New Age Of Summoners Chapter 401

389 Extraction

In front of Ajax, there were many red-coloured stones that were giving a rich fire elemental essence of nature.

Seeing that many stones, Ajax was flabbergasted and felt overwhelmed as he felt that he was in a dream.

"Th...this is a spirit stone mine,"

It took Ajax a few seconds to recover from his surprise and carefully looked at the red stones in front of him.

That's right!

The place in front of Ajax was a spirit stone mine. To be exact it was a fire elemental spirit stone mine.

A spirit stone mine was a place where spirit stones were extracted and it would take years or decades or even centuries for a single spirit stone mine to form.

This spirit stone mines would be formed when the essence of nature of any element was gathered or concentrated in a specific place for a specific time.

'This looks like a low-level spirit stone mine that means it must have been formed in the last few years,' Ajax picked one of the fire spirit stones and checked the purity of it before concluding that the mine was only formed a few years ago.

The more years a spirit stone mine takes to form, then the spirit stone's quality produced by that mine would also be increased along with it.

If it takes decades to form a spirit stone mine then all the spirit stones in it would be medium-level spirit stones. Similarly, if it takes centuries, then there would be high-level spirit stones.

'With these many spirit stones, I can buy many things in the dimensional crevice,' Ajax was excited as he started checking the size of the spirit stone mine.

Even though he didn't check the size of the spirit stone mine yet, he was able to guess, the mine should contain at least 10 million spirit stones, so he started thinking about ways to spend it.

'Adding this 10 million spirit stones to the previous 10 million spirit stones that the system has rewarded, I don't need to worry about spirit stones for some time,'

Even though he had 20 million spirit stones, he felt it would only last him for only some time as he knew the prices of the items in the dimensional crevice was very high and since he decided to spend in the dimensional crevice, he thought it would only last him for some time.

Nevertheless, he was not worried much about it as he knew how to earn the spirit stones by completing the missions from the Mercenary guild or by selling his refined pills.

"Why am I even thinking about it now? Let's dig all the fire spirit stones, first," Ajax shook his head and summoned Slait, Bane, Nite, Dabrus and Volcanisfrom the inner world to extract the spirit stones from the spirit stone mine.

Even though he could ask Raweth or Elder Qwerek to help him in extracting these spirit stones for him with their tribe members, he didn't want others to know about it since one could not gauge a fellow cultivator's greed.

Although Raweth and Elder Qwerek would not have agreed, the people below him might not be the same.

Nevertheless, he already had enough team to extract these spirit stones for him.

Except for Necros, he decided to summon all the elemental spirits.

"Greeting, summoning master,"

Soon, various types of elemental spirits appeared in front of Ajax and bowed to him.

"Hello everyone, help me extract all the spirit stones from this spirit stone mine," Ajax didn't even check their cultivations and ordered them to help him.

Ajax wanted to go back to the Hawk tribe and before the tribe leader's house was finished completely, so that he could go back to his refining pills mission.

'I need to finish refining the four other rank 1 pills by tomorrow; otherwise, it will be the mission failure,' Ajax thought back to the series mission and wanted to quickly finish this extraction.

Since he wanted to leave this spirit mine as soon as possible he didn't waste any time.

"Yes, summoning master. We will complete the extraction as soon as possible," When he heard Ajax's serious words, all the elemental spirits knew their summoning master wanted them to finish the work quickly. So, they replied to Ajax and directly started extracting the spirit stones.

Soon, every elemental spirit started using their skills that could be used for extracting the spirit stones from the mine.

Volcanis used his basic fireball skill to clear the rock beside the spirit stones and casually picked the spirits. Although it seemed slow, in actuality he was very fast with his hands as though he was born to be a spirit stone extractor.

His hands were very skilful and the way he used the fireball was also very good making Ajax think, 'I think, he can be a good mine worker.'

Nevertheless, he only thought about it jokingly and he doesn't want one of his strongest elemental spirits to be mine worker.

Next to him, Nite used his first skill 'Brute Strength' which multiplies his strength by a factor of two. With that strength, he used his beast-like hand to extract the spirit stones from the walls of the spirit stone mine.

As for Bane, the poison elemental spirit, he used his 'Poison Scythe' along with the Scythe dao and carefully slashed the rocks of the spirit stone mine and collected a bunch of spirit stones in a single attack and he continued to repeat the process.

Among all the elemental spirits, the mining efficiency of Dabrus, the shadow elemental spirit was very less when compared to others as he doesn't have a suitable skill to extract more spirit stones in a single attack.

Nevertheless, he tried his best to extract something as per Ajax's order.

If Dabrus was the least efficient among all the elemental spirits, Slait was the most efficient one as he was able to extract four times more than Volcanis and Bane.

Slait directly used his skill 'Earth Clone' and continuously created 'Sand Dunes' and extracted thousands of spirit stones in a few minutes making Ajax flabbergasted.

'If I have another 1 or 2 earth elemental spirits, this extraction process will be completed in a few hours. Now I need at least 10 hours or even more,' Ajax thought having earth time elemental spirits was best when extracting something and in the end, he sighed as he had to wait for 10 or more hours to completely extract this spirit stone mine.

Nevertheless, he also started extracting the spirit stones, since one more additional hand would decrease the time taken to complete the process of extraction.

Beside him, Snow also used her lightning attacks to help Ajax.

Even though he said that there was no need for Sow to take this troublesome work, she was adamant on helping him.

As for why Ajax had asked her to not work was not because she was a beautiful girl or whatever, he just wanted Cerauno and Snow to take some rest as they went through some serious events just a while ago.

Similarly, Cerauno also started helping in the extraction.

As every elemental spirit was busy with the extraction, Ajax slowly glanced at the strengths of all his elemental spirits while extracting the spirit stones.

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