New Age Of Summoners Chapter 407

395 Beauty Pills

Although he didn't know the complete story, he guessed that since Sparrow didn't win in the three tribe contest, all the tribe members vented their anger on her.

'You tried your best in the three-tribe contest. Don't let their words break you down,' Ajax caressed the purple feathers and continued to console her.

What Ajax said was true as he watched Sparrow's fight in the three tribes contest, in which she had tried her best; however, the other two participants were a little more powerful than her that made her lose the contest.

It took Ajax a while to finally make Sparrow normal and return her to the mini-dark abyss to cultivate.

Since he had to refine the pills now he didn't summon her out; otherwise, he would have let her fly outside.

After sending her into the elemental paradise, he checked his other spirit beasts, elemental paradises and other things in the inner world.

However, he didn't waste much time with it and after going through a quick survey around his inner world, a smile appeared on his face unconsciously.

When he was in the Silver Orphanage, he had never expected that he would have these many friends and resources and felt that he had to take good care of everyone.

'Still, three batches left. I hope my next refining will be successful,'

Soon, he came out of his inner world and looked at the three batches of Bone restructuring pill ingredients in front of him while muttering to himself.

Initially, he took out five batches of ingredients in which one was successful whereas another one was a failure that resulted in the pill explosion due to the fluctuations from the inner world.

So, there were still three batches of ingredients for the bone restructuring pills.

Without wasting any time, he repeated the process of separating the essences from the ingredients at different temperatures and threw them into the cauldron that was made up of fire.

Without any surprise, the pill refinement this time was a success and just like before he got another 18 high-grade pills from the refinement making him excited.

'Finally, 2 pill recipes down,' He heaved a sigh of relief and kept the remaining two batches of ingredients into his space ring.

"For my third pill recipe, I will refine the beauty pills"

Ajax took a deep breath and selected the next rank 1 pill recipe and took out five batches of ingredients from the space rings and placed them in front of him.

Beauty pills were the common type of pill even in the Zorchester province as it was quite famous for its cheap rate and became popular in a very short time. They were used by both males and females.

Nonetheless, these pills were mostly used by non-cultivators.

As for cultivators, only low-level ones who don't have any hope in reaching the higher realms would use these pills to maintain their beauty.

Just like the previous two pill recipes, this pill recipe also needed only three ingredients which were very common in the Shixato wilds.

The ingredients were Ice rue, small love oregano, Eklo leaf.

"Let's start now,"

By now Ajax had got a grip on the rank 1 pills and it didn't take much time for him to complete the two successful refinements back to back without any trouble.

However, the pills he had got from the two refinements were only 15 pills per each batch.

Nevertheless, Ajax was satisfied with his 100 percent successful refinements for this pill.

Like always, he stored the refined pills into small glass bottles that were given to him by the Elder Qwerek along with the ingredients.

Along with that, he also stored the remaining batches of ingredients into the space ring.

"I should take some rest before refining another pill refinement,"

Even with his previous two successful refinements, Ajax still remained cool-headed and decided to take some rest for a few minutes.

Since the two pill refinements were successful back to back that doesn't mean he could refine the pills continuously. If he wants to refine the same pills, then it was not a problem; however, he was refining a new pill. So, he decided to let his mind calm down a little and let him revise what he had learned from the previous refinements.

Snow and Dabrus continued to stand guard and didn't allow any other spirit beasts to disturb Ajax while he was refining and meditating.

"To more pill recipes to go,"

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes that gave off a bright light as though he had been enlightened with something.


Only 30 minutes are left of the deadline of the mission 1 of the series mission. Please be quick.

Just as he was about to look for his next recipe to refine, he got the system notification that made him puzzled but he was not worried much about the time.

Before coming to this place, the system, had said he had only a few hours left for the completion of this mission; however, it's been around one or so hour since then and now the system was saying that only 30 minutes were left for the completion of the mission.

Even though he was not worried, he was irritated by the system's continuous reduction in the deadline which made him think that the system was eager for him to complete the mission as soon as possible.

"Whatever, as long as the reward is good and the mission seems possible, I don't mind," Ajax casually shrugged his shoulders.


The system thanks the host for his understanding.


Increasing the quality of all the rewards from the future mission by a level.

"Huh? System, are you ok? What happened to you?" Ajax thought there was something wrong with the system today as the system was never that generous in increasing the quality of the rewards and asked the system.


If the host doesn't want the increment in the quality of the rewards, then the system will gladly cancel it.


Do you want it or not?

In reply to his questions, the system sent two system notifications that made Ajax jaws drop and started laughing.

"I know, nothing will happen to you. You are always the same, old, cold system," While laughing, Ajax said to the system and eventually agreed to the increment in the quality of the rewards from the future missions.

'Who doesn't want some extra rewards for the same work he will do?' Ajax thought in his head and stopped laughing before becoming serious.

It's like how Ajax thought. Since he would complete the missions issued by the system, he doesn't mind getting extra rewards or higher quality items as the reward. So, he agreed without much hesitation.

'If the mission is impossible and I don't have sufficient confidence, then I will simply ignore the mission,' Ajax muttered to himself and looked at the last two pill recipes in Mason's family alchemy handbook.

"Since the time is less, I will simply refine the level break pellets as my fourth rank 1 pill recipe,"

The last two pill recipes needed four and five ingredients respectively, so he felt that it's better to refine the level breaking pellets.

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