New Age Of Summoners Chapter 406

394 Netherworlds Queen

Even though he acted irritated, in fact, he was happy and liked the feeling as he felt all his spirit beasts were closer to his heart.

To him, all the elemental spirits and the spirit beasts were like a family to him, so he was never truly angry with any of his elemental spirits or spirit beasts.


Spirit beast:- Netherworld Ice Sparrow

Element:- Ice/Dark

Cultivation:- mid-level rank 4

Bloodline:- Ice sparrow empress (100% purity)

Skills:- Nether claw, Icy feather shot, Frost, Nightmare

Special skill:- Netherworld's Queen.

Soon, the system notification appeared in front of Ajax with all the details of the Ice sparrow on it.

'Cultivation is not bad,' Ajax slowly checked the details on the holographic screen.

The reason he said that was because, among the three members who had received the inheritance orbs from him, Sparrow was the one with the lowest cultivation.

Raweth had already reached the general realm which was equivalent to the rank 5 strength for the spirit beasts.

Similarly, Snow had recently reached the same general realm leaving the ice sparrow behind them in terms of their strength.

"Don't worry, I will make you catch up to them in the least possible time," when he said about the cultivation, the flying sparrow landed in front of him and acted pitifully making Ajax shook his head and he consoled her and at the same time promised her to make his powerful.

As soon as it heard Ajax's words, the Ice sparrow once again slammed into his embrace but with much less force now making Ajax heave sigh of relief.

'Okay okay. Calm down. Let me check your other skills,' Ajax rubbed the purple coloured feathers which were a lot denser than the previous time he had seen her.

After absorbing the inheritance orb, the size of the ice sparrow had decreased a little and presently she was less than Ajax's height.

However, the purple colour on her feathers was much denser with black colour on the tail feathers and on her small head which made it give an eerie look.

'100 percent purity in the bloodline, good,' It was not a surprise for him as he already knew that after completely absorbing the inheritance orb, all his spirit beasts had gained 100 percent purity in their respective bloodlines.

"New skills. Yes, this is what I am waiting for,"

The reason Ajax checked the Ice Sparrow's information was to check the new skills. So, when he saw the new skillshe was excited and focused his eyes on those skills.

As soon as he focused, the skill name and its description appeared in front of Ajax.


Skill name:- Nightmare (active)

Skill Description:- When the Ice's sparrow's purple blood is touched or comes into contact with the opponent, then that opponent will suffer nightmares depending on the amount of blood that the opponent has come into.

"Huh? it's a weird skill," Ajax felt this skill was weird and cruel for the Ice Sparrow as it looked like a demonic skill.

'Since she is using her own blood then it's not demonic, right?'Ajax shook his head and stopped thinking about the skill and shifted his attention to the next section that was 'Special skill'.

He didn't bother to check the information on other skills as he already had the rough idea about every other skill as they were old skills anyway.


Special skill:- Netherworld's queen (active)

Skill description:- When this special skill is activated, the beings from the netherworld and the beings that have netherworld's original bloodlines will cower in front of her for a time period of 30 minutes.

Note:- In other words. She will be the queen of all netherworld people until the skill wears off.

Cooldown:- 24 hours.

"So, all the three spirit beasts have got something that can dominate other beings," Ajax was very happy to see another skill that could dominate other beings just like Snow and Raweth.

Snow had the skill that could suppress all the spirit birds and there was a chance that it could tame them.

Similarly, Raweth could suppress many of the fire elemental beings and make them work for him.

'My army will become more and more if my contracted spirit beasts continue to awaken these types of skills,' Ajax felt confused as to why he was getting all these types of skills.

'What are Heavens up to?'

He knew that the awakening of these skills had nothing to do with the system. So, he shifted the reason to the Heavens.

Nevertheless, he looked for the time when he could summon all his elemental spirits and the contracted spirit beasts without any worry.

"Huh? Yes, I totally forgot about this thing," While thinking about his future, Ajax suddenly remembered something and looked at the Ice Sparrow, who is still his embrace and asked her, "Sparrow did you get any re-cultivation technique to transform into humanoid form?"

This was one of the most curious questions in his mind and quickly asked about the re-cultivation technique.

When the Ice Sparrow heard Ajax's words, she once again became sad as though she didn't get the technique from the inheritance orb.

Not all inheritance orbs were like the Lightning dragon hawk emperor's inheritance orb which contained his own re-cultivation technique in it which helped Snow in gaining a similar type of evolved artifact.

'There might be another thing in the inheritance orb absorbed by Sparrow,'

However, Ajax guessed that if the inheritance orb absorbed by the Ice Sparrow didn't have a re-cultivation technique, then it would have another thing that was similarly valuable in that.

'Don't worry. I will help you get that re-cultivation technique from your tribe,' Ajax tried to console her but who knows she would become even sadder when Ajax mentioned her tribe.

The Ice Sparrow didn't have much ties with the Netherworld's Ice sparrow tribe after what had happened to her when she was not able to win in the three tribes contest.

Every tribe member scolded her for not winning the contest and what's more, they even insulted her dead parents who were just normal unevolved Ice sparrows.

Although she was used to their scolding, she was unable to endure when they started insulting her parents. So, she went to look for the tribe leader and other elders for a consolation.

However, she didn't expect that they would also do the same thing and insult her parents and scolded her which made her last bit of relation to the tribe were cut off.

After that, she didn't even go back to her resident and directly moved out of the tribe and attacked by her fellow tribe members who were later killed by Ajax.

That was the greatest incident that had ever happened to the Ice sparrow because she had met someone who didn't care about whether she was powerful or weaker; instead, he even said he would help her become powerful.

As expected, a few days after she formed a spirit contract with him, she was offered a Netherworld Ice sparrow empress inheritance orb that made her strength increase from the late rank 3 to mid-level rank 4 along with her bloodline purity increased to 100 percent.

"Don't be sad. I will help punish all the Ice sparrow members once I become strong," Ajax felt bad thinking back to her past and consoled her.

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