New Age Of Summoners Chapter 408

396 Last Rank 1 Pill Recipe

Level breaking pellets were the first rank 1 pills, he had refined when he last came to the five elemental world.

It only required three types of ingredients and it was easy for Ajax as he had continuously refined those level-breaking pills for more than 200 times back then.

Since the time was less now, he decided to use this rank 1 pills to fill one spot in the five rank 1 pills for the sake of completing the mission quickly.

Soon, he took out the two batches of three ingredients from the space ring.

From this, one could understand how confident he was in refining the level breaking pills.

The three ingredients were Lake moss, Ruby grass and Elephant clary.

"I can do it," Before starting the refinement he motivated himself and took a deep breath and started refining the first batch of pills.


It didn't take much time for Ajax to complete the refinement and slowly opened the lid of the fire cauldron.


He was completely shocked by what he had seen inside the fire cauldron and felt it was unbelievable.

The reason he felt like that was because what he had seen inside the cauldron was 21 perfectly small shining pearl-like pills.

According to Ajax, in the historical records that he had learned from the Elder Boron, there was no one who had refined 21 pills in a single successful refinement. So, he still felt it was not real and slowly controlled the fire to make the fire cauldron disappear leaving behind the 21 pills.


Congratulations to the host for refining the highest number of pills refined in a single batch and the title 'Alchemy Maniac' has unlocked another effect.


To know what the effect is, complete the mission 1 of the series mission first.


But don't think there are not others who have refined 21 pills in a single batch in history.

As he was still feeling it was a dream, he had received some system notifications that congratulated, rewarded and warned him.

"Huh? A new effect for my alchemy maniac title?" Ajax's motivation to complete the mission 1 of the series mission received another boost when he saw the system notification.

Alchemy maniac was the title awarded to him by the system when he had completed the 100 successful refinements of the level-breaking pills.

Because of that little, his success rate in refining had been increased and he was now eager to find out the new effect of that title which will be only unlocked after he completes this mission.

"So, there were others who have refined 21 pills in a single batch. That means even Elder Boron doesn't know some things," Ajax was not dejected by the fact that he was not the only one to refine the 21 pills in a single batch; instead, he was excited and thought, "If 21 pills were refined in a single batch, then is it possible to refine more than that?

This thought made him increase his interest in the field of alchemy and decided to focus more on Alchemy along with the other missions which would give energy orbs for levelling up his cultivation.

"Phew, it was a good thing I was able to refine 21 pills. If it was 18 pills I have to waste another 5 minutes to refine another batch for that 2 pills," Ajax felt happy and immediately stored the pills and extra batch of ingredients before taking out the final rank 1 pill recipe.

'With this, I can finally complete my mission 1,' He carefully studied the pill recipe and techniques for it.

For the mission 1 of the series missions, he had to refine 5 types of rank 1 pills and he had now completed the 4 types of rank 1 pills and left with the final pill.

So, he was excited but he suppressed his excitement and carefully took out the required ingredients for his final rank 1 pill recipe.

'Low-level healing pill recipe,' He looked at the recipe that needed four ingredients and quickly searched his space ring for them.

Low-level healing pills were the basic healing pills that could be used to heal light injuries or could also be used as first-aid pills that could stop intense bleeding. But it could not heal the injuries completely.

After searching for a minute, he carefully took out four batches of ingredients assuming that he would at least have a 50 percent success rate.

Even though he had effects from the title and the fire technique, sometimes the pills could not be formed. So, he took out two more additional batches and placed them in front of him.

'Relax,'Ajax muttered that word and took a deep breath before releasing it.

Next, he adjusted his condition and slowly started using the basic alchemy fire technique.

As soon as he used that, fire came out from both of his hands and slowly formed a fire cauldron which shook a little before becoming a real cauldron that looked sturdy.

'Mage leaves, Pearl celery, Water rosemary and the main ingredient low-level life grass,'

He muttered each ingredient and separated the essence from them at different temperatures.

After refining the rank 1 pills for hundreds of times, the separation of the essences from the rank 1 ingredients had become an easy thing for him and even if he was careless for a second, the separation of the essences from the rank 1 ingredients would not go wrong.

Nonetheless, he was not a fool to be careless while refining and cause a pill explosion which might harm his life.

'First mix the essence of the water rosemary and pearl celery then add the essence ofMage leaves and finally close the lid of the fire cauldron after adding the essence of the main ingredient,' Ajax muttered the process and technique he had gained from all the sources and followed it and closed the lid of the fire cauldron.

After closing the fire cauldron, as usual, he supplied the required heat to the hovering fire cauldron.

'Looks like everything is going smooth,' Ajax felt this pill refinement was almost successful.


Just as he thought about his pill refinement, the fire cauldron in the mid-air blasted all of a sudden.

However, Ajax was very careful this time and covered his entire body with the essence of the nature shield that protected him from the pill explosion.

Although he barely covered himself with the protective layer, he was still fine as the pill explosion of a rank 1 pill was that serious.

Nevertheless, he didn't want to take a risk with the pill explosions and tried to shield himself with the essence of nature.

'Cough cough'

There was not even a scratch on his but the smoke from the pill explosion made him cough a little.


"Summoning master,"

"I am fine. Don't worry. Just continue to guard,"

Snow and Dabrus were ready to rush towards him to help; however, he stopped them and asked them not to worry about him.

Hearing his orders, both of them looked at each other and stopped moving and continued to guard their places.

'Where did I go wrong this time?' Ajax was satisfied with his subordinates and began to think about the reason for his failure.

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