New Age Of Summoners Chapter 400

388 Red Kitty? He?

"Tribe leader, are you 100 percent sure that our hawk tribe elders have the true elder qualities?" After sitting beside the tribe leader, Cretual slowly asked as he replaced his smiling expression with a serious one.

"Huh?" Qwerek raised his brows and looked at the first elder for a second before asking him, "What are you asking exactly."

Although the question looked simple, Qwerek felt that the first elder was behaving weirdly today.

"Yoy heard right. Our Hawk tribe needs the elders who can think better and do the necessary things for the tribe in case of any serious situations similar to the one we just went through," The First elder shook his head in disappointment while looking at the carefree elders who were excited and eager for the result of the plan.

"Huh? So, you are talking about the earlier thing," As soon as the tribe leader Qwerek heard those words, he understood what the first elder actually meant with his earlier question.

Earlier, when they were in the critical situation, except for the first elder all the other elders behaved like an emotional hot-headed tribe member.

According to the Hawk tribe principles, this kind of behaviour should not be in any of the Hawk elders. So, when Qwerek and Cretual remembered their unstable behaviour, they could not help but sigh.

"Tribe leader, don't get me wrong here. I only want our tribe elders to know what to do in the critical situations instead of worrying," Thinking that Qwerek might get a wrong idea of his earlier words, the first elder tried to explain clearly.

"I know.Sigh," Qwerek agreed with the first elder and sighed as he knew he was the reason why they were like this.

When they were selected as elders for the tribe, Qwerek closed one of his eyes and made them into the elders as they were in need of elders at the time.

That doesn't mean he allowed everyone to become an elder, he selected the ones with strongest battle prowess and with high cultivation.

But the selected candidates were not given proper training after being selected and they lack some things like complicated decision making and some other things.

Since the tribe was in need for some elders, Qwerek closed his eyes and directly made them into elders.

Also, he gave the elder position to the ones whom he trusted the most and had a good character and the most important thing was they don't hesitate to die for their tribe.

So, the first elder wanted their tribe elders to control their anxiousness and eagerness and decided to not divulge the result of the plan to them yet.

"For the next few days, I order you to make them learn those things. The Hawk tribe is developing and we need our elders to make their own wise decisions,"

After thinking for some time, Qwerek ordered the first elder to teach their tribe's Elder qualities.

"Huh? But...but isn't it a little too late?" The first elder was shocked to hear Qwerek's words and puzzledly asked him.

"Previously, because of that fire crow tribe, we didn't manage to teach them anything but it's no problem. Teach them the way you were taught...Hehe," At the end of his sentence, Qwerek cunningly laughed.

"Sure. It's my honour," The first elder nodded his head and agreed after seeing the cunning laugh on his tribe leader's face.

'Poor fellows...I wonder how they will curse me when I start the training?' Cretual looked at the distant elders who were continuously discussing something and shook his head.

However, there was an excitement in his eyes that made him eager for the start of his training.


Outside of the Hawk tribe,

"Huh? What happened to you, red kitty?"

Just as Ajax exited the Hawk tribe, he saw a red silhouette from the distance and with a glance he noticed it was the infernal spirit with red flames. It only took a few seconds to reach him.

However, the red kitty in front of him was much larger and powerful than before he asked it to travel the Shixato wilds.

"Right! I forget, now I can have rank 5 contracted spirit beasts," Even before the red kitty could answer, Ajax remembered the reason and related to him being elevated to the elite commander realm.

"What happened? Where is black kitty?"

After knowing the reason for the change in the red kitty's appearance he asked about the black kitty.

He felt that there was something urgent from the anxiousness he felt from the spirit contract with the red kitty; however, there was nothing wrong with the black kitty as he sensed it was still alive and well.

So, he was unable to find out the reason for its excitement and anxiousness.

'Roar roar,'

The red kitty roared at Ajax as though it was telling him something.

"This spirit contract thing is also not helping in communicating with it," Earlier the system said that with help of the spirit contract, he could understand its words.

However, he was still not able to understand its words making him doubt the system's judgement for the first time.

Until now, although he might have cursed the system, he didn't doubt the system's judgement.

However, for the first time, he felt there might be something wrong in the system's notification.

"Master, he is saying that he found some treasure," As Ajax was still finding it difficult to understand the red kitty's words, from the side Snow slowly said to Ajax.

"Huh? He?" Ajax was surprised to know that the red kitty was a 'He'.

"Yes, Red kitty is the male and the black kitty is a female," Snow said with a small smile on her face.

"Oh" Ajax opened his mouth a little to say something but closed immediately as he didn't know what to say.

"Let's go, master, looks like it was really a good treasure," When she saw the Ajax became silent, Snow shook her head and urged Ajax to follow the red kitty.

"Okay. Let's go," Ajax first looked at Snow and then looked at the red kitty which was jumping with excitement.

Hearing Ajax's words, the red kitty stopped jumping and rushed in the same direction from which he had come.

Without wasting any time, Ajax also followed behind the red kitty along with Snow and Cerauno.

He didn't send Cerauno and Snow into his inner world as he wanted them to roam the five elemental world along with him and at the same time, it would help them adapt to their newly gained strength.

'I wonder, what did they find in this Shixato wilds that made the red kitty that excited,' While following the red kitty, Ajax thought about what kind of treasure did his two infernal spirits had found.

It didn't take Ajax much time to reach the place that red kitty and black kitty had found some treasure.

However, Ajax felt it was one of the most difficult paths he had taken as the place that the red kitty had taken him was well hidden and it was not easy to find for any normal cultivators.

'Th..this is..," Ajax was shocked to see the scenery in front of him which made him unable to complete his sentence.

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