New Age Of Summoners Chapter 41

37 Splitting The Reward

In the Hazegrove mercenary squad building.

In the main hall, Edmond and other squad members laid down comfortably on their chairs with a relaxed expression on their faces.

Suddenly, Edmond stood up and said in a slow but steady voice, "Now, it's time to split up our reward".

As soon as the heard the word 'Reward', all the squad members stood up with an excited expression on their faces.

" From this mission alone,we earned 30,000 spirit stones. As the captain I will be taking 10000 fire element spirit stones and Udo, the vice captain, who has an affinity with life element spirit stones, will be taking 8000 life element spirit stones", Edmond paused for second and continued, "Remaining 12000 spirit stones which are in the mix of Wind, earth, life, fire and water elements. So take not more than 3000 spirit stones of your specific element",Edmond gave a space ring to Udo and another one to Lewis.

" What?? we are getting 3000 spirit stones each?? Hurray",

"long live the captain",

Except ajax, remaining three youths shouted with excitement.

As for the reason, it's simple. This is the first mission they did least work to get more spirit stones.

Ajax is also as excited as them but in the different way from others.

He was in a daze, thinking how many levels he can increase his cultivation, once he absorbed all the spirit stones.

"Since, I am have an affinity with wind element, I will pick only wind element spirit stones. Even if they are less that 3000, I will only take them", Saying this, Lewis quickly separated the wind element spirit stones from the space ring. Soon, he completely took all the wind element spirit stones which amounted to a total of 2600.

After taking 2600 wind element spirit stones, he passed the space ring to Jeff and left to his room in a rush to cultivate.

Seeing this, Udo shook is his and left to his room with a space ring which Edmond gave him just now.

Edmond also didn't say anything and just left to his room before saying, "I will cultivate half a month in Seclusion, don't disturb me during this time".

" Yes Captain Edmond ", Ajax and others replied Edmond respectfully.

After Edmond left, Jeff also followed the Lewis principle and just took 2800 earth element spirit stones and passed the space ring to Ajax and left to his room.

Ajax and Paulin also didn't said anything as they already knew Jeff has a high compatibility with earth element.

Ajax took the space ring from jeff said to Paulin, "senior Paulin, you go first".

" Sure, but I have request Ajax", Paulin said after some hesitation.

"Please say, senior Paulin", although Paulin don't talk much but Ajax knew he was a very good person deep insideinside, so he asked what is that request.

"From the look, water element spirit stones look more than 3000, I will take that extra water element spirit stones now, since I need to breakthrough the commander realm, what will you say Ajax?? ", Paulin asked Ajax with an embarrassed look on his face.

" It's not a big problem, senior brother paulin ", Ajax continued with a smile, " That Lewis and Jeff only took 2600 and 2800 spirit stones respectively, so just take it ".

" Thanks Ajax", paulin thanked Ajax repeatedly.

Soon paulin separated the water element spirit stones from the space ring.He got a total of 3300 water element spirit stones.

Paulin again thanked Ajax before he left to his room.

Finally Ajax was the only one, who stood alone in the main Hall with a space ring in his hand.

Soon he counted the spirit stones in the ring.

"2400 life element spirit stones and 900 fire element spirit stones. Total 3300 spirit stones, with this, my strength will increase again", Ajax with a smile on his face thought in his head.

Without wasting any time Ajax went to his room, to start absorbing the spirit stones.

Before starting his cultivation, he want to check his information in the user interface


Name :- Ajax

race :- human

Body force :- 1900 jin(+760 jin)

Essence of nature :- 510 units

Main cultivation technique:- Heaven and earth elemental refining technique (level 2)

Body cultivation :- Soldier realm level 4

Note:- Based on the body force of user, he has the strength of peak level 9 soldier.

Spirit cultivation technique :- Mysterious spirit cultivation technique (level 2)

Spirit cultivation :- Spirit soldier realm level 1

Note:- Based on the essence of nature that can be stored in user's body, he has the strength of level 5 spirit soldier.

Number of elemental spirits :- 3

Equipped items

1) Item name :- Sigmis black pendant

Grade :- medium grade artifact (Evolvable)

Effect :- 40% increase in user's defence

Special effect :- 20 percent increase in attack power when fight enemies.

Special skill :- Summon of dead (level 5)

Description :- Helps the user to summon 5 undead soldiers. (Upgradable).

Number of Summons available :- 5/5.

rating :-good

Description :- It is the final product of sigmis, many years of hardwork and research, However it is upgraded to medium grade with the help of ugrade stone.

The holograhic screen infront of him displayed all the details of him and the items.

"I think My essence of nature is increased by 20 due to inner world", Ajax nodded his head and sat cross legged to start cultivating with spirit stones.

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