New Age Of Summoners Chapter 410

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'Whom should I give this monster peach?'

Ajax thought in his head for a moment but decided to think about it later.

Since Ajax was still an elite commander realm cultivator, he could not use the monster peach yet. So, it would be given to either Snow or Raweth.

'I think, its best to wait until the 10th day, and decide whom should I give it to,'

However, Ajax suppressed his urge to use it on Snow for now and decided to wait for the last day before giving it to the suitable subordinate.

"Finally, the mission 1 of the three series mission is completed,"

After checking the rewards, Ajax stood up from the ground and stretched his body before heaving a sigh of relief.


Just as he heaved a sigh of relief, Ajax suddenly felt that his mind was filled with some foreign information that was flooding continuously which made him cry in pain.

"Master, are you okay?" This time, Snow and Dabrus immediately rushed to Ajax when they saw their master clutching his head and groaned.

'Huh? Is it over?'

However, Ajax was not in the mood to stop them or reply to them as he felt that pain disappear all of a sudden.

The pain only lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared into thin air along with the flooding information into his head that stopped all of a sudden.

"I am fine. Let's go and meet up with others. I think the extraction of the spirit stones must have been completed by a quarter percent,"

After standing up from the ground, he replied to his subordinates in a cool tone making their worry disappear and asked them to move back to their newly found spirit stone mine.

With the time he had left from the spirit stone mine, Ajax roughly estimated that at least 25 percent of the spirit stones must have been extracted by his elemental spirits.

Just thinking about it made him smile uncontrollably.

"Yes, master," Since their master was still fine and replied in such a cool tone, Snow and Dabrus nodded their heads and followed Ajax back to the spirit stone mine.


All the newly entered data about rank 2 alchemy master has been now stabilized.


Congratulations to the host for becoming a rank 2 alchemy master.

As Ajax and his two subordinates were walking towards the spirit stone mine, Ajax had got two system notifications that made him stop for a second.

'So, it's just like I thought, it is the rank 2 alchemy master knowledge that is unsealed and entered into my mind,' After stopping, Ajax nodded his head and checked the knowledge about the rank 2 alchemy master, which was just unsealed a little back.

Ajax already knew that the foreign knowledge that made him cry in pain was none other than the reward from the mission 1 of the series missions.

So, he was not surprised by the system notifications and wanted to check the knowledge about the rank 2 herbs and other techniques.

'As expected, this is the knowledge about the rank 2 alchemy master,' Ajax nodded his head as cross-checked the knowledge he had just gained with the alchemy king's basic alchemy book.

'Although I have access to many techniques and knowledge to various herbs, that doesn't make me a full-fledged rank 2 alchemy master,' After crossing the knowledge, he shook his head while smilingly thought in his head.

That's right. Even though he had the knowledge of a rank 2 alchemy master now that doesn't mean he can refine the pills straightway.

What he had to do now was to practice some rank 2 pill recipes and refine some rank 2 pills and put the knowledge in his mind to some use, then he could be considered as a full-fledged rank 2 alchemy master which was already known by Ajax.

After checking those notifications, Ajax and his subordinates started moving once again.

However, before they could even take a few steps, Ajax once again received a system notification.


A new mission in the series missions has been generated. Please check the Quest tab for more details.

This time, he didn't stop and continued moving in the direction of the spirit stone mine and at the same time, he opened the quest tab to check the second mission from the series missions.


Series mission 2/3

Mission name:- Taking the next step in the true journey of alchemy.

Target:- Successfully refine rank 2 pills three times without failing

Progress:- 0/3

Reward:- Unseal the knowledge of the rank 3 alchemy master.

Time limit:- 2 days

Note:- The time limit might be reduced by the host's pill refinements

"Just as I expected," When he saw the second mission in the quest tab, Ajax smiled a little as he thought he was getting better in understanding the system more.

Since I have to refine only a single type of pills, I think, I can complete this mission in two days,' Unlike the previous mission, which required him to refine five types of rank 1 pills, Ajax felt that this mission was better than that.

According to Ajax, refining a single type of pill continuously could increase the success rate and the three successful pill refinements were way better than refining five types of rank 1 pills.

'I will start this mission after I go back to the hawk tribe,' Although it was peaceful here, Ajax doesn't want to refine in the wild unless it was very urgent. So he decided to go to the Hawk tribe before starting the second mission from the series mission.

He thought that the reconstruction of the tribe leader's house would be complete in the next few hours, so as soon as he finished his extraction of the spirit stones, he would go straight to the hawk tribe and complete his series mission and become the rank 4 alchemy master.

As for any other matter, that could wait until he becomes rank 4 alchemy master.

"By the way, I still need to check the new effect from my title 'Alchemy Maniac'," After closing the quest tab, he thought about the earlier system notification that mentioned 'Alchemy maniac' getting a new effect. So he thought of checking that new effect.


Title:- Alchemy Maniac

Description:- One who refines pills like a crazy person and doesn't know when to stop.

Uses:- 1) Increases the pills success rate refined by 50 percent and is limited to rank 1 pills.

2) Increases the pills success rate refined by 25 percent and is limited to rank 2 pills.

"This effects," Ajax became completely speechless when he saw the new effect and the change in the first effect of his alchemy maniac title.

The first effect was changed from the 25 pill refinement success rate to 50 percent. And if it were to be added by the effect of the basic alchemy fire technique, then his success rate in refining the rank 1 pills would be 100 percent.

'So, now I can refine the rank 1 pills without any fail?' Ajax was still unable to believe whether what he thought was real or not.

To his surprise, the system sent a system notification to clarify his doubt which made him believe it was real.

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