New Age Of Summoners Chapter 4

4 Spirit Gathering Circle

Ajax felt that something is forming in his body but he is unable to tell what it is. So he continued to sense the energy around him.

Ajax was totally immersed in sensing the energy around him. As he continued to sense the energy he felt like there are different types of energies around him but he is unable differentiate them.

After 30 minutes

Ajax felt the energy around him is starting to disappear, so he stop sensing it and opened his eyes only to see elder baron, who is smiling from ear to ear.

"Elder, why are you so happy and also what is this circle that made me sense energies around me with ease", asked Ajax.

" It's called spirit gathering circle, and I am happy because I feel happy, hahahahaha", elder boron started laughing loudly.

No one knows the reason why he is laughing.

"Also, don't tell anyone about this cave and circle", now elder boron turned to his Usual serious tone.

" ok, elder what does this spirit gathering circle does? ", Ajax asked.

Although he experienced the feeling but he didn't know correctly about it, so he asked elder about it.

" This Spirit gathering circle helps to gather pure essence of nature from the items placed on the circle", elder explained while pointing his finger to the items placed on the outer circle, which are turned to dust now.

"essence of nature???? ", Ajax didn't understand what it is.

seeing that elder boron explained, " essence of nature is the type of energy that is present in the nature. Although essence of nature is present in the nature due to certain factors it turned impure in this zrochester province, now with the help of this spirit gathering circle we can collect the purest form of essence of nature, but it will take very long to gathering much essence, so I used some natural treasures that contain high essence of nature in them".

"But elder why are you using so many precious items on me", Ajax asked after some hesitation.

" We are late for morning drill, move we should go quickly ", elder diverted the topic not wishing to answer his question.

As always Ajax stopped questioning and followed elder boron.

Soon they reached open ground behind the orphanage.

Few minutes to 6 A. M,, Slowly all children gathered in the ground and continued their daily routine exercises.

Regularly they have two session of training ie., one in the morning and one in the evening each session lasts for 2 hours. In the mean time, they did some works in orphanage.

"why I am not feeling any stress on my body", Ajax regularly typical exercises didn't strain him, so he said to elder boron about this.

"As expected of you", elder boron thought and said to Ajax "Try this posture and see".

As Ajax tried the posture his body looked somewhat strained but that didn't strained his as much as the strain his body feels daily.

After some time he went to elder boron and asked him to give something more, but the reply he got is 'no'.

So he continued with same posture.

Soon the morning session came to an end. While all children looked exhausted Ajax looked completely relaxed and later in the day he did more works to strain his body.

After evening session he asked elder boron, "are we going to the cave tomorrow morning also".

" No", elder replied stiffly.

"why elder", again Ajax asked the elder because he liked the sensation he felt in the morning when he was in the spirit gathering circle.

" Your body can't handle the energy if you continue daily ", said the elder.

" elder, I forget to ask you something this morning, that I feel different energies in the spirit gathering circle but can't differentiate them", asked Ajax.

"It's for you to discover, so try to sense with more concentration next time", elder said flatly to Ajax.

" And when it is elder? "

"After one month"

After some questions and answers, Ajax returned to orphanage for his dinner.

On that night, Ajax didn't get any nightmares, "maybe it's related to spirit gathering circle" was Ajax's thought. Finally after a very long time he slept peacefully.

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