New Age Of Summoners Chapter 412

400 Property

Instead of saying valuables, it was best to say the source of the fire elemental energy that created this spirit stone mine.

He slowly walked deeper into the spirit stone mine and eventually reached the dead-end within a few minutes as the spirit stone mine was not very large.

'Huh? Why am I not sensing the source?'

When he reached the dead end, Ajax thought in his head as he looked at his surroundings carefully.

From his childhood, the only thing Ajax was proud of was about his sensing of the elements in the air and even Elder Boron used to praise him for that talent; however, now he was unable to sense the source from this spirit stone mine was born.

'Looks like the source completely disappeared after this spirit stone mine was formed,' Since he was unable to sense the source, he thought it might have disappeared after supplying the essence to the spirit stone mine.

Shaking his head, he thought of returning back to his subordinates to help them in extracting the spirit stones.

Just as he turned his head, he suddenly sensed a weak fluctuation from the ground below him.

"Huh? This might be the source" Ajax bent down and observed the ground closely and felt that this must be the source where the spirit stone mine was formed.

"But it is very weak and I am barely able to sense the energy,"

Even when he observed very closely, he was not sensing the strong fluctuations and the energy from the source was very weak.


The host found the source of the low-level spirit stone mine.


Do you want to take control over it?

"What the heck?"

Just as he stood straight after observing the ground, he received the system notifications that made him speechless and thought that system was joking with him.

'Or maybe not,' Ajax immediately rejected the idea and looked at the holographic n front of him and said, "Yes"

According to Ajax, only a fool would reject the control over a spirit stone mine.

'Even though it's only a low-level one, if he supplies some high source of energy, it might produce some medium level or high-level spirit stones in the future. Nevertheless, it would continue to produce low-level spirit stones with the surrounding essence of nature,' Ajax's thoughts about the control over spirit stone mine calculated everything and he planned what to do with it in the future.


Please transfer 5000 units of the essence of nature and finish taking control over the spirit stone mine.

As Ajax was expecting that system would directly bind the spirit stone mine to him, he got the system notification asking him to pay 5000 units of the essence of nature.

'System, you are becoming more like a thug day by day,' Ajax muttered as he agreed to the system's notification.

As soon as he agreed his spirit consciousness which had a little more than 5000 units of the essence of nature become a three-digit number all of a sudden.

'Don't need to feel much. It's worth it, Ajax,' With less than 500 units of the essence of nature in his spirit consciousness, he felt weak all over his body and waited for the confirmation message from the system.


5000 units of the essence of nature have successfully transferred to the spirit stone mine.

As he was feeling a little weak, he received the system notification informing about the transfer and the weak fluctuations from before had now become strong.

Moreover, he also felt closer to the spirit stone mine.

It didn't take much time for him to get another system notification which made him excited.


Congratulations to the host for successfully taking over the control of the spirit stone mine. Please check the under the properties list in the user interface.

Although he didn't understand much about what it said, he opened the user interface and found the properties section.

Currently, under that section only one name was present and Ajax focused on it.


Property:- Low-level spirit stone mine (Fire)

Input:- Surrounding essence of nature in the five elemental world.

Output:- 10000 spirit stones per year

Upgrade requirements:- Need a very rich fire elemental essence of nature to level up to the medium level spirit stone mine.

Guardian:- None

Note:- The host can't transfer it to his inner world.

"What? Not transferable?"

Even though the note was at the end of the holographic screen, Ajax's eyes first landed on it and became shocked.

Until now, he thought he could transfer the spirit stone mine into his inner world and he could take the spirit stones out of the mine whenever he required them.

However, now the system gave him a note that it was not transferable making him quite shocked.

'Sigh...I should have asked the system before I took control over it,' Ajax sighed but he was not worried much about the 5000 units of the essence of nature he had just spent.

'Let me check the other information about this spirit stone,' Next, he looked at the holographic screen for more information.

"Good good good," He nodded his head as he said 'Good' three times.

Because there was no need for him to send any essence of nature to this spirit stone mine in the future and he would still receive 10000 spirit stones per year.

'Moreover, Ijust need to find some rich fire essence of nature and upgrade it then I can get medium level spirit stones,' Thinking about medium grade spirit stones, Ajax was excited and looked at the last row.


There was no need for him to ask the system about it as he knew about what it meant and in fact, he was thinking about whom should he appoint as a guardian.

Since the guardian would be separated with him for almost all the time, he had to be careful in selecting the guardian.

'I think, I should appoint red as the guardian since he was also related to the fire element,' After thinking for a few seconds, he thought of the boulder soul whom he had made into his inner world's guardian and summoned him.

'System, I want to appoint Red as the guardian of the spirit stone mine. Is it possible?' Ajax felt that there might be a problem as Red was already the inner world's guardian. So, he asked the system about it.


Are you sure, you want to make red as the spirit mine guardian?

Soon, the system replied with a notification that asked him to confirm one last time.

"Yes," Since the system didn't say it was impossible, he agreed without any hesitation.


A guardian is now appointed to the spirit stone mine.


The guardian has a 100 percent affinity with the spirit stone mine. New effects are added as a result.

"Woah! I knew it. Appointing Red as the guardian was a good thing," Seeing the new system notifications, Ajax was excited and he confidently muttered to himself.

'Let's see the added effects of the spirit stone mine,' Ajax thought in his head and once again checked the information on the spirit stone mine.


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