen. Keep an eye on him from the distance and evaluate his character," The middle-aged man nodded his head while calming himself and asked his dual elemental spirit to continue observing Ajax.

"So, the master wants to recruit him?" The elemental spirit inquired its summoning master.

"If he satisfies all the conditions, there is nothing wrong with recruiting him. Also, the most important thing to do now is to heal my injuries and find others," The middle-aged man said with an expressionless face before going back to his meditation.

The dual elemental spirit didn't say anything and slowly disappeared from its position.


As for the Ajax, he doesn't know there was someone, who wants to recruit him into some kind of organisation or group.

At present, he was slowly walking towards the Hawk tribe with Snow and Ghost accompanying him.

While travelling, Ajax gets to know more about Ghost and its home.

"The reconstruction of the tribe leader's house must have been finished by now," Ajax guessed about the tribe leader's house and along the way, he also thought about his future actions after going back to the tribe.


While Ajax was moving towards the Hawk tribe, his elemental spirits and spirit beasts formed into separate teams of 2 or 3 members and started exploring Shixato wilds.

One of the teams that consisted of the father-child Golden bears' duo along with the earth elemental spirit Slait.

"Furball, I am sensing some earth elemental fruit that could be useful to little furball,"

Surprisingly, Slait was on the Golden bear king's back and excitedly said to him.

That's right, it was not a common scene for the golden bear kings to allow others to sit on their backs; however, the Golden bear king allowed Slait to sit on his back and he was not even angry.


Instead, he became excited when he heard the words of Slait about some earth elemental treasure and roared.

"I know you wanted to pick that treasure and give it to you son. But there is a spirit beast guarding it," Even though Slait doesn't know the beast language, he was able to guess what the golden bear king's earlier roar meant and warned him.

However, the golden bear kind didn't think for a second before rushing towards the direction in which Slait had pointed.

"Hold on hold on," Sait didn't expect the golden bear king to pay heed to his warning and rushed towards the swamp-like area.


Just as the golden bear king was about to enter into the swamp, Slait heard a loud roar of a spirit beast from the swamp making the Golden bear king halt.

'Pheww...at least it knows when to stop' Slait heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the golden bear king's actions.

"Since we don't the strength of the spirit beast in the swamp, let's make a plan and kill it before taking that earth elemental essence filled fruit," Since the golden bear king finally stopped, Slait said his thought about how to take the fruit, whose name he didn't know.

Although he didn't know the name, he could sense that it was a perfect snack for the little fuzzball.

His care for little fuzzball began when he was in the inner world.

Among all the elemental spirits he and Spirus were the only ones that didn't have an elemental paradise. So, most of the time, Slait used to play with little fuzzball and became close to the father-child duo.

Since both the spirit beasts were earth-elemental type, he suggested that he had a method to find earth elemental treasures and formed a team with them.


As Slait said his plan, the golden bear king looked at his son, who was beside him and roared.

Hearing his father's roar, the little golden bear moved backwards and distanced himself from the swamp and then looked at Slait.

"Huh? What is happening? Hey wait,"

Before Slait could understand the golden bear king jumped into the Swamp and half of the mud inside the swamp was splashed outside which decreased the level of mud.


As soon as the swamp became half-emptied, a 2-meter lizard-like creature rushed towards the golden bear king.

"A peak rank 4 swamp lizard?" Slait was worried all of sudden when he saw the spirit beast inside the swamp.

Even though the golden bear king has the same strength, since they were in the swamp it was a disadvantage for the golden bear king.

"Earth shield"

Without hesitation, Slait used his skill to defend the incoming attack from the spirit beast.

However, before the earth shield could form completely, the swamp lizard was already in front of the golden bear king which made Slait anxious.


Just as he was anxious, he saw the golden bear king below him, waved his large paw at the swamp lizard and it was thrown away from the swamp.

After being thrown away from the swamp, the swamp lizard didn't dare to rush at the golden bear king; instead, it ran away in fear.


Slait became speechless at the swamp lizard and marvelled the strength of the golden bear king.

"Let me pick that fruit," Without wasting any time, Slait rushed towards the corner of the swamp and picked the brown coloured fruit and came out of the swamp along with the golden bear king.

"Little fuzzball, come here," Slait called the little golden bear king and fed the fruit to him.


The fruit was gulped in a single bite.

"Let's go and search for more treasures,"

After seeing the strength of the golden bear king, Slait's excitement in searching for the treasures had been increased.

'Roar' 'roar'

Both the golden bears roared in excitement and continued their journey.

Just like Slait's team, there were other teams that were searching for treasures and some spirit beasts to fight.

Not all the elemental spirits and spirits were into the treasures. Some wanted to test their strength and stretch their muscles whereas others were simply looking at sceneries of the Shixato wilds.

For example, Volcanis, who didn't form a team with anyone was looking for an opponent of equivalent strength or a little more than his strength to fight whereas the two infernal spirits, Black flamed and Red flamed were simply roaming the various places in the Shixato wilds.

Netherworld Ice sparrow and Spirus formed a team and flew in the skies happily without a care in the world. They were not bothered about treasures or fights, they just wanted to peacefully fly in the skies until their master called them back.

Similarly, every spirit beast and elemental spirit have their own plans in this free time.

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