New Age Of Summoners Chapter 405

393 Improving The Land

As the rock was still in the excitement, Ajax checked his surroundings and it didn't take much time for him to find the reason behind the fluctuations.

In the distance, he saw a purple feathered bird came out of the mini-dark abyss and stretched its wings that made Ajax's already happy face become even more happy.

The purple feathered bird was none other than the Netherworld Ice sparrow that had two elements in it, Ice and Dark elements.

The Netherworld Ice Sparrow, just like other two birds, consumed the inheritance orb from Ajax and entered into seclusive cultivation.

Just when he was about to throw the separated essences of the three ingredients, Sparrow woke up from her seclusive cultivation which nearly made him injured severely.

The pill explosion caused by the refining rank 1 and rank 2 pills were not that dangerous to take one's life; however, it could not be said the same for the refining of the high-level pills which contained more powerful energy in them that could make the refiner die.

'Since I got Gol now to stop the fluctuations from the inner world, I can refine the pills without any disturbance from the inner world,' Ajax thought that it was a good reward now.

Because in the future, he would be refining high-level pills and if by any chance something that happened earlier happens once again, then he could say his goodbye to this world.


Just like how Ajax saw the Ice Sparrow, the Ice Sparrow also saw him and screeched with excitement before flying towards him.


Seeing the excited Ice Sparrow, Ajax heartily lagged and looked at the rock man who had calmed down a little in his excitement.

"You go and increase the fertility over there," After that, Ajax pointed his finger at the place where he had planted many high-level ingredients and asked Gol to make that land fertile.

Ajax decided to use Gol to his best, so he ordered him to make the land where he had sown the seeds that he got from the never-returning cave.

"Yes master, I will make this land as rich and as fertile as possible,"

Since making the land fertile was the favourite work of the golem race members, Gol was excited and thanked Ajax before rushing to the area that Ajax had pointed to.

"You need to take good care of my herb garden while you are making that land fertile. Did you understand?" Ajax was also excited seeing the excitedly rushing rock man and gave him a few more instructions to him.

Although Gol looked like he was rushing; in fact he was very slow.

Golem race members lack the movement speed and even when they rush, they would only have a normal walking speed.

It took a couple of minutes for Gol to enter into the herb garden which was named by Ajax just a few minutes back and settled in the middle of the garden before turning back into the stone.


When he saw the actions of the Golem, he was puzzled as he thought the golem would do something with the ground; however, he turned into a rock and behaved like a normal boulder.


The host need not worry, the area surrounding the golem will automatically become fertile with time.


To Ajax's surprise, the system gave him an answer without him asking it.

'I want to see how he does the land fertile,'

Nevertheless, Ajax was curious and wanted to find the process of turning land into a rich fertile land.

So, he connected with his inner world to get every microscopic view in the inner world.

As soon as he became one with the inner world, he felt like a God observing his world.

Next, he shifted all his focus to the Golem.

Around the brown rock golem, the essence of nature in the air was slowly being absorbed by him.

Although the speed it was absorbing was very less, it was absorbed by his whole body, unlike any other beings that could only absorb the essence of nature by their spirit consciousness which compensated the lack of absorption speed of the golem and matched him with an average cultivator.

'What a cool technique,' Even though Ajax knew about this beforehand, he felt it was good when he looked at it with his eyes.

He nodded his head at that technique and continued looking at the process of making land fertile.

After absorbing the essence of nature, some specks of small stones fell from his body.

'These are filled with the rich essence of nature,'

Before one of the small stones that were barely visible to him even when he had connected with the inner world, Ajax had observed it and felt a rich essence of nature from each of those specks of small stones.

When he felt that, he was shocked by the amount of rich essence of nature by a small dust particle that was barely visible to the normal eye.

'If the size of the speck of dust is somewhat big, then it could be sold for at least for a million spirit stones,' Ajax estimated the price of that dust particle released by his new guardian and felt very happy.

His observation didn't end there but he continued to observe the fallen dust particles on the ground that were sunk deeper into the ground.

'So, by making the land fertile means adding some rich soil into the ground, that's it?' Ajax felt that process was very easy; however, he knew that not everyone could do what the golem race people could do.

There was not only the rich essence of nature but some other energy that helps the plants to grow faster which was still a secret for all people about the secret technique of the golem race.

Nonetheless, Ajax didn't care about the technique as he now had the golem race member under him.

After observing the entire process, Ajax separated his spirit consciousness with the inner world and opened his eyes.


As soon as he opened his eyes, a purple silhouette slammed into him and made him fall onto the ground.

The purple featured bird didn't give Ajax any time to dodge and started poking him with its sharp beak.

"Stop it, Sparrow," Ajax knew that it was his contracted spirit beast, the Netherworld Ice Sparrow. So, he asked her to stop nudging him with its sharp beak.


Hearing Ajax's words, the Ice Sparrow screeched before flying away from Ajax and started hovering about his head in circles as though it was expressing that it was very happy.

"These spirit beasts are really wild in expressing their joy," Ajax knew he could not stop his contacted spirit beast from feeling joy and if he does that he would hate himself for doing that.

However, the problem was while they expressed their joy, they would not suppress their newly achieved strength and hit him with full force.

Ajax stood up from the ground and looked at the Ice sparrow above his head and shook it.

'Let's see, what has she learned with the inheritance orb?' He focused his eyes on the Ice sparrow in the air and soon the system notification appeared in front of him.

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