New Age Of Summoners Chapter 40

36 Essence Gem

At the mercenary guild.

"Hey sara, our squad completed 'Then wolves den' mission. Here is the proof", Udo keenaxe said to the beautiful receptionist at the guild, giving her many many space rings.

" Sure, sir Udo ", the beautiful receptionist took the space rings from Udo politely, with a smile.

Although he is not as famous as Edmonton, Udo keenaxe has a good name for himself in the Goldcrest town.

After taking the space rings, sara left the counter at the reception and went in a particular room behind the counter.

"We will relax in the lobby untill she comes back", Edmond said to his squad members Sensing their tired look.

They travelled one whole day from Dusk town to Goldcrest, so all the young members of his squad looked somewhat tired.

All the squad members settled in the lobby to relax.

Soon, sara came back with the same number of space rings she took from the Udo.

"Sir Edmond and sir Udo, The dead body of the rank 5 green furred wolf is enough to prove that your squad has cleared the mission successfully. Here is the reward 5000 life elemental spirit stones", she gave only one space ring first and continued politely, " Sirs, your luck is good and we found an essence gem in the body of rank 5 beast, do you wish to sell it to the guild?? ".

" What???", Edmond and Udo totally forgot to check the bodies of the wolves when they found ability tree and now the guild knows it, they should sell it to them. Otherwise, they will be hunted by other organizations.

"What is that??? ", Ajax asked Lewis in a low voice, who looked more knowledgeable than others.

" It's like a spirit Stone with has very pure essence of nature which is best for breaking through major realms in the cultivation. You can directly eat it without any side effects", he explained Ajax with a teacher look on his face

"Yes sirs, we found an wind elemental essence gem. Do you wish to sell it to us?? ", she repeated the same question.

" Yes", without any hesitation, they choose to sell it.

Although it is a rare treasure, life is more valuable than it, so they bitterly smiled while selling it.

"Also, do you want to sell other wolves dead bodies", she again asked them with a smile.

" Yes", they just nodded their heads as there is no use for them with those bodies.

Mercenary guild uses the body parts of the spirit beasts to make weapons and pills, so Edmond just exchanged them with spirit stones.

"We already know, you will choose to sell them, so we already calculated all. Mission clear reward 5000 elemental spirit stones, essence gem of rank 5 beast 10,000 spirit stones plus the bodies of all the wolves gave 5000 spirit stones. Total 20000 spirit stones, in which 5000 are life elemental and the remaining 15000 spirit stones you can choose among fire, water, wind, earth and life elemental", sara explained the individual values of all and gave them an option to choose which type of elemental spirit stones they want, with a smile.

"Give 10,000 fire and remaining 5000 life elemental spirit stones", All the values are within Edmond's expectations, so he just asked fire and life elemental stones.

" Ok, please wait 2 minutes while I will bring you reward ", Sara, with a smile went back into the same room behind the counter.

Within two minutes, she came back and gave them 10,000 life elemental spirit stones and 10,000 fire elemental spirit stones.

" Pleasure doing business with you, sirs", with a bow, Sara left them and went to the reception counter.

After taking the reward from the Sara, Edmond and his squad left the mercenary guild building and walked towards their residence.

While walking,

"I thought, today was a lucky day but we missed a very useful treasure", Udo keenaxe sighed bitterly.

" No need to say lucky or unlucky, it's not a bad loot, we got from the mission though. From. the spirit stones we got from the cave, we got 30000 spirit stones. It's enough for us to relax for sometime and enter a secluded cultivation ", Edmond tried to change the atmosphere around him with some words.

" Yes, I need to learn more. about my ability I recently gained from the ability fruit and also you young people should also cultivate properly untill we take next mission, ok?? ", Udo nodded his head at Edmond and said to cultivate properly to the youths in their squad.

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