New Age Of Summoners Chapter 402

390 Insane Rage

Nite and Dabrus, Ajax's two official elemental spirits, didn't get their time to shine yet as they were still weak.

Nevertheless, they had reached the peak level 10 elite spirit soldier realm and just a single step away from entering the elemental spirit commander.

From the time they had been contracted, Ajax made them cultivate in the mini dark abyss, which was the dark elemental paradise.

With its help, both of his official elemental spirits had reached almost the elemental spirit commander in a very short time.

As for his other elemental spirits like Volcanis and Bane, both of them had reached the elite spirit commander realm with the help of their own elemental paradises.

"Looks like I should focus on Slait," Among his elemental spirits, Slait and Spirus were the oldest ones and less powerful than others who had joined him later than them.

He didn't worry about Spirus since he had awakened 'Daughter of the nature', as long as she was in the nature, her cultivation would be progressed even when she doesn't cultivate.

So, all his worries were on Slait, his chubby elemental spirit which had not progressed as much as the other elemental spirits due to lack of earth elemental resources or elemental paradise.

In the end, Ajax had decided to focus on Slait's cultivation in the future.

'Let's check the new skills for my official elemental spirit,' Soon, he looked back at his official elemental spirits, Nite and Dabrus and thought in his head.

As soon as he thought, the information regarding his elemental spirits had appeared in front of him.


Elemental spirit Name:- Nite

Skills:- Brute strength (Level 2), Insane rage (level 1)


Elemental spirit name:- Dabrus

Skills:- Damage exchange (Level 2), Morale (level 1)

He didn't bother to check other information about his official elemental spirits because he already had a clear idea about them and only checked the skills.

There was no surprise in the skills levels as they levelled up with each minor realm the elemental spirit achieve.

After seeing that two system notification, he first focused on 'Insane rage'


Skill name:- Insane rage

Skill description:- When this skill is activated, the elemental spirit doesn't feel any pain and the more injured the elemental spirit was the higher its strength will be boosted until it loses consciousness.

Note:- The amount of time depends on the elemental spirit's concentration and willpower.

"Huh? Good skill," Ajax felt it was a good skill as it was only Nite's second skill and eagerly waited for Nite's next breakthrough.

The fact that Ajax took Nite as his first official elemental spirit was because of his concentration and willpower. So when he saw the note in the system notification, he felt that the skill was tailor-made for Nite.

After checking that skill, he checked Dabrus' new skill which seemed interesting.


Skill name:- Morale (Rare-type)

Skill Description:- When this skill is activated by the elemental spirit, all the elemental spirits in the same team as him will receive a 20 percent increment in their fighting spirit.

'Huh? This skill looks weird,'

The first thing Ajax felt when he saw the 'Morale' skill's description, he felt it was a weird skill.

But the Rare-type tag in the skill name made him think about the skill.

"An increment in the fighting spirit of the elemental spirits? Let's see how much it can help me,"

Ajax still didn't get the exact estimate of the effects of the skill and decided to wait for an actual fight to see how much it would help him and his other elemental spirits.


Only a few hours left to finish the first mission from the series missions.


If the first mission is failed then the rewards will be cancelled.

Just as Ajax finished checking the skills of his official elemental spirits, he received two system notifications with an alert symbol making Ajax pause his extraction.

"What the heck! Isn't it more than 12 hours left for the mission's deadline?" Ajax calmed himself and asked the system for an explanation.


The host has finished refining the first pill in a short time so that the system has decided to shorten the deadline and increase the rewards to motivate the host.

"Huh? Increment in the rewards?" When he heard the system's explanation, Ajax felt it was not a bad idea to shorten the deadline for the increment in the reward and thought for a moment before nodding it.

Even though he knew he could not change the system's decision, he was pretty much satisfied with the system's offer and observed his surroundings.

'I just need a peaceful place to refine the pills,' He searched for a peaceful place but he there was no such place in the spirit stone mine and with the sounds from the extraction, it would not be helpful for Ajax in refining the pills.

"Looks like I need to find a place outside this spirit mine," Ajax didn't think much before coming to this conclusion.

"Everyone, I need to refine some pills very urgently, so I am leaving for now," After making his decision, he briefly informed about his mission of refining pills before leaving with Dabrus and Snow.

Since he would be refining the pills in some kind of open place, he wanted someone to guard him while completing his mission and the best one was the Snow and Dabrus.

Snow was one of his most powerful spirit beasts now and Dabrus was not much efficient in extracting the spirit stones, so he decided to bring him along with them.

"Yes, summoning master," all the remaining elemental spirits replied to Ajax and resumed their mining of the low-level spirit stones.

Although he could summon Twilight to guard him, it would attract the surrounding beings towards it due to its large size.

So, the best thing was to let Dabrus and Snow guard him while he was refining the pills.

Soon, he came out of the spirit stone mine that was similar to a hidden cave and observed the surroundings for a quiet place to refine.

After searching for a couple of minutes, Ajax and others were able to find a quiet place near to the spirit stone mine which Ajax was satisfied with.

The place was small but it was peaceful and surrounded by trees and other small bushes.

Ajax cleaned the place a little before settling in the small open place.

As soon as he settled down, he didn't waste any time before taking out the required ingredients for the next rank 1 pill recipe.

However, he didn't start refining immediately; instead, he took a deep breath and entered into meditation to adjust his thoughts.

As Ajax was meditating, Snow and Dabrus looked at their summoning master for a second before taking two positions that were left and right to Ajax and stood with an alert expression on his face.

Even though Dabrus was not as strong as Snow, he had his own method to fight other higher realm cultivators or spirit beasts.

'Phew...Now, let's start the refining,' Ajax released air and motivated himself with the refining.

At the same time, his eyes were filled with excitement towards the second pill recipe.

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